Cadre 3 Theme, Specialty and Name

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Excerpt from Themes for Cadre 1 and Cadre 3



Cadre Three is themed in INTERDEPENDENCE. This is a Cadre that is learning and teaching all about the dynamics of independence vs dependence vs interdependence and reaching that shared space and time of experiences and meaning. Regardless of Role or Entity, all members of Cadre 3 tend to explore how to depend upon each other, where the boundaries should be, limitations on giving and receiving, etc.

Cadre Three tends to specialize in NAVIGATION or ORIENTATION, creating lifetimes and experiences that help one find their way somewhere, or out of something, or into something, etc. There tends to always be an undercurrent of creating or finding a path.

Members tend to experience this in their lives through relationships. They will either become quite strict about their relationships in that lifetime, or they can become quite broad and diverse, but the themes of Interdependence and becoming a compass for others will tend to be quite present for most.

Cadre Three has been referred to as YORI.

Janet: Is there a connection to their position 3 function of Compassion?

MEntity: Of course.



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