Cadre 9-12 Themes

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This set of entities is themed in Pivotal Choices, or the tracking of consequences. All fragments among these entities tend to help contribute to the tracking by manually updating impact points and following the lines that lead to various consequences. Not all choices are tracked. Only choices that are pivotal are tracked. This gives many from Cadre 9 a quality of seriousness and a sensitivity that may prompt many to speak up and micromanage various experiences for others who are not making conscious choices.

This leaves this Cadre specializing in Karma, which shows up as helping to navigate others into, through, or out of Karma. This means they are likely constantly involved in dramatic or intense scenarios with others.

Cadre 9 members may validate this theme and specialty by simply looking at the regular patterns of their existence as they often stumble into messes or into the lives of those who are messy, and tries to help. This help is either by helping the person through their Karma or by helping a person become aware of their choices that may or may not lead to Karma.


This set of entities is themed in HEALTH, which includes the health of all bodies of the self and others, including the bodies of the planet. This is a Cadre of healers, or fragments whose inclination is to study the bodies and how to nurture and maintain them. Many doctors, teachers, social workers, etc. come from this Cadre as the individuals select their area of interest for exploring a body.

This gives the Cadre a great range of PERSPECTIVES as they learn to see life through and from the various bodies. They learn how to see emotionally, how to feel intellectually, how to move with balance in a way that allows for a range of perspectives.

Cadre 10 members may validate this by the obvious, but also in their difficulty making choices due to being able to see multiple perspectives.


This set of entities is themed in Acceptance and nearly all experiences, regardless of the Goal for the lifetime, will have as a high priority the exploration of acceptance.

The desire and longing for acceptance leaves them in a fairly stable dreamland that allows room for playing out symbolic or practice scenarios to navigate rejection, acceptance. This means that they specialize in Dreams as a tool for exploring possibilites.

Cadre 11 members can validate as they are always walking a fine line between delusion and creative solutions.


Cadre 12 entities are themed in LIMITATIONS. They navigate life with a keen sense of limitations, not as a bad thing, but as guardrails for their experiments and experiences. Limitations are celebrated as meaningful structure, but when the limitations are in need of expansion or changes, they take on the task of those changes.   

This is why they are specialists at LIBERATION, or the breaking free of imposed or assumed limitations.

Members of Cadre 12 can validate through their strong inclination for causes, activism, teaching, educating, and taking on any other subtle or obvious tactic to help work within limitations or to break through them.

Though each Cadre can be further explored, we think these are helpful starts to understanding their dynamic collective energy and patterns.


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