0505 Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and there.

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0505 Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and there.

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Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS.

Due to various circumstances, I had to get this original session with Nick Sweeney that would have been in person, via email.

I'm glad that I can get some validation on my thoughts, and would like to thank @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) for his generosity and persistence in delivering this channeling.


Channeled on May 5th 2022: 

[This is a continuation of my last session "Making a difference with Critical Mass Theory".]

"Nick: Ok, here you go Kurt!

I hope this is helpful and insightful. It seems you are doing some of your own GOOD WORK in terms of exploring parallels and working with essence to "see" all these realities and possibilities.



Kurtis: Question #1: You told me I have “3” parallels where I was the critical mass in creating a new world. I have theorized what those other me’s did, and would like to ask for confirmation:

The branch from 2013-2015 that helped foster BEAUTY/PATTERNS: My best guess is that this is the me that went to University early to pursue Video Game Design as I intended. I would have developed my story “Beta Radiance” there. I also received from my Essence some months ago that there is a version of me where I work with people like @Tyrone on Mapping 3D visuals of the Overleaves, and this has led TLE to move into 3D Graphics, and now members are exploring 3D Models of Entities & Cadres too. I think that world is the same as the one you brought up, and I can see how I was the tipping point for there. I am not certain what world events are happening there, but if my guess is correct, I think that world is finally adopting Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality.

MEntity: You are correct with all of your perceptions, yes.

Kurtis: Question #2: The branch from 2019 that helped progress SCIENCE/MATH: My best guess is this is the me that chose not to pursue romantic relationships and dove into advocacy for the Resource-based Economy. I probably stuck with Media & Communications courses there, instead of jumping into Graphic Design. I also think no Covid-19 Pandemic hit there, so the world must be very different. I’m not sure why I was the critical mass though. Perhaps I formed some kind of collaboration there that changed networks.

MEntity: No this "you" is still quite immersed in personal intimacies, however, you are correct that this version of you stuck with Media & Communications courses rather than jumping into Graphic Design.

Kurtis: Question #3: The branch from 2020-2022 helping to HEAL TRAUMA: My best guess is this is the me that gave up and quit my schooling or job. I felt immense pressure, desperation, confusion and fatigue last year and nearly gave up on my life I built, and have risen out of that this year. I would like to hope that I am still with my boyfriend there as that would give me some kind of holding space to continue living, but I may not even have him there. As for world events, I’m undecided whether Covid mutated drastically there, or if Wars broke out that pushed me to emphasize Mental Health above all.

MEntity: In all versions of "you" progressing towards this parallel we see "collapse," yes, and some suicide attempts. And you are correct that this collapse helped to move you more into a focus on mental health and holistic care. You are not with the same boyfriend, no, but you are not "alone".

Kurtis: Question #4: What events in our history here in this parallel, if any, did I help tip the scales for? I’m unsure which circumstance was relevant.

MEntity: We are unclear as to your question, but if you are asking if you have been a "tipping point" for any known history that has already come to pass in your parallel, we would say no.

[Note: The Ms answered as I wanted.]

Kurtis: Question #5: I am very interested in continuing to move us towards the Breakthroughs in EDUCATION REFORM & OVERHAUL. I can see myself doing this with my presentations and discussions of Veganism, Resource-based Economy, History and Parallel Realities as linked to our Power of Choice. I am not sure how effective I have been in this. I see minor steps of progress in this front, but nothing major enough to bring us to a leap. I would like to ask then, how can I strengthen myself and my effectiveness in this commitment to Reform & Overhaul? Is there any insight you can give in helping me (or really anyone reading this) to navigate my way to this breakthrough?


The first thing to remember as you continue to make your choices and clarify your paths is that you are not the only factor involved in bringing these changes, reforms, and overhaul. You are not doing this alone, nor is all of the responsibility for this on you. This is a SHARED collective goal that many are working towards with their decisions and choices. So, we would say to continue doing what you are doing. You cannot "control," over-analyze or over-think this process. It would be like leaving a "fire danger" region only to be swept away in a tornado in another region you would move to in order to escape the other dangers. Your guide is more your in-the-moment curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm, rather than your linear thought processes trying to "keep the pace" with matters that only essence can see and manage. "All rivers flow to the same ocean". You will bring evolutionary realities into "your" existence by following the guidance of your curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm, NOW. These may change, of course, but as we said above, that would not matter because "all rivers flow to the same ocean". If you did not help to bring one desired reality into existence, then you would help to bring in another.

In other words, you must TRUST where your interests lie and follow the "trail" that your curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm opens up for you and follow it wherever it leads you without becoming "rigid" or "stuck" on one vision for where you think your fulfillment will lie.

[This last question is a continuation of the Session "Early Modern Age branches", and will likely be moved there when there's more info.]

Kurtis: Bonus Question #6: Last session, you told me about branches around 1420 and 1475, then said there was one more you were unable to touch on from the 15th Century. What is the branch you were unable to convey, and when did it branch?

I can think of two possibilities. One where England won the Hundred Years War and integrated with France. One where the Tudor Dynasty never happened. Is it one of these?

MEntity: Yes, the one we see branched between 1400 and 1405, but we are unable to get a correlating event through our channel at this time.

[Note: After doing lots of painstaking research, my best guess is that this branch is where the Tripartite Indenture succeeded. Basically, England becomes divided in three, plus Scotland. The British Empire is stunted, and I think either England moves closer to France or France probably captures and integrates Britain.]

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