0928 The Many Challenges of Navigating Towards a Preferred Trajectory and forming a Channeling Group

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0928 The Many Challenges of Navigating Towards a Preferred Trajectory and forming a Channeling Group



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ESTIMATED READING TIME: 10-15 minutes of focus. You will get a glimpse of the work that building a viable channeling development and cross-validation program takes. 


Continuing to pursue channeling science can lead to convergence with branches from the 19th century where spiritism (which a lot of us in TLE were involved with) just took way off and end up in the love timeline.

Actions to improve localised happiness does NOT equal a new 'foundation' or timeline altogether. We still need to investigate what lies at the basis of a whole new timeline (since this is a more cardinal version of parallel generation - confirmed to correspond with support circle positions). The bigger relevance of all this investigation is - UNDERSTANDING THE SHARED WORLDS THAT ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE CHOICES AMOUNT TO.

A refinement of intuition CAN slide into over-anticipation and escapism. It is only PART of the process of anchoring wisdom in our species. 

Both Kurtis and I are working through the 'bias' stage of channeling - percentages seem to not have changed much since the last check from a couple of months back - we are experiencing spikes into the 70s for reception, which may be when both of us enter deeper trances than just 'quick glimpses'.

Session: A-survey-of-psychic-schools-clairvision-and-angels-black-death-parallels-channeling-progress-logs- March 2022

"Delphi: reception 30-40% on average; translation 50-60%; transmission 40-50%"

Kurtis: reception 50-70%; translation 50-60%; transmission 50% 

         Half a Year Later

                    Delphi- reception 30-50%; translation 40-50%; transmission 50%; comprehension 40-60%

                    Kurtis-reception 50%; translation 30-50%; transmission 30-50% comprehension 50%

                    These percentages are averages of what you sustain in each context. You both spike in reception quite a bit at times at around 70%.

In terms of what has changed for us in channeling over the past half a year - we have been working much more closely on determining branching points for our personal as well as collective parallels, to the extent that we have determined all our primary bundles as well as year by year branching points (there are dozens of points - we have correlated our year by year branching points with collective events and themes as well). These have been at least 4 bundles for Kurtis that have been confirmed with Babylove.  I seem to have 8 or 9 bundles. A bundle can be thought of as a new 'resting point' or 'anchor' for our identity. We did some preliminary work, facilitated by our intuition, on correlating this with the support circle positions. However 

[see posts]



These are the following things I think we've made progress in and that I have learnt:


Working closely together at around a once-a-week frequency. This kind of close coordination is necessary for any kind of breakthrough in a skill or to get any project going regardless of what the project is

To do so, we had to negotiate differences in frequency (40 vs 88), energy ratio (70f/30c vs 10f/90c), time differences initially (15 hours until august), and different foci of interests, initially. This meant - I had to refine my tendency to toggle between multiple layers during conversation (I often have a large, not fully drawn out gestalt in my head) and Kurtis had to be willing to explore areas that he may have thought were initially irrelevant to his focused exploration at hand and switch tasks more often than he would have been comfortable with. The way we work has changed too. I tended to supplement Kurtis' tentative branching points with evidence drawn from secondary and primary historical sources - I wanted him to be more rigorous with his investigation so that eventually the parallel stuff would have TEETH.  I would also direct more information related to his activism goals to him. Of course, this was overwhelming to him at first. However, I have found that not everyone is as capable or as willing to skim information and draw a few relevant connections - so I have had to learn to be clearer and more direct with what exactly I want the recipient to take away from a information scrap I direct their way. 

What helped us secure our continued collaboration, as well as the bonding that naturally happened (especially when we started piecing together more vulnerable choices and what-ifs in our lives which we felt brought a lot of closure and helped us understand the many facets of ourselves better in a way that felt like homecoming - all the versions of our personality felt like they were rushing towards our centres like one big convergence), was the practical element of getting feedback and a second opinion on our investigation.

Thus in order for relationships between individuals or a group to cohere, there must be some tangible gain. On a day to day level, so as to sustain commitment that may eventually lead to more audacious projects or the fulfilment of once far-fetched ideals. It is even better if the fruits of one group lead to improvements in the endeavors of another group.

This is also pleasurable for us - it provides ideas and inspiration in our every-day lives. It helps we have similar aesthetic tastes and interests as well. 


Rounding out our skill sets. I learnt from Kurtis' structural and meticulous thought processes (fits my interest in Michael math) and he was able to get extremely specific detail about people's appearances, snippets of conversation, even details about how technology worked in other worlds from me, which fit his interest in aesthetics and the multiple 'punks'. At the moment, I am capable of starting to see entire 'timelines' in my mind's eye, and nodes and branches from each year. I would have never gotten a flavour of each 'month' or each 'year' without doing work with such a careful mind. I think Kurtis benefits from my ability to retrieve something that is missing but just beneath the surface, and ability to rapidly generate and describe colourful simulations in my mind.

There are stages to the collaborative process that all of us are just beginning to learn to establish. These could be - first generating a big picture overview of themes we are exploring. Then, choosing a specific lens with which to view a theme, or a time period. Working out which specific area we still want more resolution in, or are unclear about. Confirming data points we have previously discovered and drawing up a list for review and validation with established channels. Finding evidence from scientific or academic sources and maintaining databases and storage capacity for this. Technical skill development - this could be our ability to focus on a specific sense, sort through multiple layers of activity in a scene, just retrieve basic overleaf information, and starting to devise a system for measuring improvement. Theoretical or interpretive - explaining how the phenomena of channeling from various sources itself works. Collaborative skill - coordinating calendars, times, navigation of potentially sensitive personal information, communication frequency etc, making other commitments explicit, goal setting


Although the process right now may feel clunky and frustrating at times, I believe if we manage to establish a stable system of relating between our growing group (in terms of relationality habits, infrastructure, organizational processes), this could grant people a lot more freedom and fulfilment in terms of accessing groups that can meet their needs -whether in terms of skill development, social needs, collaborative/work type projects, or intimacy. God knows too many people stagnate and stay in groups (family, work etc) that are not good for them because they do not have the time or energy or knowledge to seek alternatives.

At the moment, our group is exploring a number of asynchronous remote working softwares and apps. One is Obsidian, a kind of shared note-taking app that also generates graphs of the groups' notes (you can link notes to others) in a way that creates a knowledge 'cloud'. It is based on principles similar to Zettelkasten, which DianeHB has brought up.

Another is a shared whatsapp, discord, email, zoom and twitter account, as well as telegram for internal and external communications. We are also looking to create a potential server or proxy to secure internet access for all members as well as making things like gaming easier. I've learnt different communication channels serve their own function and that carefully keeping a balance between fun/spontaneity and organization on places like discord matters. 

Some of us have begun to explore VR - things like VRSpatial, AltVR (inspired by TLE's astral island). We want to eventually build our own essence homes on there as well as a 3d model of parallels, our lives, and other Michael math stuff. This should be a huge boon for teaching all principles of MT. ]. 

There are a few other points, such as ACTIVATION ENERGY,  or VERSATILITY IN COMMUNICATIVE MEDIUM but I will leave off here for now.

Things I think we could still work on, refine, or develop in the future: 


This would be a group review of our progress every 1-2 months. Retrieving topics or projects that have fallen to the wayside, making new estimates of time and energy availabilities and tweaking goals. This is so we all feel like the group is going 'somewhere'. Perhaps a dedicated session with @Troy or @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) where all of us just do a weather check would be helpful. Progress can also mean, creative projects we set aside come back to life. Or that we make a breakthrough in a problem we are trying to solve or investigate in other areas of life, or gain sudden insight into an area that has long been blocked. Progress could also be, increased speed, accuracy, and retention in terms of a skillset or body of knowledge we are trying to acquire. On a practical level, we have now set up a payments spreadsheet that automatically keeps track of each member's contribution which should make coordinating this booking a lot easier (even simple things like this cause frustration and annoyance and mean energy is diverted way from actual refinement of questions, validation during the week, practice). 




As pointed out by Michael, the reason why our percentages have not budged so much is we may be focusing too much on pleasure and interest. As a result, we are being diffuse with our channeling. To correct this, we need to practice with channeling on subjects we have no attachment towards, and trust that the improvements in skill will help with that which we are personally interested in.


Michael: Hello, everyone. We are here now and can begin.

Delphi: ok

Kurtis and I found three paths from where we are that may lead to the love timeline. They appear to be branching right now

The 1st can be characterized as a line of balance. this is a slow recentering where a lot more people get into body work, and the branching takes place around 2050-2060

The 2nd is a line of collective action and education, appearing to start with African democracy which kind of creates so much inspiration that first world universities are motivated to collaborate to accommodate the wave of these new scholars.

The 3rd seems to be a convergence with a line where occult science in the 19th century continued to grow into a far earlier cessation of religious dogma. The final branching point for this line in the 19th century seems to have been around 1890s when Einstein either came out regarding his belief in the occult or made a choice to focus more on this. is this correct?


For the 1st example, no, we do not see this branch toward the love timeline.

We are unclear about whether or not your 2nd example branches toward the love timeline. We will continue to look.

Yes, your 3rd example is correct.

It does not appear that the 2nd example is correct, no.

Delphi: Our work forming this group exploring channeling science which currently has an intent of successful remote asynchronous collaboration and is probably on a trajectory to carrying out experiments in the next few months is part of a move towards the 3rd line, right?

Kurtis: I do have some clarifications on the first question if Delphi wants me to ask them.

Delphi: okay

Michael:  By "3rd line," do you mean the Love Timeline?

Delphi: 3rd is a path from us to the love timeline

Kurtis: Okay so if I can clarify, I can say this. Our "line #1" seems to align with a version of me that goes to Australia in the next few years to be with my bf, and Delphi pursues focus on bodywork in Bali or Malaysia. We found that where we pursue these things the world primarily focuses on balance and harmony in all relationships. Our "line #2" seems to align with a version of me that relocates to Vancouver in the next few years to pursue environmental advocacy, and Delphi pursues a return to England to continue her studies on neuroscience, memory and consciousness. This seems to align with versions of reality where we are both already doing this, and there is a focus on climate action and studying consciousness in all forms as a path to empathy. Due to these foci in each branch, and the choices made by both of us to pursue big enthusiastic risks in these probabilities, we assessed they seemed to move towards the Love Timeline.

Michael: It is a bit more complicated than this-your actions with your group leading to or away from the Love Timeline, but our short answer would be "yes". Your actions could play into this eventual merger.

Delphi: And of course, our actions are not isolated but maybe part of a pattern rippling through a bunch of receptive fragments, including us

Kurtis: Yeah, they play into the more "loving" patterns than the more "fearful" ones, we have found

Michael: We have read your clarifications, Kurtis, but what is your question?

Kurtis: Ah, well, are those lines correct in terms of high likelihood to branch? And considering that refined information, I guess yeah, do they actually lead to Love Timeline moving forward?

Delphi and I found ourselves trying to estimate which of our choices feed into collective momentums based on Love, and we seem to have come up with those three.

Michael: We can say that a clearer and simpler path of navigation that includes your "enthusiastic risks" would not be in the aim for the love timeline but for your localized happiness and fulfillment.

Delphi: what is the difference?


In other words, you do not need to base your decisions and choices on whether or not they will lead to the love timeline.

This is, again, an over-calculation and over-thinking that feeds into fear and false personality rather than true personality and essence.

Delphi: I did think so

both of us have expressed we thought this over calculation and over anticipation was a weakness of ours

Kurtis: I can say that one reason why I brought up those three for exploration is because they felt better for me moving forward than other choices I could make moving forward. Such as where I stay here in my town of birth and just endure the frustrations of my family and such for far longer than I might need to. But what you say is fair. I do get ahead of myself. I just really enjoy assessing how patterns fit together I suppose.

Delphi: it is almost an obsession, or fixation

we both do it, just in different ways

Michael: It feeds into fear and false personality because you are "living for the future" rather than LIVING NOW. In order to "feed" true personality and essence, you must become comfortable and loving with your NOW. Living your NOW, aiming for truth, love, and energy, from moment to moment, will lead to the most ideal parallels and timelines that you desire.

Kendra: You've mentioned this before about choosing as a personality

Michael: Kurtis, you are trying to know the future before making your choices. It is impossible.

Kurtis: I don't really like where I am in my life right now. I just feel like I'm stuck and have been stuck in terms of my personal progress for a while. So I mean, I guess I escape into the future to feel better.

In any case, I'm not sure if my questions are even relevant or have an answer then. I can say we assessed those three probabilities as "personally fulfilling".

Michael: It is good to know if you are choosing escape, as long as you understand that the escape you are choosing is not getting you where you want to go.

Delphi: I mean I do think there is still a purpose to the work we are doing with parallel investigation

it's part of how humanity comes to understand the range of possibility

in each moment

Michael: We did not say there is not purpose to what you are exploring, nor did we imply that.

Delphi: Or all the piece or facets of us



just expressing it as a general sentiment

Michael: We are simply attempting to give you our perspective so that you can gain clarity in navigating how and where you say you want to go.

Delphi: What is a particular characteristic of the 'love' or the 'muse' timeline, and why haven't they been generated yet?

Kendra: Michael, would you say that looking at parallels is kind of like looking at the news or social media?

in terms of its use as information versus escape

Michael: Kurtis, you feel stuck because you are choosing not to choose, not to take risks, not to follow your impulses where you are, NOW. We do not mean that you are not choosing to choose at all, merely that you are choosing not to choose in important and meaningful ways that affect your sense of security, vitality, enthusiasm, creativity, etc.

Delphi: How secure is our channeling right now?

in terms of percentages/stages, and how it can be improved

I know I often do not focus completely when working with Kurtis or just opt for a light trance/some kind of blend of upper astral and lower causal scanning that involves seeing graphs of timelines

and flashes of scenes

that I describe


Kendra, yes. In addition to being informative, it can also be educational and entertaining. We find that the most personally expansive and creative way to work with parallels is in viewing one where a version of you is living some aspect of life that you would like to live and then adopting some simple feature in your own life from that parallel that can help you to resonate more and more with that parallel and help you to "manifest" that aspect.

We have shared this "method" through Troy, and it can be found in his archives on parallels.

We can say that for both of your channeling efforts, you are working through a stage of bias where much of what you translate and deliver is colored by what you fear or what you wish. This is a part of the clearing stage, and if you continue your aim for clarity, this stage of bias would move into more neutrality.

Delphi: Is our work together helping to counteract some of these biases?


There is some validity to your assessment, Delphi, in that you would want to focus more on your source for receiving insights and stick to that one source in order to develop a stronger and clearer circuitry with that source.

Your work with us?

Delphi: Yes

Or with others

Michael: Of course.

Delphi: My assessment on Iran yesterday for Zahra was strange. i felt i was giving information from a few astral entities. she said one was perhaps entity 2, or Emmanuel

Michael: This bias stage is not unique to you and Kurtis. All who channel move through this stage or remain there.

Delphi: In any case, I think Kurtis and I always discover more information we do not think of during channeling, or tuning in

what would some cues for greater neutrality be?

Michael: One thing that might be helpful in order to learn what these greater cues for neutrality are, would be to channel on subjects in which you are not so heavily emotionally invested. This is why many who begin to work with us begin by channeling a great deal of information and insight from our overleaf system. Even with our overleaf system you can still be invested in a particular "answer" over another one, but it is easier to build neutrality into your progress because you have a system by which you can cross reference your work.

Delphi: Target practice


This is, of course, if you choose to make us the focus or the source for your channeling work.

But even if you choose another source, you can still choose to channel on subjects or for subjects where there is less emotional investment in the answers you receive, translate, and deliver.

Delphi: Can we have percentages?


Yes, we will give percentages for channeling us:

Delphi- reception 30-50%; translation 40-50%; transmission 50%; comprehension 40-60%

Delphi: Well, at least theres some improvement in comprehension


Kurtis-reception 50%; translation 30-50%; transmission 30-50% comprehension 50%

These percentages are averages of what you sustain in each context. You both spike in reception quite a bit at times at around 70%.

Delphi: there is very little change in our percentages

from the last time

Kurtis' percentages have stagnated around 50

There's been a drop in translation

My percentages are almost the same too, except for comprehension and i suspect this is the healing or greater opening of the emotional centre


We would not interpret this as stagnation more than we would say it has been your focus and CHOICE in how you are learning. Both of you are diffuse in your focus in terms of working with various sources for your insights through channeling. Progress in your growth as a channel would require choosing one source and committing to working with that source over time.

We must conclude here for today. Goodbye and good day to you all.

Delphi: thank you babylove and michael

i would say your comment applies across many aspects of life

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