0202 How to Self-Determine One's 9 Trues (Featuring True Play, True Rest & True Study)

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How to Self-Determine One's 9 Trues (Featuring True Play, True Rest & True Study)

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February 2nd 2022

Excerpted from a regular group session with @Delphi @KurtisM @Kenneth . Delphi and I were in attendance that day. 

Tyrone: Hi there, Michael.  I'm here in the session, too, now.

My question is this: 

I understand that when you give suggestions for someone's 9 trues, they are only suggestions and that the determiner of a True activity is really between the personality and essence.  With that in mind, how does one go about determining for oneself what 9 trues would apply to them? 

For instance, in the case of true rest, I can only think of using trial and error and then evaluating somehow how "rested" one is after guessed activities, but that doesn't sit right with me.  It seems like too much of a shot in the dark to be helpful for someone that seriously needs it.  I have had my 9 trues validated after having them channeled years ago, but some of the suggestions you gave through Troy were a bit surprising to me at first, and I don't know if I could have reliably come to similar suggestions on my own from trial and error. 

So fundamentally, I'm looking for de-mystifying the process, since by the way they are presented to us students, the suggestions seem like something we should be able to self-generate. 


Hello, Tyrone. We have read your questions, and we are compiling our response.

For an activity that represents your TRUE PLAY you would feel during and afterwards GROUNDED, CENTERED, INVIGORATED, ENTHUSIASTIC, EXPANSIVE, and PLAYFUL/INNOCENT. 


For TRUE STUDY you would feel FASCINATION, CURIOSITY (even at times bordering on OBSESSION), FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, a sense that you are on a NEVER ENDING QUEST, SEEKING, and a sense of SUBLTE AWARENESS THAT IS ALWAYS OBSERVING, GATHERING and ASSIMILATING INFORMATION that is relevant to the study. 

The more you manifest essence, the more you "stumble" across these activities. These activities are always beckoning you, calling you, inviting you to dance with them, so to speak. However, before the 4IM, it can be a crap shoot whether or not you HEAR, LISTEN and ACT ON these subtle invitations. 

Tyrone: ah, I see

Michael: This is not complicated.

Tyrone: yeah, the crap shoot is what I wanted to help people avoid

but it makes sense they'd come as impulses from manifesting essence 


If you have any degree of feeling happy and content, then you are engaging some of your trues.

If you have any degree of awareness of your growth and evolution, you are engaging your trues. 

So, it is not complicated. 

Tyrone: I understand.

Michael: People will often "miss" opportunities to experience their trues because they will not follow through with their impulses. For example, how long have you had an gentle invitation to do something or explore something, but even now, you have never done it?

Tyrone: a bunch of times


Luckily, their are many layers and dimensions of these activities so that even though you may not fully follow your impulses in one direction, there are other directions that are as close to you as gently scratching your head.

This example was not arbitrary and is one of our suggestions for you for TRUE REST. 

Tyrone: oh what??

Michael: In order to generate one's own true activities, we suggest "brain storming" without editing for each true.

Tyrone: I scratch my head a lot, lol


After compiling these lists, one can playfully, curiously explore them and validate their trues for themselves.

Yes, we know. 

Tyrone, bringing presence to this activity might open up more dimensions of true rest for you.

I have a set of 9 Trues suggestions from Michael/Troy that were channeled for me back in 2014 that are up in the "In My Own Words" profile section, but I guess I can add "scratching my head" to it, lol.  Anyways, I appreciated getting good descriptors of what feelings one would be looking for to tell, as Ken put it, whether you're looking at local minimums, and I guess impulses from essence would be your expanded search prompts, lol.  

Thanks @Nick Sweeney (Babylove)for another insightful session!

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