0106 2021/2022 QRQP

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0106 2021/2022 QRQP

Date: January 6, 2022

Session type: E-mail session (3Q)

Channelled by: Nick Sweeney (Babylove)

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Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS.

Bogi: Can you please give me a quick review for 2021, personally, interpersonally and professionally?


For 2021 we see your theme across the board as PATIENCE. This does not mean that you were patient 100% of the time throughout the year, of course. It simply means that you called upon patience quite a bit throughout the year. We also could say KINDNESS was a theme in the past year, as kindness was very much a part of the choice for patience last year. But we think patience is more accurate because so many of the patterns of 2021 involved your surrender to the flow of time. We see that you let go of your need for control over time, over and over again in 2021. This patience that was called upon was a softening of your boundaries around your expectations for when things should happen, and this allowed you to enjoy your inherent trust in being exactly who and where you are at this time. 

We think you can validate these patterns for yourself personally, interpersonally, and professionally. In general, there was a "softening" that you embraced over the course of 2021. Your patience and kindness is what made this possible.

Bogi: Can you please give me a quick preview for 2022, personally, interpersonally and professionally?

Regarding the preview for 2022, I understand that this is my 5th and last year of my current Life Plan of Reorientation.

I would be grateful for some helpful suggestions on how to proceed and how to wrap it up for my personal satisfaction.


For 2022 we see you generating a theme of TRUE WHOLENESS that will likely permeate the year. For so long your experience of wholeness had been compartmentalized and conditional. You often felt as if you could not claim your wholeness as long as there were certain parts of your life that had not healed or that had not met your expectations for evolution and growth. The current life plan that you will soon be wrapping up was a part of your deep dive into the truth of your wholeness, NOW. You have always been whole, and now you are experiencing this truth more and more in the moment. Your reorientation has brought you home to yourself. 

There is nothing more that you need to do to secure this true wholeness other than continuing to do what you are doing.

Personally, we think this true wholeness would show up as unexpected waves of Agape throughout the year. At times you may feel this state as being more alone and "detached" than you would prefer, but that is because Agape signals the move into your center of wholeness and inclusiveness of the truth of your being and how that being dances with other beings. You would be experiencing non-attachment in those moments and sometimes personality can be confused mistaking detachment for non-attachment.

We also do not mean to imply that you must be lonely in 2022 or that you will be without relationships, as we do not think this would be the case. It would actually be the opposite, as we see you drawing in quite a few agreements for SHARING, EXCHANGE, REUNION, LOVE, SUPPORT, HEALING, and CREATIVITY. It is simply that your experience of yourself in these relationships would be from the perspective of true wholeness and agape which would honor the power and truth of aloneness, inclusiveness, and choice.

Professionally, these patterns may see you bringing much more of your full self into this context, but this may also show up as slowing down and exercising great care in how you move forward professionally. TRUE WHOLENESS cares less about presenting itself or reaching a destination in the name of false security and more about AUTHENTICITY and nurturing a dynamic, living vision. You may find yourself stopping and starting quite a bit over 2022, but with each "stop," you would be giving yourself that time with essence to digest what has come before, to see how your vision has evolved, and to become aware of how you would like to proceed from there. Another way of saying this is that you would be evaluating your possibilities and probabilities, your paths and your purpose before choosing again in which direction you want to go.

One final aspect of the year ahead that we would like to emphasize would be in your sense of COMPLETION. You have come a long way and 2022 would be a year of acknowledging this journey to arrive at your new sense of wholeness. Some of the "stops" we mentioned above would also be you simply resting in your own completion: returning home to yourself. Oftentimes, completion can be glossed over or missed as a fragment becomes distracted with what is ahead. True wholeness, however, savors its completions and enjoys living in the paradox of being complete yet always becoming more. 


We had this session with @Nick Sweeney (Babylove)in January. I like the theme for this year because it resonates nicely with a previous session from last year where Michael said 

"MEntity: This is NOT a failure. Your abdication is a dive into trust.

It is a commitment to your own wholeness as a means to bring this wholeness to someone else rather than to find your wholeness through someone else."

Also, now after 5 months into this year, I can concur:

"You may find yourself stopping and starting quite a bit over 2022, but with each "stop," you would be giving yourself that time with essence to digest what has come before, to see how your vision has evolved, and to become aware of how you would like to proceed from there."

Yep, Michael, you nailed it.

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