Scholar, Artisan-cast (Daniela)

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Daniela found TLE in 2015. She participated in moving Michael content to two new iterations of TLE, in 2016 and 2023, and organized the current TLE Library as TLE Archivist FOUR. She attended the Geraldine meet-up in Seatle in June 2015 and attended two TLEGGs.

Essence Dynamics:

  • 3rd Level Old
  • Focused/Creative Ratio: 65/35
  • Frequency: 58

Personality Dynamics:

  • Goal: Flow > Acceptance/Growth
  • Mode: Observation > Passion/Caution
  • Attitude: Pragmatist > Realist/Cynic
  • Centering/Part: Intellectual/Emotional
  • Chief Features: Arrogance, Martyrdom

Daniela says: I found Michael when I was 14 years old in the 1980's via the book, "Messages from Michael." It wasn't until 2015 that I decided to search the internet to see what was going on with the Michael Teachings most recently. That is how I found Troy's community. My study has been mostly in past lives. I have tried to build an outline of all of Essence's 230+ incarnations. I love history and art and take inspiration from Essence Recognition and Synchronicity. 

How Michael describes Daniela: We have described your life as a woman of fierce and grounded devotion and compassion carrying a constant swirl of creativity and expression that could turn into storms or breezes, and always aimed for the Highest Good for the sake of Good. She had many questions but did not question the value of nurturing the Highest Good, even if that meant juggling more private and intimate goods of pleasure and play. Her life focused on ensuring LIFE around her, even when exhausting the life from herself, at times. When we say that she ensured “life” around her, we mean that she helped herself and others around her to bridge the gaps between the pain of resistance and the pleasure of participation. She taught herself and others how to LIVE, even when distracted by the demands of living.

Oversoul name: ATLAS