0831 6 Beautiful, Progressive Parallels we're close to Merging Into

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0831 6 Beautiful, Progressive Parallels we're close to Merging Into

Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS.

Channeled by Nick Sweeney on August 30th 2022:

MEntity: Hello, Kurtis. We are here, now, and can begin.

Kurtis: Hello Michael and Nick. Nice to see both of you, and I trust your "day" is going well.

I’d like to ask about some parallels I found I’d like you to validate. These are much more recent branches. I’ll go two sets at a time.

#1: I found a branch from 1998 and 2002 where Yahoo bought Google. When I tried to visualize this world, I saw a rather futuristic clean aesthetic, with people having ditched phones for more personalized, integrated and wearable smart technology. This made me think these parallels merged into a branch from 2011 where Steve Jobs survived and I think would have implemented these same products.

#2: I found a branch from 2003-2004 with extra branches merged in from 2006-2007. Here it looks like Myspace survived and beat out Facebook. The world looks far more open, available and actively social. There’s no like button or massive social media algorithms. People actually make an effort to meet and get to know each other. Weirdly, parks seem to be much more open and accessible here, as people spend more time outdoors.

Anything you can tell me about these, or perhaps even what I am doing in them would be greatly appreciated.

MEntity: We do not have "days," but yes, our being and doing are going well.

Kurtis: Well, whatever you use for assessing time periods. 


#1 - Yes, we think this is accurate, although we think your vision of the aesthetic is "pulling" from probably futures of this parallel. And yes, we can see that this branch has merged with branches where Steve Jobs did not die.

*Correction: probable

Kurtis: Interesting that I got the probably future instead of what it currently looks like. I imagine it's got a lot of smart watches and now smart clothing coming out. And I see everyone as being much more fit and healthy there.

MEntity: We do not see that this branch is very different from your branch here and now, yet, but it is on its way to what you envision. In most versions of you "there" we see you engaged in many of the same pursuits as you are here and now. For example, you are in school there and continuing your studies with us there.

Kurtis: Thank you. Sounds kinda like it's close to merging. The only things I thought might be different are a more active fitness focus and a deep fascination with the upcoming smart tech.

I can see myself moving in that direction here with my boyfriend.

But do go on to #2 as well.


Yes, this would be valid.

#2 - Oh, yes, this is a valid branch, and your vision of what you have shared is fair. We would add that even though there is more in-person socializing compared to how much time is spent by people being online in this parallel here and now, those in that parallel are actually still "plugged in" even as they are engaged physically with each other. It is much like how you carry your phone with you, now, and often refer to it even while engaged physically with others, but there are more streamlined versions of this in that parallel that are less distracting and more supportive of engaging the world. We are actually looking at the probable futures, as well, and see this branch expanding upon this in quite sci-fi ways.

Kurtis: oooh

I got the sense it was also close to merging into us.

MEntity: Yes, that would be valid.

Kurtis: Delphi seems to have gotten that I pursued sports there and am quite open and available to people.

So I think it is also part of my Open Minded Personal Bundle.


Yes, this is valid, for it is hard NOT to be more open and available to people in this branch. Most who are not are suffering from physical and/or mental health issues, but even in these cases there is still more connection with the "outside world" and supportive groups than tends to be the case in this parallel currently.

Yes, you appear to enjoy pickle ball in this branch.

Kurtis: It sound so lovely.

Ooh, I will look into that.

Can you also validate if I got more involved in environmentalism there? I can see myself getting so pumped for that and making a real impact through it.

MEntity: Yes, this is valid. Your MySpace there is your "hub" for much education, discussion, and interaction with those who are changing their relationship to the environment and seeking to make a positive impact.

Kurtis: This is gonna make me cry, hah...

Okay one last question for that branch. Are there any branches past 2007 that went in that direction of the MySpace realities?

MEntity: Not that we can see at this time.

Kurtis: That's what I thought. Good to know.

#3: I found a branch from 2008 where after Barack Obama’s election, people got pumped for change and actually started implementing grassroots creative projects. Some parallels from 2011-12 seem to have later merged in, where the Occupy movement made some great breakthroughs. This world has a decentralized economy, improved public transport, and seems to be implementing UBI around the world.

#4: Delphi and I found a branch from 2009 and 2011, where it appears that Popular Culture moved in a rather weird and shocking direction, with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s fashion choices inspiring bizarre pop punk fashion to become mainstream. There is more Cultural Synthesis in the world, and the obsession with appearances is giving way to more self-acceptance and a deeper embrace of simple fun pleasures, as well as fun playing with AI and AR/VR. More branches from 2013-14 appear to have merged in as well.

MEntity: #3 - Yes, this is valid, and again, you are also "reading" probably futures of this branch.

Kurtis: Ah, interesting my futurist mind keeps seeming to be getting even other parallels probabilities hah

That world looks far more Solarpunk to me.

I think I pursued Creative Writing there through Nanowrimo with my best friend, and my boyfriend has found me through my fanfiction publications.

MEntity: #4 - Yes, much of this is valid, though we would not say the evolution of this movement has become mainstream. It is more of an influencer of a small portion of the younger population, similar to that of the hippie and counterculture of the 60's.

Kurtis: Oh okay, so semi popular haha.

MEntity: It has impacted and influenced the mainstream, yes.

Kurtis: For that branch I think @Delphi and I found a branch of her that moved to Osaka and became an ethical fashion and beauty blogger/app developer, while I think I pursued making my story "Beta Radiance" into comics and illustrations, maybe even games. That was a big idea of mine then.

Is #4 the same branch as that version of reality where you said I went to university to pursue game design and developed the 3d overleaf models on TLE in 2015?

Sorry for so many questions, I'm just kind of excited.


Yes, this is the same.

And yes, we can see that these paths you mention for Delphi and yourself in this parallel are valid.

Kurtis: Thank you. Delphi will be pleased.

Can you confirm for #3 if that world looks quite Solarpunk?

MEntity: Define "solarpunk".

Kurtis: Within the sense of like... a deep investment in renewable energies and mutual aid.

It's very "grassroots" based.

MEntity: Yes, this is valid.

Kurtis: Thank you. I will record that in my summaries.

Alright let's move into what I think is the last two branches we'll explore for the day. Barring sudden extra time.

#5: I found a branch from mid 2009 where Iran’s Green Revolution seems to have succeeded and the Middle East expanded towards amazing breakthroughs in Democracy. This seems to merge with parallels from 2011 and 2012 where the Arab Spring succeeded and did the same, as the cascading breakthroughs tipped into Iran and Pakistan and as far south as Mozambique and Nigeria. The world looks quite studious and formal there, but in the best way possible, as there is a complex global democracy now forming and more multicultural connections. I think it is possible there are other branches to there from 2006 and 2015, where the interest in the war on terror declined and interest in travel and cultural experiences grew.

#6: I found a branch from 2017-2019, where it looks like Donald Trump just kind of keeled over mid speech/golf and died a natural death. This brought immense relief and a path to revitalization and freedom. People dove into creative projects, and I even see a huge interest and emphasis on dreams and connecting to each other through shared dream spaces, which I think was inspired by a different plot direction taken in the show Stranger Things, and @Jeroen, whom I've shared this with, thinks may have developed from a different plot direction during the production of Pixar’s “Soul”.

MEntity: #5 - Yes, this is valid, though this implementation of democracy there hangs in a precarious balance and is threatened from a number of sides similar to how progress in the US is being resisted and threated from various sides. There are probable futures where this democratic work manages to build in spite of the resistance, but there are also probable futures where it fails.

Kurtis: hmmm

Yes I was wondering if I was too gung ho on the idea of democracy in the middle east.

I hope they make it.

I think I pursued social studies there in all the years above and am really excited about traveling.

There's this probability I assessed where a version of me wants to move to France to be with someone I met in a study abroad program. I seem to like long-distance relationships haha.

MEntity: Before democracy can easily take hold in this region, the average soul age would need to grow beyond Baby. Before that happens, the continued shift into the Mature Paradigm will also help.

Kurtis: Good point. They're doing similar things here with the struggle for democracy as well. But they're just a little bit closer there.


#6 - Yes, though this is valid, there is a great deal more "chaos" in this branch than your vision portrays. The death of the King unleashed a series of chaotic reactions in his base and related peers in power. There is as much struggle "there" as "here," however, you are accurate in your vision in the burst in ownership for creativity and progress toward more freedoms.

We must conclude here for today, Kurtis. Good day to you and goodbye for now.

Kurtis: Thank you. I'm glad to get a more whole perspective of these realities.


So, as a closing note.

This session was a spontaneous idea for me to look at more recent parallels relevant to us, and particularly relevant to my Blog Post on the Visualization of an AR-based probability from 2025-2026. I asked about all the parallels I intuited as being relevant to that future and, yup, they're all real !

Big shout out to Delphi for helping me uncover so many of these. 

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