1012 Two More Views on Emotional Accounting

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1012 Two More Views on Emotional Accounting

Summary and Takeaways:

A week ago, I decided to try to obtain some insight on the energy shifts that will be required for the move towards a credit-based economy. During this piece, I saw grids of energy in my mind's eye. I could see that capitalism as it is right now leaves everyone drained and exhausted because people's incentives are stacked against each other, such that energy cancels out. Just as energy cannot flow in the brain or the body of someone with depression (these circuits are actually severed), on the scale of the collective body, restricting the vast majority of people from access to the network responsible for generation and distribution of currency leaves them stunted. The whole system is prone to periodic collapse and feast/famine, just as in the case of the person with mental affliction who may also be prone to addictive behaviour (those empty calories and thrills compensating for a lack of real emotional connection). This disconnect is reflected in the copies of information available to us about the causes of events. Just as physical worlds are separated from one another, so are mental and emotional worlds. Meanwhile, I saw that acting according to our actual inspirations creates circuits of energy flow that would ordinarily have been impossible according to the centralizing and self-destructive tendencies of this system. Our actions start to reinforce each other's, creating a sort of dynamo fueled by imagination (which we know is synonymous with CONSCIOUSNESS).

In addition to this insight, I received a couple of practical steps that could be taken to move us in this direction:

i) Quantifying wavepackets of emotion that are generated during connection and pegging this to a digital currency

ii) Decoupling physical exchange and emotional/symbolic exchange. 

Raw necessity would be taken care of by UBI gift coupons, non-essential physical goods and services would be paid for by inputting energy equivalent or greater than its cost of production back into the system. Symbolic exchanges meanwhile would be conducted with the pegged digital currency which is linked to the degree of collective activity. 

I decided to get more feedback on this information from Kurtis and Babylove. (Part of my experimentation with how multiple channels can begin to enhance the FOCUS with which we see the most important components of an idea).

Main Affirmations from both:

EMPATHY is key to this shift to a resource based economy. The currency may not literally be linked to emotion. However, the circulation of CARE is what gets us there. With the shift to + PERCEPTION of the emotional centre, it is seen that the state of the WHOLE and aiming for COMMUNITY WELLBEING trumps the state of each part. With this realization, it will be clear our current system must be dismantled.

This confirms the key role of inspiration (love).

The literal pegging of emotional markers to currency may not be necessary for overhaul. Any markers of emotion may be used more for entertainment and bonding.

My channeling seems to be valid, albeit for a small subset of future parallels.

ORIGINAL: Accounting For Emotions - Expanding Circuits of Exchange in the World


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KurtisM participates in the TLE Community as a student, and sometimes presents his channeling. This content is included because of its relation to the content of this post.

OCTOBER 11TH 2022 

Kurtis: Are we able to actually overcome our gated/privileged economy through enhanced emotional connection?

Kurt/Michael: Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that a deeper emotional connection means a deeper focus on what is of value to the self in truth, and a reduced emotional weight to carry regarding emotional turmoils (ie. storms) in the world. No, in the sense that emotional connection will not help you overhaul your economy, but can help you streamline the path to overhaul.

Kurtis: Is inspiration a missing factor towards shifting incentives and collective decisions, so that we are more energized and less competitive?

Kurt/Michael: Yes, the focus on the power of the inspiration, and of sharing it is what comes after your current Information Age. This is presently termed as the "Imagination Age". An economy in which the value of exchange is no longer information, but ideas contributed to the collective for its growth and evolution. The shift into this type of economy would be facilitated by an embrace of inspiration and imagination as the tools that they are, and what help your species embrace the collective emotional center in moving towards much more fantastical worlds. Even more than inspiration, we would say that empathy is key to shifting the economy. Not only empathizing with what people are currently going through, but empathizing with their path of needs for well being.

Kurtis: Is the wavepacket idea correct as a future unit of exchange?

Kurt/Michael: This is one way to look at it. Future units of exchange are ideas that are voted for in terms of interest for experience and capacity to help nurture Humanity and its fellow Earthlings. However this is represented through a kind of emotional tone that is the medium and symbol for the exchange. The sharing of emotional tones and feelings in the body does and will grow over time, such that a lightly stimulated nerve in the arm might indicate one's expression of value. However this is mostly used for clarification purposes and boundaries, not debt or punishment.


OCTOBER 12TH 2022 

Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

Delphi: Delphi recently channeled a piece on the necessity of overcoming the gated system of exchanges governing the world at the moment with emotional connection. She obtained that inspiration is the missing factor that shifts incentives and thus our decision-making apparatus and synchronizes seemingly distant parts of the network in a way such that interactions become mutually energizing instead of adversarial (cancelling each other out). She also obtained that there will eventually be means of quantifying and displaying our emotions, experiences, and values and linking this to currency. The emitted emotional 'unit' appears to be some kind of wavepacket. In addition to separating this from physical exchange this is vital to a multipolar/centre of gravity world based on cognitive preference/inherent taste instead of roles based on privilege

Can you validate this or give an overview of what 'accounting for emotion' would mean in economic exchange?


We can say that this is valid insofar as it relates to the "function" of the Mature Cycle which is to gain healing in the emotional center and maturity in its use. In the Mature Cycle EVERYTHING begins to be evaluated based on the use of the emotional center with a growing keen awareness of where attachments and sentimentality lie versus non-attachment and perception. As the "weight" begins to move more toward perception, then empathy and compassion naturally begin to expand to include the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, the emotional health of the COMMUNITY begins to take priority.

The "accounting for emotion" that you referenced related to economic exchange is exactly why all mature cycles see an evolution toward some version of a resource based economy.

Because it is eventually discerned that CARING can actually be better implemented for the community when the currency is CARING.

Another way of saying this is that it is eventually seen that the emotional health of the community can be best sustained through caring, rather than through the Young paradigm of debt and a currency that prioritizes competition and destructive and exploitative hierarchy.

Kurtis: I have a tangential question related to that and the Love Timeline path, but im pretty sure Delphi has many qs she wants to move through. Thats insightful info Michael, thank you.

Delphi: was i right in channeling that this currency will be literally linked to some marker of emotional connection so that the more energized or connected we are the more money circulates

this and the separation of physical and emotional/symbolic exchanges thru ubi

being cornerstones of a transition

essentially we want to eventually ensure that our interactions are with likeminded people/people with the same inherent incentives as us

which will eventually parcel us into cognitive communities

the prereq to 'comagencies' you shared with connor previously

[See TLEGG 2240: Roylan, Comagencies, and SpiriTech]

which ive also gotten as coming fully into existence by the end of this century

as 'circumpoles'


Delphi, it is more probable that the various versions of your world that have these "markers" have them for entertainment as well as for enhancing relationships rather than as a link to currency. In most probabilities that we see, you will not need this "step" in the process to transition to a resource based economy. Once that transition is made, you will find that it becomes far more easy for people of like mind and interest to come together for their projects and mutual exchanges. And we will add that this already occurs quite effortlessly in your world.

To answer your question more directly, your channeling may be valid for a small percentages of parallels as your world continues to evolve.

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