0405 Patti Smith

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Private Session April 5, 2024

Daniela: Good morning, Michael. Today I want to talk about Patti Smith, the well-known singer, poet, and writer. This week I finished reading her book Just Kids about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and their struggles to be artists in NYC in the 1970's.

There are so many aspects of her life that I find amazing and inspiring: Her moving to NYC in 1967 as a very young woman to dedicate herself to Art. How she experimented until she found her form of expression in marrying poetry and rock music. How her ground-breaking performances transfixed audiences with raw authenticity. And then to deprioritize all that growing fame and move to Michigan to focus on being a wife and mother for 16 years!

Today at 78 years old she is just as active as ever and her voice is still as strong. In interviews there is something so compelling about her that draws you in. You can see it on the faces of the interviewers and the other guests--they are spellbound by her.

Patti has become a new Muse for me at a time when I really need one. Discovering her now is a wonderful synchronicity to the conversations you and I have been having about my reclaiming my Center of Gravity in 2024. I was having a hard time understanding what this looked like and Patti is a tangible example.


  1. Can I please have the Role/Casting, Soul Age/Level, and Cadre/Entity for Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe?
  2. What the heck was going on with their relationship? What are the Essence relationships that contributed to the intensity of their bond? 
  3. How is Patti able to be such an extraordinary human and a Muse for so many? In the concepts and terminology of the Michael Teachings, what does she provide an example of? Is it a life lived in the positive poles? Is it a high level of Essence Manifestation?
  4. Are there any relevant Essence relationships between Patti and me?


We are here. We will respond to your questions.

In response to ONE:

PATTI = 4th Level Old Server-Cast Artisan from Cadre 1, Entity 2;

ROBERT = 5th Level Old Priest-Cast Artisan from Cadre 1, Entity 3.


These fragments are old friends in Essence, of course, and we see them completing a Cluster of lives themed in LOYALTY.

The intensity of their bond is likely less about their Essences and more about their Personalities. Each of these fragments embraced and transformed their Chief Features and live fairly free of all Chief Feature influences.

In addition to this, one of the most bonding scenarios one can share in is a shared love and passion for a shared interest, and in this case, it is creation/art. This translated into one of the most intimate forms of creation and art for these fragments: family.

However, on the level of Essence, this particular bonding is out of simple affection and friendship that has formed over time and lifetimes. We do not see any mathematical or inherent bonds, only choice.


This fragment can be such an extraordinary human and a muse because this is a potential in every fragment. You are as extraordinary and as much a muse, even if you are not standing on the same global platform as the Artisan. This particular human took all of the risks necessary to gamble with her life and to create with her life in ways that would either crash and burn or rise and shine. It was not easy. It was not destiny or magical. It was all from a series of decisions, choices, and actions.

In terms relative to our teaching, we can say that she learned to live without Chief Feature influences, and by extension, lives from the positive poles of Personality, revealing True Personality and manifesting Essence. What you see in this fragment is a whole soul, not a person with a soul, but a soul with a person.


Of course, this fragment is an Entity Mate, which contributes to your affection, but you have shared 98 lifetimes of some proximity and significance. There are a number of Personalities between you who continue to share bonds in the Astral.

We see a lifetime where you bonded as a guide for this fragment after a war in the 1500's CE, helping her and her child to survive and thrive. You helped many in that lifetime, but bonded with only a few. This Artisan would have been one of them. Her son was the Artisan known now as Robert. We found this life "standing out" as it is also part of the Cluster for the Artisans that we mentioned.

Daniela: Do you have a geographical location for the war?

MEntity: Japan

Daniela: LOL i was going to say Japan but wanted you to say it.

Very validating.

I had a life there at that time where I helped establish a network of support for war widows and orphans.

MEntity: We cannot be tested. We can only answer the questions if we can.

Daniela: But it always feels more validating if you say it rather than me saying, "Was it Japan" and you say "Yes."

MEntity: That is a valid form of validation.

Daniela: When you say I was a guide what that as a disincarnate guide or a physical presence?

MEntity: As you are turning to this Artisan as a Muse, we would suggest looking at what you see in her that is already in you. This is what Muses point out. This is what they represent. They remind an individual about the inspiration that already exists within you. You would not resonate with her if not for that similarity. Muses are not found from envy, but from realization.

We see that lifetime in question as quite physical, a demanding lifetime that was quite emotionally fulfilling.

Daniela: You have told me of it before!

So that is validating too, that this life comes back up.

Yes, I am seeing a lot of myself in Patti.

We share a love for the little moments of beauty and art in life.

MEntity: The mosaic of energies that light up across lifetimes from resonance is very beautiful to us.

Daniela: If I could live the rest of my life like she is now I would be happy.

MEntity: We can say that it is highly likely and possible. You are pulling yourself together into a wholeness you can see reflected in your Muse.

Daniela: It feels attainable.

Is there going to be another earthquake in NYC?

MEntity: We cannot predict, but we can see that it is highly likely. It is not uncommon enough to say no. It will happen again as there are fault lines, but we cannot predict the magnitude or timing.

MEntity: We must conclude here for today, Daniela. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now.

Daniela: Thank you for the time today!