1116 Temporal Flows Fast and Slow

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1116 Temporal Flows Fast and Slow



Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

As part of a general desire to reduce glut and out of control pacing, we will slow our sessions to a rate of twice a month. In the off week, I hope our group members will begin working through our substantial backlog, connecting this to existing theories and analysis, and the ways they interpret their lives, so that the information is not just some nice entertainment but is assimilated, understood, and implementable. I also am starting to think about how we can get more organized so we can begin teaching the wider TLE community the concepts we have discovered so far. 

I find myself learning more just by colour coding and annotating this transcript, for instance. 

Eventually, our attempt to break down the structures of choice will hopefully transform how the entire world comes to think of itself on an individual and a collective basis, when they can see the overlays and resonances from other threads on a minute level, and clear multiple potentialities for each relationship in their lives, which also extends of course as relationships between groups that we are part of. 

Delphin is my male counterpart, since I find temporarily identifying myself with a certain gender shifts my entire perspective. I've attempted to do this on some odd numbered days. 


Michael: Hello to you both. We are here, now. We can begin.

Kendra: Hello Michael! So we want to continue our discussion from last time

as in, further question threads on that topic of "Managing Time and Energy" 


QUESTION THREAD THREE: Delphin was interested in asking about the instinctive center and its link to the “consciousness matrix field” re: JanetE on TLE’s sessions with you on understanding the Matrix of Essence. In that session, you mentioned the access of past selves with future selves, interacting in a way outside of linear progression. I think this also links to a conversation Kurtis and I were having on weaving frayed threads of parallels into one by interlinking non linear inspiration with learned application. And that at any point, the current can interact across parallel versions, future versions, and past versions to apply things learned. These bring to mind concepts of “Time”, so similarly to the asking about the intellectual centers of humans versus other species, can you comment on the sense of time of different beings? I’m wondering if it relates to how the emotional center operates, since emotions are the capacity for experiencing time.


Yes, one moment. We have read your words and will compile our response.

Though we have said that the experience of time is directly related to the emotional center, and this would still be true, we will also add that one's experience of time is also impacted by the other lower centers. It is just that the emotional center carries most of the "weight" for the experience of time "passing".

It could be said that non-sentient beings' perception of time passing is always NOW. It is always NOW for them. It is not accurate to say that they don't ever experience the sense of time as speeding up or slowing down, but by comparison to sentient beings, their experience of time could be described as always NOW. (Time passing always being NOW is presentism/eternalism, the phenomena of time dilation)

Kendra: Hm. This sounds like it's tied to the whole imagination thing. As in, to experience time as not now, you'd be using your imagination, since you always technically exist "now".


Humans are more likely to experience time as NOW when they are in the positive poles of the emotional center. This is when they can perceive that they exist NOW and that NOW is experientially differentiated from any other moment. With this awareness of NOW, one can still utilize thinking, imagining, planning, exploring probabilities, or reflecting on the past while still being aware that it is all happening NOW.

Also, as you know, humans are able to "mold" their experience of time due to their intellects interpreting the moment in ways that non-sentient beings cannot. Humans can interpret the moment as "good" or "bad," wasteful or fulfilling, losing time or gaining time, etc.

Kurtis: Value associations

Delphin:  hi


Correct, Kendra. Which brings us back to the difference between the intellectual centers of non-sentient versus sentient species: the capacity to be self-aware and self-conscious must be so in order for the imagination to be utilized.

The sense of time passing can be seen as a limitation or obstacle or conflict to be overcome when in the negative poles or seen as a tool and organizing principle when in the positive poles. (order is prior to space and time) 

It can also be seen as integral to one's self when in the positive poles and manifesting essence, meaning, time is seen AS one's self.

Kendra:  That right there is hard to wrap my mind around at the moment.

Is it related to the "You are a process, not a project." that you told to Oscar from TLE years ago?

Michael: Kendra, we can elaborate on this. What we mean is that it is entirely possible for you to realize that you are not separate from experience. You ARE experience. Time is your experience of yourself from moment to moment, your experience of others from moment to moment, and your experience of everything from moment to moment. (Events are points)

Kurtis:  I think it means "Presence"

Vividry probably helps here too


Your experience of time is relative to your experience of yourself and everything else. When you interpret yourself as separate and a-part from experience, then you experience time as outside of yourself and something to control. When you interpret your yourself as whole and one with experience, then you experience time as an aspect of yourself. 

And this is directly related to choice, of course. You can choose to pause, slow down time, speed it up, rest in it, let it be a healer or make it be an oppressor and wounder, etc.

Yes, very much so, Kendra. You are a process happening NOW, not a project.

Kurtis: Ah so we're like a remote control for controlling the pace and experience of our life. Like controlling a movie.


We would not use the concept of control but that of CHOICE.

You will not always be able to control the pace of stimuli coming at you, but you will always have the CHOICE for how to relate to that stimuli. (and, how do these constitute different layers of time being experienced simultaneously?)

Kurtis:  I didnt think control was the right word, and had a feeling youd say that. But wasnt sure another word to use

Nevertheless what you say does remind me of a remote

Michael: Yes, the analogy is fair.

Kendra: I can't help but want to know a pragmatic piece of information on this topic:

What choices lead to experiencing time as passing slowly versus quickly?


For one, the choice to love versus fear.

The choice to be patient versus impatient.

The choice to slow down versus speed up.

The choice to STOP versus GO.

The choice to listen versus speak.

Kendra: It sounds like these don't necessarily map specifically to slow versus quick


It is all relative.

And it is relative to the moment.

And the context.

Delphin:  can you couch the experience of time from moment to moment (our experience of ourselves) in terms of light or clocks, and especially how we interact with ourselves and others

Kendra: It sounds like these don't necessarily map specifically to slow versus quick

but rather that they are choices that allow time to unfold according to preference

like, there are times I can see wanting time to pass more quickly, versus wanting time to pass more slowly, and that the choice to be loving or patient can lead to either slowly or quickly, while the fear and impatience would lead to either as well


Delphi, using light or the cycle of light that you experience on Earth would be a much better analogy to use that the clock in terms of how you experience yourselves from moment to moment.  

(planetary circadian rhythms???)

For example, the light from day to night is a gradient, a spectrum where it is impossible to say when any moment of light becomes a moment of darkness. The passing of the cycle of light/darkness is seamless.

It is not distinct or mechanical like that of a clock.

Delphi: is this analogical, or literal? I was more so wondering about the way the experience of time is actually generated or a literal reflection of Essence


Though your intellects can make you appear to be a distinct collection of moving parts, this is not how you exist organically as a process. 

It could be said that time is generated because essence's "attention" shifts. (we should start thinking about fluids, flows, and how centres form in these)

This is a very crude explanation, but it is the essence of what is happening.

It could also be said that as essence "fragments" across the universe, then time is the experience of those fragments remembering themselves and reuniting. Each of the fragments represent the various points of "attention" of essence.

Delphin:  how is this point of reference generated, and how do we maintain this while also projecting another part of ourselves in the past or the future (necessary to plan anything


There is no way we could explain this to you in a way that would satisfy your intellect. We will just say that it is a natural function of your essence outside of space and time and within space and time. Essence knows how to do this in the same way that your body knows how to grow and maintain itself.

Essence does not need to know "how" it does it just like you do not need to know how you do it. Still, you are able to do it. (even essence has its limitations in knowledge...)

The "it" refers to many of the things you do as Delphi, as personality, that you have no idea about how you do it.

Delphin: it seems useful to know to some extent, if one wants to invent a more efficient way of transmitting information more directly from person to person using light

instead of text for instance

or for creating a representation of a memory or a memory archive drawn from the akashic records

Michael: You will develop more efficient ways of transmitting/receiving information and essence will, of course, be helping with these innovations. To clarify our statement above, we are limited by our channel, as well as by your intellects for understanding certain aspects and functions of essence. However, we can share what we know in a way that can be understood in more depth along these lines of your questions if you would like to devote more time and focus to this specific subject. It would require being more detailed in your line of questioning as well as elaborating upon many of your ideas/concepts in a way that could be understood by our channel.

Kendra: That makes a lot of sense.

Delphin: yeah this makes sense

Michael:  We will conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

Kendra: This is one of those "you can have most anything you want, but you cannot have everything you want." situations.

Delphin:  thanks michael and babylove

Kendra: Making the choice to focus.

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