0309 Into the Early Modern Age! (Branches from: 1420, 1433, 1453/1492, 1475, 1521, 1609, 1676, 1899)

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0309 Into the Early Modern Age! (Branches from: 1420, 1433, 1453/1492, 1475, 1521, 1609, 1676, 1899)

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Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS.

I've been exploring parallels with Michael through Nick Sweeney lately, this time, going into the Early Modern Age. There is more info to come, this section of time isn't done being explored yet.

These transcripts in actuality are dense with various fragmented and disconnected comments and questions from everyone in the chat, and are sometimes confusing, so I've refined and edited and moved some Q and A's around to read more consistently and according to this topic.


Channeled by Nick on March 9th 2022:

Delphi: Kurtis wants to ask:

"One: if there are parallels where the Black Death never occurred.

Or Two: If there are parallels where the Black Death killed far more Europeans.

In either case I am curious if there are parallels that exist where as a result of no/worse Black Death, Europeans never gained a foothold on power, allowing Zhongguo, Nihon, Bharat, Anatolia, Persia and Indigenous America to form a multipolar world?"

MEntity: There are very few parallels where the Black Death did not occur. In those parallels, there were other "plagues" that amounted to the same results in terms of European evolution alongside the other "tribes" you mentioned.


Channeled by Nick on March 23rd 2022:

Delphi: According to Kurtis:

"In my Essence Chats, I found a Branch where Clockwork innovations were invested and industry accelerated from 1433.

A branch where Microbiology and Genetic Engineering accelerated from around 1676.

A branch where Cuba was annexed by the US and became a US State around 1899."

Can you confirm all these exist?

Kurtis said he thinks there are 17 non-merging branches before 1900 CE. [Note for clarification from Kurtis: At this point, I was able to find about 17 branches before 1900. 14 were confirmed by Michael at this point, being the: Knowledge Timeline from 6 Million ya (#1). Healer Timeline from 5.9 Million ya (#2). Branch that remains in the Stone Age, most likely from 3 Million ya (#3). Beauty Timeline from 500,000 ya (#4). Discipline Timeline from 300,000 ya (#5). Branch from 15,000 ya with Accelerated Social Progress where Egypt is a world power like the US (#6). Branch from 5000 ya where we're suffering from catastrophic earthquakes (#7). Child Timeline from 2350 BCE (#8). Branch with the earliest known date around 1200 BCE where we're 700 years ahead on all levels (#9). Mentor Timeline from 350 BCE (#10). Branch from 2000 ya with a Strict Totalitarian Church now banning Celebrity (#11). Branch from circa 1350 CE where people continued avoiding contact after the Black Death (#12). Child Timeline from circa 1770s CE (#13). Branch from 1839 where we became Steampunk and Cyberpunk and now have AR/VR Lives (#14). The other 3 are the ones Delphi listed above, not confirmed by Michael yet.]

He felt like there was another, and asked me to find the 18th branch off.

I obtained a parallel where Spain focused on Asia instead of America, and grew close relationships with China after Magellan didn't die in 1521. His channeling seemed to match up to this and he suggested that in this world we were culturally diverse and homogenous (a post-western aesthetic) with people focused on mysticism and supported by crystal power technology. I received that China and Spain became far more syncretized; Catholicism accepted multiplurality; and more interactions between Africa, India, China and Europe took place, with China and the Aztecs discovering piezo-electricity.

This is a world that in fact seems similar to the Mentor Timeline in some ways and the world I have envisioned for the Michael/Taoism game I'm working on.


One moment while we compile our response.

Yes, we can say that all of these parallels identified are valid, though it would take some time to flesh out all of the details and any discrepancies. That being said, you both seem to have perceived the core threads that describe these variations from the history you know.

Delphi: Are we missing any parallels from pre 1900?

Kurtis mentions there may also be a branch where Aurangzeb dies in 1633 and one where the Ottomans took a part of southern Italy in 1480.


Of course you are. If we select the time-frame from the 15th century until the 20th century, we see as many as 14,000 variations or parallels. But remember that ALL possibilities are explored by essence. So you must factor into your equation all the possibilities of each individual essence, as well as the possibilities generated by the collective choices as a whole. We do not think we are getting this through our channel completely clear, but we are doing the best we can.

And yes, these two branches referenced above are valid.

Delphi: Wow. It seems both of us have tremendously underestimated the number of variations in existence. How is Kurtis coming up with his estimations for the main themes for these branches, and what should we keep in mind when trying to track the main themes and variations in the history of our design?

Is there a razor we can use, perhaps structured around 12 in some way?


It is a matter of interest and perspective. You are mostly able to perceive those branches that are of interest to you and those that resonate with you. It is not necessary that you become aware of all of them, as this would serve no practical purpose. It seems the ones that become accessible are the ones from which you can glean some sense of possibility for yourselves and collective evolution, as well as nostalgia and learning from the different paths taken from the various versions of yourselves.

We think 12 is a good number at which to "cap" the explorations of these various branches.

Delphi: I am interested in how we can draw upon information or knowledge possessed by our concurrents, past lives, or future lives. Ken has brought up a desire for this and it certainly seems useful. Is there any way we can do this more effectively apart from random moments of insight? For instance, I suspect a concurrent [note: I think Delphi meant parallel here] of mine that pursued electronic music composition and I are merging or have merged. A lot of information I am reading right now about sound production suddenly seems very familiar.

MEntity: We suggest this because then the 12 support circle positions or the 12 cadre signifiers could be used to gain insight into the branches being explored in a similar way as to how the timelines have begun to be explored.

Delphi: I suspected as much, that timelines and parallels would be fractal. How would we find a way of characterizing this based on quantitative information?

It seems that Kurtis wants to add an addendum to parallels from the 15th to the 20th century. He asks if there are only those 18 branches and 14,000 variations across each of those branches.

Is this correct?

Kurtis: I've always explored parallels in terms of support positions. That's what my Essence told me from the start, that they were organized that way.


Delphi: Is there a way of proving the existence of each branch, for instance the solutions to a certain differential equation (for instance, each branch or fork could be a factor).

MEntity: No, we meant 14,000 branches. You are only referencing the history you know. This would account for only 6-8% of all the choices and events in this timespan of history that have contributed to the branches that we are referring to. We have access to the other 92-94%. And this is as it should be, as the rest would have little relevance or meaning for you.

Delphi: wow

Kurtis: Ah. Are you including the whole 20th century in that?

MEntity: No, our time-frame is the 15th-20th century (1400s-1900).

Delphi: We are definitely going to need some imaging tool for all these branches.

The rest of humanity would benefit from the perspective too - we literally are aware of a tiny fraction of possibilities.

Kurtis: Got it. Well I have found about 18 set branches from us now, including Timelines, from before 1900.

Hm, would you like to surprise us with another branch then Michael?

Delphi: After the bonus branch for Kurtis, can you answer this question - how can we more sharply apply the 12 support circle positions to branches that already exist and ones we can generate in ways that can be quantified and visualized? before answering the question on drawing on knowledge from all versions of our essence


There is a branch where the telescope was never invented, and your world is far more "local" and Earth-focused. This is not as limited or as depressing as it may at first sound. In this parallel, you live far more simply and connected to your bodies and the Earth. In fact, this parallel could be considered to be one of many in a group where your evolution circled back to a deeper resonance with the Earth. 

[Note from Kurtis: The Telescope was invented around 1608 by an unknown inventor, which people like Galileo Galilei quickly capitalized on for Astronomy in 1609. 1609 would be this branch point then.]

If you can imagine it, it is likely a distinct parallel that branched at some point. This does not take into account how long the branch may have existed before merging.


Categorizing the parallels already accessed and the ones generated would be a matter of gathering enough details about the parallels to then be able to see which ones resonate with which ones of the 12 positions. It would be the same process of that of your time-line exploration.

Or you could start with a position from the grouping of 12 and invite branches that resonate with that position.


Channeled by Nick on April 6th 2022:

Kurtis: Hi Michael and Nick. I suppose I'll ask this question today. You said there are many non-merging parallels in the 15th-19th century Time Frame.

Last time we met, you confirmed a branch from c. 1433 where the world went Clockpunk and evolved from there.

Are there any other non-merging parallels from this Century?

I have thought of some, but I'm curious what you have to share.

MEntity: Yes, one non-merging parallel from this century is one where humanity turned quite introspective and far less distracted with gadgets and each other such as you currently experience your "information age". In many ways this "branch" mirrors the Lemurians' "civilization". Humans, here, are quieter, talk far less than they listen, and spend a great deal of time "meditating," writing, studying, sharing meaningful exchanges of teaching/learning. In this parallel branch, it is not so much "one world" like you experience now as it is "many worlds" that are able to transfer all of their "data" and discoveries and contemplations to a central "hub" that everyone has access to. There is much more we could say about this branch, but we will stop, here, for your direction.

Delphi: Sounds like anime.

Kurtis: Ah that's very interesting.

Okay if we're still on this question. When did this branch? I know Nick isn't great with dates, so perhaps just the Decade will suffice.

MEntity: Around 1450.

Kurtis: My best guess is that's a branch where the European Age of Exploration was delayed, is that true?



It was not just delayed but halted altogether.

Kurtis: Oh wow.

So perhaps, did literacy became more important?

Delphi: Is this when the Arabs were not expelled from Spain? But some kind of truce was negotiated?

And Constantinople didn't fall? 

[Note from Kurtis: Spain conquered the last Muslim stronghold in Granada in 1492, just after Columbus' voyage was funded and he contacted the Americas. This is when the Spanish Empire arose. The Arabs were finally expelled in 1609. Meanwhile, Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453; the same date the Printing Press became commercial.]


More important than global exploration, yes.

Or global conquest, we could say.

Kurtis: True.

After you answer Delphi's question above:

What are the centers of power there, currently?

And what level of technology do they have compared with our history?

MEntity: Delphi, in answer to your question, there is a branch, its own branch, where the Arabs weren't expelled from Spain, and that branch has already merged back into the "quieter human" branch. Where this branch did not split off, there was great unrest with the Arabs in Spain well into the 17th century, but this unrest transformed into acceptance, intimacy, and communion by then. In a similar reflection, there are branches where Constantinople did and didn't fall.

Delphi: wow

MEntity: Kurtis, we are compiling our response for you.

Delphi: There’s definitely some inspiration we’re drawing from these branches

Kurtis: Noted.

MEntity: In this "quieter human" branch, the hub could be considered a "power," but not in the way you currently understand the term. Politics as you know it do not exist, here. But as the "hub" is where everyone "meets" to contemplate, discuss, and share experiments and discoveries, it could be likened to "a power". This would be in Africa, North Africa to be precise-Egypt to be even more precise. Technology has advanced comparably to what you  have in "your" parallel, but the focus has been completely directed towards knowledge and discovery, rather than towards travel, entertainment, or information as a distraction.

Kurtis: Thank you for that. This tracks well with my thoughts.

I wonder if I'm there.

Okay one last question before I move the stage onto Ken: is this the only other non merging parallel from the 15th Century than 1433?


No, there are others.

And you are there.

Kurtis: Ooh, noted on that. I have a Concurrent there 

Alright unless people want to continue these explorations of parallels, Ill leave Delphi to move onto next question.


Channeled by Nick on April 12th 2022 (Note from Kurtis: This is my first one-on-one session with Nick ever!):

MEntity: Hello, Kurtis. We are here, now, and can begin.

Kurtis: Hello Michael and Nick. Id like to continue exploring parallels today.

We've been looking at the branches from the 15th Century, and have found the ones from 1433 and 1453 approximately. You said there are more, so Id like to start out with getting those other ones, and where they are today.

We can move on from there after.


Yes, one moment while we compile our response.

1420 - a branch where "today" women have grown to full equality with men which has shifted the political landscape and institutional landscape quite dramatically from what you know in your "today"; 1475 - a branch that "today" looks far more advanced scientifically and technologically than your "today". These are the two branches that we are able to get through our channel at this time. There is one other.

We also would like to correct the delivery of a previous statement through our channel about the number of branches that exist between the period of the 15th century through the 20th century: 14,000 branches refers the approximate total number of branches that branched during this period but do not refer to branches that continued in their individual momentums until today. Most of these had "collapsed" or merged back into other branches as quickly as within minutes or hours or in days, weeks, years.

Kurtis: That is very fascinating, thank you.

Id have to do some deeper research to explore those, so Ill move on to my next question.

Also thank you for that clarification.

I'd like to look at the 1433 parallels next. Those parallels launched a Clockwork-powered Industrial Revolution. How have they evolved, and what do they look like today? What are they doing currently?


Yes, one moment.

In this branch, the average soul age accelerated well beyond the pace of your "today". Their tipping point into the mature soul age was around 1880.  This soul age evolutionary "leap" relative to your parallel sees them already with a colony on the moon. This was possible due to contact made with an off-planet species around 1925.  In this parallel, all of "your" resources have been dedicated to education, healthcare, ecology preservation, and space exploration. Though there are still some debt-based and credit-based exchanges in this parallel, most of the populace on the planet and off-planet live within a resource-based economy. The debt and credit based systems that still exist are between nations and political factions. They are the last "hold-over" of the debt-based system and look likely to dissolve by 2040.

Kurtis: How promising! I'm sure I'm there, helping along in that.

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