0914 Parallels for AIDS, Russia, Niche Explorations and an unexpected New Bundle of my Life

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0914 Parallels for AIDS, Russia, Niche Explorations and an unexpected New Bundle of my Life

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Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS.

This session with Nick was surprising, as it revealed a new set of parallels for me that was quite meaningful to hear about.

Channeled by Nick on September 14th 2022:


MEntity: Hello, Kurtis. We are back, again, and can begin.

Kurtis: Hello Michael and Nick. Good day to you.

Today I’d like to continue exploring more recent parallels. Here are some I have found, and would like validation on if they are correct. I’d also like any information pertaining to how they’ve evolved and look today, and if I am in them, what I am doing there.

We’ll go 2 at a time.

#1: There seems to be a branch from 1983, 1985, 1987-1988, 1991 and 1997 where AIDS was taken far more seriously, and there was proactive support for those suffering from sexual discrimination, or body image issues. Inclusive fashion and internet support groups are more the focus in this other world. Princess Diana survived here. Positive psychology also seems to be big.

#2: There seems to be a reality where Russia devolved into a Civil War in 1991 or 1993. It broke into pieces again and is still picking itself up. But this parallel seems somehow close to merging into us, and appears to be moving in a rather positive direction as it embraces more of a democracy after the violent fall. I feel like Putin has to die for us to merge into it.

MEntity: #1 Yes, this is valid. We think the main years that contributed to the branching would be 1987-1988 and 1991. This world is quite similar to your world. One difference is that mass incarceration in the U.S. has been greatly reduced, and more steps have been taken to repair the damage done to the African American community. In general there is more awareness and action in regards to marginalized and minority groups. Yes, you are there. One version of you appears to be living in Washington state and working at a popular "cat cafe" while in school and writing feverishly in your spare time.

Kurtis: Oh wow. Is that a new Bundle of mine or something? A me living in Washington state huh

Delphi actually got that for me not too long ago. That I'm at a cat cafe and I just found it so hilarious.

MEntity: #2 Yes, this is valid, though this branch has already merged. The result of Putin's activities could be a part of the factors that lead to a divergence, though this probability as it stands is not likely.

Kurtis: oh, already merged

like last year?

MEntity: 2020

Kurtis: ah, interesting. Thank you. That's validation that I got it was close to us hah.

Before we continue ill just ask about this first "Oh wow. Is that a new Bundle of mine or something? A me living in Washington state huh."

MEntity: Yes, correct. There appear to be versions of you in Oregon, as well.

Kurtis: Oh wow. Then maybe I have five Bundles. One here in Chilliwack being open minded; one in Washington/Oregon; one in Vancouver; one with my boyfriend as the trauma counselor for struggling youth; and one from the failed suicide.

MEntity: Yes, we think this is valid.

Kurtis: When did the Washington/Oregon path branch away from me, and when did it form a bundle?

This is new news for me.

MEntity: It looks as though it began to branch in 2015 and had formed a bundle by 2020.

Kurtis: Ah. I did get with Delphi that there are some branches from over 2013-15 where the world seems to have focused on coming out, sexual acceptance, body image acceptance as well.

Delphi told me I came out there earlier. By accident or intention.

MEntity: Yes, your coming out was earlier in these branches, and they are characterized by more support for your expression, community, and adventure.

Kurtis: I really needed those then.

I remember back in 2018 when I was going through my grief, the tons and tons of grief, that I suddenly remembered or discovered a parallel where I could have just been more open about myself back in 2013-15.

I could have come out and gotten help for my mental health and addictions.

And I got back in 2018 that while that me was scared of all the stuff happening, he felt very happy.

Which made me feel happy.

That "memory" got me through the tough year of 2018.

MEntity: Yes, this can often be the effect of conscious exploration of your parallels with the aim of growth and evolution.

Kurtis: Well the memory literally helped me come out the next year in 2019 too.

So that makes sense.

MEntity: It can work in the other direction, as well, with you being the version of self that "lifts" another version of you and helps them through.

Kurtis: Id like to dedicate a future session of ours to that topic then. Cause I feel like i've done that for like multiple versions of me

MEntity: Of course you have.

Kurtis: Why did I move to Washington/Oregon, and what am I writing so feverishly about there?

I would bet its something sexuality related. That reflects my growth in that.

MEntity: It could be said that one of the underlying reasons for moving to these locations was your need to feel comfortable coming out and having a community to support you in this. It appears that you made quite a network with supportive people in the community before moving, and in some versions of these branches you quickly connected with fragments who would become your boyfriend.

Kurtis: Awww. Do I know my current boyfriend there?

I'm really glad I have all that support.

MEntity: The writing appears to be sci-fi/fantasy which incorporates our teaching.

Kurtis: oooh. Okay that's even cooler.

MEntity: We do not understand your question about the boyfriend there?

Kurtis: Oh um well I have a boyfriend in my reality here, from Australia. Do I know him also in that parallel? Are we close in any way?

MEntity: No, we were referring to boyfriends local to you. You do not appear to have met in these branches.

Kurtis: More of him for me here then. 

Thank you.

Okay with remaining time, and after that lovely exploration, I have two more parallels that really interest me id like to touch on:

#3: There seems to be a branch where Bill Clinton resigned from office in honor during the Lewinsky Scandal over 1998-1999. This moved the world towards greater focus on respectful consideration of social welfare, social causes and community awareness. Later branches from 2001 and 2003 merged in where Bush Jr listened to counsel and prevented 9/11 or War on Iraq, and as consequence his ideals of compassionate conservatism gained precedence. That still seems to be the focus there.

#4: There seems to be a branch where everyone seems to have gotten into RPGs, especially MMORPGs, and Virtual Economies have exploded in interest to the point it’s displacing traditional economies. More people embrace their eccentric interests, and niche forum boards took prevalence over social media. The world almost reminds me of a giant comic convention. This branched from several years: 2004, 2007, 2009-2010 and 2012.

MEntity: We will look at #4 first as this is the one we are able to get through our channel more easily at this time. Yes, this is correct, and we think the main branching point was 2009-2010. The "giant comic convention" aspect that you have viewed would be more of a special subgroup or subtext to this world. It is mostly characterized by less political division in the U.S., growing patterns of equality between the masses and the 1%, and far more work from home. You appear to be in school and working from home part-time in the non-profit world. This world will likely merge with your world in the next 10-15 years.

Kurtis: Ah, thank you. And no worries, stuff can be hard to get.

For that world I basically got that I got into more rpg games there.

I gave up on it here because I got stuck on levels or just dismissed interest. It's interesting how such small choices can create such large differences.

MEntity: Yes, your simple, day-to-day decisions lead to choice-points that then have much far reaching effects.

Kurtis: I am utterly fascinated by that.


Correction: much farther reaching effects.

What we can see and share with #3 before we conclude is that it is valid that this fragment did resign in some parallels, but the effects in terms of branches were varied. In some branches, the descriptions you give are fair and reflect the "mood" of this world.  However, other branches went more in the direction of Republican manipulation and domination that lead to a contraction in a similar direction of how this party is trying to take control in this parallel and reshape the political and social landscape in the U.S.

Kurtis: I can see that for sure.

I guess my interest in parallels leaning positive colors what I receive.

I know the scandal was basically based upon republican sabotage strategies

MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We can look at these branches further at another designated time. Good day to you, Kurtis. Goodbye for now.

Kurtis: Thank you very much! I appreciate all of it~


Note from Kurt: The convergence from 1991's Russian Civil War was surprising. A Convergence in 2020 would mean either a merge in January or July. It's hard for me to figure out which one is correct as according to Wikipedia, Vladimir Putin called for Russian constitutional amendments in January, and they were enacted in July. Plus, if the Convergence was in January, then this 1991 branch might have merged into the branch from 1980 that converged then, where Mount Saint Helens erupted. This might make sense, as a similar volcano, Mount Pinatubo, erupted in 1991 as well.

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