0912 2023 Michael & Petra via Troy!

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2023 Michael & Petra via Troy!

MEntity: Hello to you, Petra. We are here, now. We can begin.


September 12th 2023 Hello Michael via Troy!


There are 12 foundations upon which a Sentient Species may evolve their civilizations, cultures, societies, relationships, etc.

Love, Knowledge, Compassion, Power, Mentor, Beauty, Child, Humor, Anchor, Discipline, Healer, Enlightenment, Muse.

These correlate with the 12 Support Positions. Humans are POWER-based.

Power - a foundation of existence that (eventually) dominates, leads, and sets standards for contact, communication, and collaboration with fellow Sentience.

This is what You mentioned so far about Power-based in our last Sessions:


Humans as a Power-based species are pivotal to a universe. Once a Power-based species is off-planet, it changes everything, everywhere, for everyone. While planet-bound, this Power base for civilizations runs the gamut of constant conquering and war to complete pivotal overhaul of the planet, sometimes to the demise of the species, but more often to the benefit of the future of that planet.

Humans are Intellectually/Expressive based, the approach to power has been all about displays of power and control over expression and thoughts.

The position adds a "flavor" to the foundational trajectory of a species but does not come into meaningful and valuable use for the universe until the position has been refined and stabilized. The position tends to come into refinement and stability over the Mature Soul stage. The foundational position is there from the start, but is often a chaotic and painful path for the species to reach that refinement. However, EVERYTHING about the shared experiences of that particular Sentience plays into the refinement of that position.

Humans are in the Power position and for that to be refined and stabilized, every known horror of power will be explored alongside every known altruistic benefits of shared power.

I'd like You to explain in more depth the Foundation of the Human Design being POWER-based, and an explanation what the word POWER means in this context?


As a Power Position, the very core of that position is PRESENCE. Whether Power Mode or Power Position, there is a presence that comes with that quality. That presence can range from threat to destructive to creative to empowerment. Humans launched from a place of threat and then moved into being destructive, then creative and now aiming for empowerment. As the species was launched as a threat, there is a very strong presence of Humans in the universe, both in terms of the actual events of the past, and in the lore that has carried forward about Humans across the universe.

As the species aims for empowerment, the qualities of threat, destruction, and creation are carried forward for a long time until empowerment is secured and effective. Humans are trying to figure out how to be empowering to each other amid the chaos of threats, destruction, and escalated creation. As they gain some footing in empowerment, the qualities of threat will begin to diminish.

Most of the threat levels among humans come from those in the species who feel threatened. As empowerment focuses on inclusion and equality, those who feel threatened will resist. Those who are destructive will exploit this feeling of threat and exploit it so that the noise level from threat and destruction almost make it feel futile to aim for empowerment.

Petra: Thank You Michael, shall I move on to the next question? 

MEntity:¬†We can move on, but we have more to say when you seek more. 

Petra: Sorry, please go on I was impatient.


We will wrap up by saying that when humans launched, it changed the universe, and when they launch back into the universe, they will change it again. Power = change, in other words.

Continue with your questions.

Petra: From my Session August 8th 2023 about our Caretakers:

MEntity: This is why the phasing out is important. There is speculation that the hiding of this truth from humanity has been a mistake because humanity does little to care for its most vulnerable. The impact of intergalactic care for humans was lost on humans and our species developed a violent and abusive relationship with the vulnerable. This was not always the case. But it has become the case.

My question is, if it was not always the case that humans are destructive, violent and abusive with the vulnerable, how came it to be that it has become the case? (I need not be convinced that it is not so, I see this truth all around me, knowing now we are Power-based cannot be the only explanation?)


You are correct that the Power position is not the cause: CHOICE is the cause. Why humans chose this path of violence, exploitation, and abuse is likely due to its constant displacement and the development of collective Greed due to perceived lack of resources. Humans are mimics and when humans saw other animals hunt for food, humans began hunting, particularly males. As males took the lead in providing resources, the reality for humans began shaping itself around those who had determined what others needed. Rather than taking a more creative, nurturing path that is more inherent to the species, the emphasis on threatened male perception of the world grew and it has defined the species for eons.

There have been cycles of emphasis on the creative, but alongside all efforts to create come the exploitation of that creative so that even the best of advancements among humans can become a threat or fall into destructive hands. 

When creative advancements are exploited and used for destruction, the species begins to distrust the creative and progressive.

But as humans shift away from this ancient and dominant perception of reality defined by the "hunter" mentality that is entirely based mimicry and in perceived lack and perceived threat, a return to the core of the species can begin to show.

It should be made clear here that humans lived for millions of years across the Infant Soul Age more as "gatherers" than as hunters but as hunters created dependency upon hunting, the concepts of lack, threat, and Greed came into emphasis and has continued to this day. However, even in your most modern times as in your most ancient past, Humans are not hunters. They are gatherers, if you will. In modern times, they are called consumers. Only a fraction of the species has ever stood as hunters but they have defined reality for everyone and created dependency on them.

It could be said that the shift into a Mature Paradigm is the greatest awakening from the greatest "gas lighting" the species has ever known. 

Petra: What are the Lemurians based on in its foundation? same question for Arcturians?


Lemurians are part of our Design; they are of an anomalous line of human.

Arcturians are Love.

Petra: Thank You very much Michael & Troy!!!


We will conclude here for today, Petra. We wish to acknowledge that your impatience is natural when in the face of our slow delivery. It is not a matter of Chief Feature, but a matter of simple anticipation.

Good day to you. Goodbye, for now.  



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