1130 Archetypes as Thought Patterns of Essence

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1130 Archetypes as Thought Patterns of Essence


NOVEMBER 30th 2022

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Archetypes are PATTERNS OF EXPRESSION in the MIND of essence. This allows various life themes to be explored. These patterns can evolve and change with sentience as a whole.

Archetypes are not created by personality, rather personality encounters them. 

Archetypes do not have a memory of their own but simply act as a GATEWAY TO MEMORY stored in the INSTINCTIVE CENTRE MATRIX(matrix of memory), not only our own personal memories but the memory of the collective associated with the symbol. 

SYMBOLS ARE MATRICES or containers themselves. Presumably these matrices are then embedded or connected with the matrix of the collective memory in some way.

This MATRIX WORKS LIKE A BODY, storing all images, associations, memories for the symbol. 

The SYMBOL EXISTS ACROSS PLANES, physical and astral, with a centre of gravity for each, holding both physical plane data (language and concepts) and astral data (emotions). Resonance is the binding factor.

Time is experienced by essence simultaneously. It is able to select which parts of itself to attend to. 

Archetypes of gender is not quite the right concept - it is more accurate to say that the archetype of each ROLE is remembered, experienced, expressed in its gendered variants (the physical manifestation of the role). Creative and focused energy do not have gender and it is inaccurate to say that gender is part of the archetype itself.


Delphi: hi michael, we would like to focus our session today on archetypes

first, could you delineate what an archetype actually is? you explained that they are language symbols that refer to facets of personality and essence manifesting through personality

it would be great if you could go in more detail though - for instance, why such symbols can take on a life of their own

Michael: It could also be said that archetypes are patterns of expression "in the mind" of essence that allow for various life themes to be explored. These "patterns of expression" evolve and "crystallize" along with sentience so that they are quite clear and delineated by the time an essence has reached the young cycle. Though, in terms of the exploration of archetypes to any depth, this does not tend to occur for personality until the Mature cycle.

Kendra: This sounds like the personality explores archetypes as their relationships with them

Michael: Everything created within the Tao could be seen to "take on a life of its own". But it is not that the archetypes are choosing and having a life of their own in the same way that you do. It is more accurate to say that archetypes exist and personality meets them through their choices, whether unconscious or conscious.

Delphi: how is it for instance, that certain symbols seem to have a memory of their own? how is this information attached to them

Kendra: This sounds like the personality explores archetypes as their relationships with them

or rather: explores archetypes through the sense of relationship to the archetypes (a mature souled endeavor)

Delphi: such as money


Archetypes work similarly to how the 9 karmic sequences work.

Delphi, they do not have a memory "of their own". They simply facilitate memory within the matrix of memory or what we call the instinctive center.

Delphi: hm

because these days i find when i run my energy through certain symbols, i can feel the associations arise and almost the cloud of memories linked to the symbol, although it is possible to try to separate my own mind from them

and i see how the tapping into these memories influences peoples' behaviour

including memories attached even to certain scripts

like chinese character scripts for instance (i feel bitterness)


Yes, because you may be tapping into not only "your" memories but collective memories related to that symbol or archetype.

Symbols in any form can act as a "container" or matrix in and of themselves. Over time they "collect" meaning, information, and associations. This is why one can explore a symbol and receive much information that seems to come from beyond one's own center of consciousness.

You can imagine, for example, how much "information" is "stored" in the symbol of the Christian Cross.

The archetype or pattern of expression related to this symbol we might call SURRENDER or TRANSCENDENCE. But as you can see, there is far more variation of information that this symbol carries than this essence we might describe.

And a fragment can interpret this symbol (and its information) with much distortion and completely miss the essence.

Ken: interesting

Michael: Symbols in any form can act as a "container" or matrix in and of themselves. Over time they "collect" meaning, information, and associations. This is why one can explore a symbol and receive much information that seems to come from beyond one's own center of consciousness.

Delphi: Can you go into more detail into how this works, and how this is distinct from stamps created in the matrix of the instinctive centre?

what is this matrix exactly?

Michael: Delphi, the "matrix" would be the "body" that holds all of the related material, associations, memories, etc. for the given symbol. It could be said that the symbol exists on the physical and astral planes, and on each plane, it holds a kind of center of gravity for that plane's "body". In other words, the "matrix" consists of physical plane data (language and concepts) and astral plane data (emotions). The akashic, which is not technically a plane, can be accessed as a part of these matrices. It is all "held together" by resonance.

Ken: If essence is providing archetypes to its fragments, and archetypes index a way of accessing the memory of our personal and collective instinctive centers, is there a sense in which essence is trying to remember something through personality, and if so what

Michael:  Itself.

Ken: Fair enough

Does essence thus experience time in reverse to how we do, or in some other way 


Essence is re-membering itself. It is "collecting" its fragments. This is the only way the role evolves.

Ken, rephrase your question.

We see your edit to the question. Essence experiences "time" simultaneously.

Ken: If I am remembering "the past", then it is from a tense of me being in the present. But if the essence is evolving through our actions, and it is "re-membering", then as we approach it, does it experience us approaching it?


All time and experience is present for essence and it can select or "attend" to whichever "piece" of that whole. It can attend to "multiple" pieces at the same time.

As you "approach" what?

Kurtis: Michael, I have a question separate from Ken's, but related to archetypes. Youve often referred to there being like... 7 Archetypes of Gender before, each with their own + and - poles for masculine/focused and feminine/creative energy. I was wondering if you could delineate these 7 archetypes and poles for us today? Its been on my mind for years.

Ken: timelessness as being whole is simply like being

but i would like to give Kurtis a chance to have his questions answered

Delphi: you said in a previous session too that it is connected to the 7 roles


Ken, we still do not understand your question. We will move on to Kurtis' question, and you can rephrase your question so that we may be able to circle back to it before concluding our time together.

First we will say that gender is related to the physical plane. Your focused and creative energy do not have genders.

If you are exploring the different expressions of gender or archetypes of gender, there are a fair number of "maps" that are easy to find through quick searches online.

We have already given these seven archetypes of gender through our seven role mapping.

This is one such way to understand the different expressions of archetype through gender.

We will delineate those more fully, now:


We are having challenges getting a clear map through our channel, partly because the other maps that are already available do not transpose with ours perfectly. For example WARRIOR IS the "archetype" for both genders and many other archetypes from a psychological perspective can fall under this core warrior "umbrella".

So, it is simplest to view the core archetypes for gender as the 7 roles: SERVER, ARTISAN, WARRIOR, SCHOLAR, SAGE, PRIEST, KING. All of the psychological archetypes explored and related to gender would fall under one of these roles, and we think it would be quite easy to "assign" these to their roles. Some might fall under more than one role, of course.

Kendra:  So, would each role have a "Male" archetype and a "Female" archetype?

Delphi: What is the difference between male (physical plane related) and focused energy


Kendra, no. It is that due to the concept of gender on the physical plane, these roles are expressed differently and have different psychological archetypes associated with them. (DELPHI'S NOTE - THIS IS THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF THE ENERGY OF EACH ROLE AND NOT AN ARCHETYPE FOR CREATIVE/FOCUSED ENERGY VARIANTS OF THE ROLE)

We are attempting to find an example that we can share through our channel.

One example that we think might work, here is that of the HERO or HEROINE. Both of these archetypes are related to the WARRIOR.

King and Queen are related to KING.

Kendra: And so, the actual archetype's gender is not a part of the archetype itself?

that's something added through the individual fragment's reading of the energy?


No, not from our perspective

We know our delivery through our channel has been a bit clunky on this subject, and we can revisit this topic, of course. We think part of the "interference" has to do with the difference our perspective versus the psychological perspective on archetypes and gender.

Kurtis: That is okay. Just felt it was something we should get around to finally

Michael: We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

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