0525 On My Young Soul Imprinting, Flow, and Embracing the Present

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0525 On My Young Soul Imprinting, Flow, and Embracing the Present

From a private session on 5/25/22:

Channeled by @Nick Sweeney (Babylove).

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DianeHB: Hello Michael. I have a number of health questions that I hope you can shed some light on. They are things I've asked about before, so it's more about getting an update than anything else.

I've been dealing with fatigue and sluggishness since last year, I think more than I used to. I have elevated thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH), which indicates that my thyroid is "sluggish." My Chinese medicine doctor says my body shows symptoms of "coldness." I take supplements and get acupuncture and herbal medicine, but those things have had varying degrees of success. In mid-March I had a period of 2 weeks of high energy and enthusiasm, and I got so much done. But after that I started getting sluggish again, and the last week and a half have just sucked -- although I think the stress of the Roe v. Wade leak earlier in the month had something to do with it. My anxiety was really triggered, and I've finally come out of it this week.

In one of my previous sessions with Troy, you mentioned that my resentments have more to do with my energy levels than anything else. I imagine my anxiety does as well. I thought I had been doing better with my resentments than earlier in the year, but I'm not sure since my energy hasn't been great all last month. When I looked at my resentments, I noticed that I had a lot of resentment toward myself for having these physical issues and really had to practice letting go of that.

1. Do these health issues mainly have to do with my anxiety and resentments? They are "minor" from a medical standpoint, but they affect my ability to function and do what I want to do, so they aren't minor to me.

2. How am I doing with my resentments? I think I'm doing better, but I also noticed that when I feel sluggish and heavy, I'm probably resenting myself for not keeping up with my goals.

MEntity: You are self-aware and have answered your own questions. 1) Yes, the anger/resentment and anxiety play a large part in your system. They help to create and perpetuate a resistance throughout your bodies, and one way this shows up in the body is in the sense of lowered energy and focus. 2) You are learning. And the 5IM is relevant, here, in that you are refining your ability to transcend your own expectations around how you show up to and for yourself from day to day. Even at your best, without the resistance in your bodies that is supported by resentment and anxiety, you would still have periods of less vitality and focus. So, the freedom and transcendence would come from moving beyond these expectations of yourself. Also, your goal of flow is relevant, here, as surrendering and embracing these "tides" of energy serves your freedom and transcendence, as well.

DianeHB: Interesting, you previously told me through Troy that I did my 5th IM in an accelerated span of time (like 3 months) back in 2019. But I definitely still have expectations of myself that I struggle with, even though it's better than it used to be. Did I just start my 5th IM back then rather than finish?

MEntity: You have completed the 5IM in the positive poles, but you will continue to refine your use of transcendence. You will continue to recreate yourself anew using the same negative and positive poles that you used when you were technically transiting this monad.

DianeHB: I see, so there are areas where I'm still recreating myself? Or it just keeps going and there is no end to the recreation?


More specifically, we see that you are re-exploring the 5th stage of contentment with its negative pole of overwhelm and its positive pole of vividry.

Oh, yes, there are, and yes, it will continue until the 6IM begins.

There is no end to your recreation, now.

DianeHB: I see, thank you.

MEntity: There is no end to how you will surprise yourself, now, in terms of moving beyond your own expectations of who you thought you were or should be.

DianeHB: That's kind of scary and exciting. I mean, I did surprise myself recently with my breakthrough

MEntity: Our channel has recently been using an idea that has helped him move beyond his own expectations of himself at times and it is this: THERE IS AN IDEA OF WHO YOU ARE OR SHOULD BE AND THERE IS WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

DianeHB: Yeah, I like that.

MEntity: Most of the ideas of who you are or should be have been limited by the younger souled perspective. So, when you do not meet those expectations, fear arises.

DianeHB: I can tell there is still part of me that really wants to be "something."


You are actually safe being who you actually are, rather than trying to be something that you are not. You are not an idea of sustained energy and focus. You are not a machine. You are a dynamic, living, breathing, process that ebbs and flows. Younger souls ebb and flow, as well, but they deny this oscillation and "push through it".

You already are.

You are YOU.

DianeHB: LOL. But yeah, we have such a strong imprinting to push through, stay on schedule, be productive no matter what.

MEntity: Yes, and even as this approach has helped to bring much needed comforts and conveniences to your civilization at an accelerated pace, it has also created great dis-ease on the planet and in your bodies.

DianeHB: I have another related question.

I've been thinking about surrendering to the flow of life since Bablylove suggested the work of Tosha Silver to me (which I just started reading so I don't have much to say about it yet), and it's so hard for me. Like, when I get excited about life, my first tendency is to plan my way to where I want to go. Letting go of a direction is so hard for Kings, but I know that's why I have the Goal of Flow. When I'm struggling, I try to remind myself of your description of the end of the evolutionary arc of Old soul Kings, "Eventually, the Old King surrenders and takes a kind of intoxicating pleasure in sharing a better quality of existence rather than controlling the direction of existence. It is no longer about a destination or finish line toward which you direct others to follow you, but about sharing with others in a journey that has various plateaus and pleasures." Can you share some practices or concepts with me that would help me get there?


One perspective that may help is TO LET NOW BE ENOUGH. What we mean by this is that you have been conditioned to believe that now is not enough and that you must always be planning for and reaching for some distant accomplishment. In this mad dash towards the future, you completely miss the pleasures and wonders of NOW. And every moment is a new NOW. If you look closely, you will see that in every moment, you have everything that you NEED, not want, but NEED. Even when in the middle of your 6IM, you have everything you need in each moment. What we are encouraging is the practice of awareness of this moment that reveals that YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. From this place of enjoying your NOW and reveling at its beauty and simplicity, you can follow your impulses for creativity and sharing, not as a race to the future or an imposed deadline which serves the purpose of justifying your existence, but from a place of the simple beauty of being and BEING HERE, NOW.

When you allow now to be enough, you can allow your nows when you are tired or less focused and allow yourself to go slow and enjoy that.

This is related to the mastery that you seek.

DianeHB: Yeah, absolutely -- I think the "justifying my existence" is underneath the feeling that I need to be something I'm not.


You seek the mastery of BEING and DOING that flows out of that being.

So we would ask you what are you afraid of in never being some idea you have of yourself?

DianeHB: When I practiced noticing what I already have in the past week, it's one of the only things that really helped my anxiety.

I think what I'm afraid of is not being seen as valuable by societal standards.

Part of me is still trying to prove myself -- I still slip into that.

MEntity: Yes, and when you are present in the moment and aware that you already have everything you need, you easily see that whether or not you receive "society's" approval, you are still you, and you still exist.

DianeHB: Yes.


You exist beyond society's standards and expectations.

Our channel often says that it is very difficult for people to find joy simply in the wonder of being themselves. We think his insight is relevant, here.

DianeHB: Yeah, that's a strange concept to me lol. But good to ponder.


We think it is an interesting irony that most believe that they could appreciate "God" if they saw it, and yet, they are looking at it everyday in the mirror, and cannot appreciate being themselves.

The younger souled perspective has convinced them that they are not enough and must justify their existence and find joy only in accomplishment, praise, accolades, etc.

DianeHB: Yeah, wow -- when you put it like that, it's all about convincing people to keep working.



And this brings us back to the core of our teaching which is CHOICE. It is a valid choice to "pursue" life in this way. But there are other ways or learning and choosing.

DianeHB: Hopefully this question won't take up too much time -- I'm curious about my leadership karmic sequence and why I've avoided leadership so much in this lifetime. I'm often deeply uncomfortable with giving people direct instructions, even on subjects I know well. My leadership sequence is at stage 1 in this life.

MEntity: We think this stems from the imprinted idea that to lead one must be perfect and above reproach. This is another lie that has nothing to do with what life actually is.

DianeHB: Hmm -- I resonate with that. That came up when I was journaling about it. I was imprinted to see my teachers and elders as authoritative and above reproach.


We also think this stems from self-awareness and the awareness that the most effective way to lead is by example.

In many ways, direct instruction is far more "sloppy" a way to lead than by example. It is sloppy in the sense that each individual will always have to unlearn or re-learn something that was taught as they integrate into their own uniqueness. Leading by example allows others to not necessarily follow but to observe and lead in their own ways.

DianeHB: Yeah, I agree with that.


We are nearing the limit of our time. Before closing we will say that you are doing just fine, regardless of your imposed expectations on yourself. Remember that there is no deadline in life, and you are not being graded. You can enjoy this life at your own pace, even as you aim to contribute something more than yourself. The biggest gift you have always had to give to life, however, is YOU.

Good day to you, Diane. Goodbye for now.

DianeHB: Thank you so much Michael and Babylove! 

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