0914 Parallels of Iran, Solarpunk, Climate Action, Hillary, and more on the Crystal-powered World with High Social Equality

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0914 Parallels of Iran, Solarpunk, Climate Action, Hillary, and more on the Crystal-powered World with High Social Equality

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I had a session where I spontaneously asked about Delphi's parallels. Delphi would like me not to post the private details, so I just extracted relevant collective details for my personal parallels and timelines map. I had to rearrange some of the format as such, but it's all accurate information.

Channeled by Nick on September 14th 2022.


Kurtis: #1: I found a parallel where Delphi ...

This seems to be a branch from 2015. What collective parallel is this in?

MEntity: Yes, we do see this as a valid branch around 2015 or less precisely between 2014 and 2016. One characteristic of this world is that climate change has been taken more seriously and responded to by the world powers with more consideration and action.

Kurtis: #2: I found a parallel where Delphi ...

This also seems to be a branch from 2015. What collective parallel is this in?

MEntity: #2 Yes, this branch is valid ... This is also a world where climate change efforts are ahead of efforts in your parallel here and now. The Covid pandemic did not occur in this branch or in #1. You are correct that this version branched around the same time frame as #1.

Kurtis: Oh interesting. Perhaps that's a reality where Bernie Sanders won the election that year.

Is the world's response to climate change slightly different there from the prior branch? Perhaps more Humanitarian and Lighthearted, and less serious?

MEntity: We would not say that it is less serious. But it could said that it is more integrated in the sense that it flows as a natural "next step" more than as a crisis management implementation.

Kurtis: Ah. Okay thank you. That makes me wonder what I'm doing there.

#3: I found a parallel where Delphi ...

This seems to be a branch from 2014-15. I think it's in a reality where the US Legalization of same sex marriage inspired more and more people to come out.

MEntity: ... This world is experiencing much of what you experience here and now with it's "one step forward, two steps back" progression. In that world, more political powers like Donald Trump have secured positions of power around the world. The battle is not around marriage equality, however, which seems to be as you envisioned it.

Kurtis: Interesting, thank you for that.

We'll have to return to those another day for full fledged explorations.

#4: I’d like to confirm that Delphi generated her first Bundle here over 2009-2012 when ...

There are variations in this Bundle that are focused on supporting Solarpunk solutions ... Can you tell me more about this branch?

MEntity: #4 It is valid that in this world what you call "Solarpunk" is becoming well established through a great uprising of grassroots activism to "reverse" climate change and nurture more sustainable forms of society, economy, politics, waste management, etc. ... And to be clear, the "powers that be" in the world continue to resist and drag their feet on climate issues, but the surge of grassroots actions around the world is having a beneficial impact. Leaders are starting to pay more attention, and it is becoming hard to ignore the need to "get on board" with progress and solutions.

Kurtis: Delphi and I found that branch is from approximately 2012 and 2014.

MEntity: Yes, the period of 2012-2014 for the branching is valid.

Kurtis: #5: I found a branch where Delphi ...

Could you give a quick description of what happened in the world there? Was it a devastating escalation of the war on terror as I imagined?

MEntity: Not that we can see. What you are probably picking up on is the shifting of world power from the US to China, and the rise of Iran as more of a player on the world powers stage as it achieves nuclear power. This shifting of power has created quite a world "tension" similar to that of the Cold War era of the 80's. North Korea is also a part of this taut world tension and precarious edge-walking that could lead to a destabilization of the species through war.

Kurtis: Oh jesus christ...


ill think about that one

MEntity: We will conclude here for now. Good day to you, Kurtis. Goodbye for now.

Kurtis: Adios!


Channeled by Nick on September 21st 2022.


MEntity: Hello, Kurtis. We can begin. Again.

Kurtis: Hello Nick and Michael. Good day.

Let’s continue our parallel explorations.

#1: I am curious about the Crystal-powered Tech world with High Social Equality. This world has quite avant garde aesthetics that are enriching to explore and experience, and its technological elegance is evolving it in the direction of Automation & AI. Since we are moving in a similar direction, is it likely we would merge into there within this century? Is that set of parallels also moving towards the Love Timeline? I ask because it seems like its openness to expression and its empowerment of people through Social Equality is quite similar to the Decopunk world from the 1930s that has a similar progression to Love.


Yes, one moment.

#1: Yes, this merging in both cases is probable, though for the merging with your parallel, we would say before the century ends to 200 years out beyond the end of the 21st century.

Kurtis: I assessed that the branches that would merge into there earlier have already branched off earlier. It is exciting to think of merging into that parallel if we head into the Love Timeline.

#2: There are a few parallels I have thought of that might have merged into the Crystal-powered parallels. I’d like you to validate this:

133 and 121 BCE - Where the Gracchi Brothers Reforms for Land Redistribution in Rome succeeded, and Rome remained a Republic. Han Dynasty also had a chance to develop more Welfare State policies at this same time.

9 CE - Where Rome gained access to Germania that brought some degree of stability, and Rome was incapable of remaining and Empire after Augustus Caesar’s death, reforming into a Republic. Han Dynasty was successfully overthrown by the more Social Equality-focused Xin Dynasty.

1192 - Where the Rajput cohort in India managed to repel Muslim Invasions by the Ghurid, so Hindu concepts of Holism grew.


#2: Gracchi Brothers Reforms-yes

9 CE - yes

1192 - yes

Kurtis: Thank you.

A few more:

1265 - Where in the Second Baron’s War, England developed into an early Republic thanks to a  victory by Simon de Montfert. The Chola managed to avoid falling. Song Dynasty managed to resist the Mongols by not being complacent, and implemented Social Reforms and more effective defensive technology.

1880 and 1898 -When Marie and Pierre Curie first discovered Piezoelectricity, they continued exploring this technology rather than wavering or jumping to Radioactive studies. Qing Dynasty underwent the Hundred Days Reforms and implemented a Welfare State. The European Scramble for Africa never occurred or was overthrown by Indigenous African resistance. Neo-Impressionism also would have been the dominant aesthetic developed.




Kurtis: Ah lovely! A bingo on all accounts.

Okay, Id like you to tell me about how the 1880/1898 branches evolved and when they merged into the bulk of parallels in the Crystal-powered line. This convergence seems key to why this world developed such eclectic aesthetics and the early internet.


Yes, one moment.

This merging would have occurred between 1980 and 1990. We think the key developments that allowed the merger were, of course, the increasing reliance on crystal technology for supplying much of the energy needs, as well as the absence of both world wars. Cooperation was explored over conflict which was symbolic and paved the way for much reform at the social level of humanity.

Kurtis: Oh interesting. So then that convergence was what contributed to the rise of AI and Automation on a new level.

MEntity: That is a fair assessment.

Kurtis: Was there a Major convergence from our history that merged into the Crystal-powered world around 1900 and contributed to the shift in eclectic aesthetics? It seems like around 1900 and the 1980s are when this line had such big shifts.

Also I think Nikola Tesla being able to actually experiment helped the 1880/1898 parallels merge in by the 80s.

MEntity: No, not that we can see. And yes to your Nikola Tesla insight.

Kurtis: Okay, thank you!

#3: There are some parallels I’ve thought of that are quite interesting to me. I’d like you to validate if the dates are correct, and these are accurate realities. Maybe also what I am doing in them, if I am there:

Branches from 2003, 2005 and 2008 where after George Bush Jr’s blunders in handling crises, we took direct action to impeach him and maybe remove him from power. I see that this world also took assertive action at the Beijing Olympics for China’s Human Rights Abuses, and against Russia in the Russo-Georgian War. Overall people are more assertive participants in life and also quite physical and outdoorsy. (edited)

MEntity: #3 No. Though there was branching, they were quite brief before converging back into this parallel. We could call these "micro-branches".

Kurtis: ah okay. thank you.

Okay question. I found some parallels for Nick where he pursued massage in around 2005-2008 and is more polyamorous. I initially assumed this would be in the parallels above, but if not I need a new framework. What happened in the world in those parallels? And what are Nick and I doing there?

Also kind of curious, could you differentiate how a micro branch works vs a major branch? How can we distinguish if one or the other branches? Are they contained within one collective Bundle sort of?


"Micro-branch" only refers to the quick convergence back into the "parent" branch or parallel. The duration of the branch could be anywhere from 10 to 50 years. Any branch that persists beyond 50 years would likely continue on its on course or with merger with other branches.

Correction: 10 to 100 years.

Kurtis: Ah, I assessed something similar though it was "20 years" instead of "50".

How can we know when a branch is going to last 10-100 years or not? Very curious.

MEntity: You cannot until you do. What we mean by this is that is that there comes a point in time for every parallel where it reaches a pivotal point related to it's vectors for divergence and/or convergence. We cannot know a parallel's continued trajectory until these pivotal points are reached-within the duration of 10-100 years for which we are referring. But once those points are reached, those NEXUS points, then it is clear which "direction" a parallel is headed. Put another way, we cannot know until CHOICE leads to a pivotal convergence or divergence.

Kurtis: Okay, I think I understand.

Id imagine that covid happening vs not is a pivotal nexus. (reached 2019)

And devastating mutation of covid vs not is another (reached this year in 2022)



We will move on now to your other questions.

Kurtis: Ill loop back to this question then

"Okay question. I found some parallels for Nick where he pursued massage in around 2005-2008 and is more polyamorous. I initially assumed this would be in the parallels above, but if not I need a new framework. What happened in the world in those parallels? And what are Nick and I doing there?"

I appreciate our digressions usually anyways. Its fun to learn about unexpected things.

MEntity: For one, Hilary Clinton was elected President in the US. "Me Too" movement happened almost simultaneously. Trump did not run for President but has much impact from "behind the scenes". There is a bit less political division in this world in the sense that Democratic control of the house and senate is more secure. Your vision of more social participation would still be valid and the focus for environmental care and being "outdoorsy".

Kurtis: Oh it sounds lovely. Sounds like a Love Timeline direction.

It also sounds like the 2008 and 2016 branches are merging then. The "Hillary parallels" we might call them.


Your vision of Nick being more polyamorous and involved in the massage arts is valid. You both know each other through TLE. And this appears to be one of the same parallels where you are in Washington/Oregon with supportive community and writing projects. Though, we would need to revisit this when we have better focus through our channel.

Good day to you, Kurtis. We must conclude here for now. Goodbye.

Kurtis: Okay, thank you Michael 

And you too Nick.

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