1217 Channeling Trajectories, Brianna Identity Reveal, Some Links, Validation of My Own Channeling

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1217 Channeling Trajectories, Brianna Identity Reveal, Some Links, Validation of My Own Channeling

Entry posted December 17, 2022


Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

Note from Archivist: Some of Michael’s responses in this post appear to be truncated and perhaps not exact quotes. Possibly this was an audio session that was transcribed or partially transcribed.

Hi Michael, can you provide some commentary on my channeling practice so far? What are my percentages in the four categories and my trajectory in the short, medium and long term? I'm also having quite a bit of trouble hearing you and was hoping you could provide some insight into this


Hello Delphi,

In order for you to hear us, you must begin speaking for us with the full intent and confidence in speaking for us. May not always hear us or expect in ways you are used to. You will find if you continue to speak or begin to speak rather even in the midst of uncertainty you will find that the connection becomes clearer. If you are sensing our presence even in the slightest ways those cues you have come to know - as long as those cues are being experienced, it is a matter of beginning to speak with confidence even if you do not hear us. Our channel has had some experience with this and he can speak more with this with you in terms of the particular experience. We are calling up from our experience together. reception around 50, spikes up to 70 percent dips down to 30 percent, translation - 45 percent spikes up to 60 percent transmission - still working to find stability - averaging out at around 45 percent accuracy - average between a range of 30 to 60 percent. comprehension - averaging around 50 percent  . Yes. You are growing. You are learning. Doing the work and clearing the space. This does not always mean our work together during the clearing process will be consistent or valid or accurate but it does mean that you are in the process and moving forward. 

short medium long term trajectory of my channeling, students I would attract -

Michael: appears to be fairly solid in terms of the process as long as you continue to choose it and work through the phases or milestones that are universal in this process of channeling a causal entity. you have begun the initiation phase which is marked by your focus and enthusiasm initial discovery. you are aiming for the next phase which would bring a greater degree of validity to what you have channeled. we think you could look forward to that greater range of validity, that milestone if you continue to work as you have been sometime in the next 3 to 6 months. after that phase would come some stability or a plateau if you will which then invites the next phase which would be doubt to put it simply. a phase where you are asked to look more deeply at your motivations for channeling at all and to make sure you are clear and honest about them. this phase can see a dip in clarity and validity. if you continue to choose to develop your ability as a channel beyond this point, then greater and greater breakthroughs will follow. your short term middle term and long term progress and our work together as fairly consistent and right on schedule in terms of what is often experienced by channels who begin working with us. you can be confident in your trajectory. this does not mean there will not be obstacles or doubt. but the authenticity of your work with us can be trusted. in terms of the type of channel, you would become or your strength as a channel as you continue forward this is not conclusive as you are highly capable of channeling information, energy, and inspiration, although we would say that the inspiration or love would take a bit more experimentation and exploration to be at the same starting point as the energy and information the reason why this is not conclusive is because it would be your choice which one brings the most resonance and meaning for you. we of course share our information and work with you to speak for us and for us to speak through you. there are others, other sources that would work with you in terms of energy and or inspiration. we suggest you allow this to be a discovery process and not to overthink it. as we think you will naturally come to land in an area of meaning resonance and enthusiasm quite naturally and organically. 

What about the entity I made contact with, which Michael predicted I would begin working with right at the beginning of my channeling journey, an entity that had never before spoken with humanity? They called themselves Brianna and seemed to be an artisan entity focused on plane structure and told me about shapes with 3.5 edges.

Michael: Difficulty getting message through channel, valid that this entity has not spoken with humanity - groups of consciousness (not souls to be correct) that has not and does not experience incarnation in the same way sentience does - their perspective would be unique but quite removed from human experience. this does not mean what they have to share is not useful or valid. it appears you are working primarily with their astral aspect as a kind of channel for their causal aspect. if you continued working with them, there would be a time when there would come a shift to working with their causal plane aspects.

Was I actually a channel for you in Delphi, Mesopotamia - 7 lifetimes in total? 


Yes we will look into this. Yes it is true you have channeled for us in previous lifetimes but we only have two examples of this. Being the examples you brought forward. Mesopotamia and Delphi.

Crown Links - Working on a crown link with troy and Kurtis and already secured one with the fragment known as D.

Agreements with Troy in this lifetime?  


Numerous with agreements that are clustered in themes of knowledge enlightenment and discipline. You will recognise these three categories are being part of the 12 support circle positions which represents the most focused distillation from which agreements spring. All of your agreements would touch on these themes. With an emphasis on discipline。

Heart Links - A heart link between you and A. You have a sacral link with B - pivotal/facilitator agreement as well as sharing support circle positions - mutual LOVE. No links secured with C - this would be an entity mate which would account for some of the deeper resonances as you may experience with this fragment as well as past history.

Are Trobadour and I essence mates?

Michael: Trobadour - cannot validate - we did share a grand cycle together the description as flying lizard would be valid.

Do we have a heart link?

Michael: Yes that is valid.

I channeled that I'm in a set of a cluster of lives themed in reinvention and that I am potentially preparing for a set of magnetic artisan lives. Is that correct?

Michael: This would be valid. Yes, and although we might give a different word, at different times as reinvention.

What is the theme of the future artisan kingdom? Does this start in about two lives as a space architect?

Michael: The context is uncertain less certain than fulfilling the role of a magnetic fragment but the context does not have to be certain. numerous factors including the fragments that would be drawn to my kingdom. this is still in the realm of choice. With current trajectories. Two lifetimes from now is a good estimate, even this is not secured. Experience, interest, and choice is what shapes the making of a magnetic fragment. Experience in certain realms, themes of interest come to define a kingdom that may spring up. All parties must be in on it. By the time a fragment is old, this is always an agreement to experience a magnetic kingdom, though all fragments do not choose this path or experience. Its not a special path or experience, merely one that brings into greater focus lessons that have been learned and supporting continued evolution in a certain direction along the lines of what you have mentioned. Reinvention, innovation, discovery, creation. It is likely that you will become magnetic, or your fragment and one of these near future life times. Unless, your essence ultimately chooses a different path. These calculations and variables are infinite which is why we cannot predict but can tell you the trajectories and percentages are high. It is not unlike an infinite soul manifestation in this case. In the sense it is not set but tends to evolve in the lifetime and be secured.

Will my essence twin become a magnetic priest as well?

Michael: An essence twin doesn’t necessarily become magnetic. At this time the priest is on a completely different trajectory - we mean completely different in the sense that there is not seen to be a great interest in becoming magnetic because you are. 

Have my twin and I agreed on distance in this lifetime to focus on our own spheres, or is our distance simply a result of insecurities and poor communication in our earlier years?

Michael: The distance does not appear to be always caused by a choice that was made to be distant but rather choices, decisions, choices that were made that led to the distance it does not appear that it was a conscious choice on the part of your essences just an evolution of choices that resulted in your distance. this distance could easily be bridged if you so chose. we will answer this question about the twin. we cannot know how receptive the twin would be to bridging this distance as the best way to know would be actually initiate contact and see for yourself but we can say that you do have agreements floating so to speak which is nearly always the case with essence twins it is just a matter of activating these agreements. essence twins no matter how far they may be physically, emotionally, energetically. it is the personality’s choice what to do with that bond. we think it might be helpful to consider your own motivations for reaching out and what meaning it has for you. and owning this regardless of how receptive the twin is. we will end here for today.


This was such an amazing and information-packed session by @Nick Sweeney (Babylove). My primary aim was to receive percentages and feedback of my channeling practice so far and to validate some of information I had received on my own, which included links with people, Brianna, the theme of the current cluster I am in, and future magnetic lives. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers Michael gave for my four channeling categories. I had channeled my reception to be in the 70s-80s, comprehension to be around 45 to 50, translation to be around 25-40. and transmission to be around 20. The percentages Michael gave me today were 50 for reception, 50 for comprehension, 45 for translation. and 50 for transmission. I'm doing quite a bit better than I thought, and this is much better than the 70, 40, 10, and 2 percent I had gotten from Troy just two months or so previously

It was nice to receive information on the phases of channeling, which I've never really seen anywhere on TLE. Michael told me about what style my channeling would likely take on. It was nice to hear that I was capable in all three (energetic, information, and inspirational - which I know does not necessarily take verbal forms, but could be in a performance, or art), but as I expected, I have relative strengths in energetic and informational channeling.  

Super validating to hear that Brianna was real and not a figment of my imagination, and this was indeed the entity Michael predicted would be coming through to humanity for the first time half a year earlier. Fascinating to hear they are in fact a group of souls that do not experience incarnation (so I got my speculation about this being an entity that has already worked with many prominent physicists wrong), but I had deduced I was working with their astral aspects. 

I was actually a channel at Delphi!! As I had very strongly suspected. It was nice to know that all the fragments I had pinned down as having a crown link with me through channeling were in fact either working on one with me or had already secured one. This explains why information seems to come through quite quickly when I have my sessions with Troy and why I am able to fit in quite a high number of dense questions in POFs. I'm happy that I had correctly channeled heart links with two fragments and it was nice to know the dynamics with the other two. More surprisingly I had in fact correctly channeled a shared grand cycle as a flying lizard with @Troubadour. 

Really amazing validation of my two pieces of information I had obtained, on the theme of my current cluster of lives (reinvention), and a future as a magnetic artisan, which sounds like an exciting future. 

Overall, a lot of my channeling/intuition turned out to have been received correctly and I am surprised and very pleased 

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