0907 Truth, Love, and Energy Are the Life Force

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0907 Truth, Love, and Energy Are the Life Force



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I appreciate these sessions are dense, so the main study notes are these:

1. Centres refer to 'centres of gravity', spaces or contexts - notice the interchangeability. Chakras are SUBTLE ENERGY centres that manage the flow of life force in and through the body. In other words the bridge between the higher bodies and the physical.

2. Truth, love, energy ARE the life force. The more our personalities are in their positive poles and manifest essence the more energy we have access to. Probably the rationale for qigong or any other energy body practice.

3. The bodies of ESSENCE are composed of truth, love and energy, while essence itself is more than the sum of its parts.

4. All things/bodies have centres of gravity. Similar centres of gravity fall towards each other and form working groups. This is how groups and communities form organically instead of being imposed. 

5. All the constraints and false harmonies are being updated as part of the Mature Soul Age.

6. Truth, love, energy are the in-breath and pause (LOVE), Expression/Out-breath (TRUTH) and Form/Result (ENERGY) of TAO. Perhaps corresponding to Beginning, Middle (Medium), End. 

7. Essence computes, personality executes. Trust essence and simply continue to CHOOSE, and CHOOSE AGAIN.


Michael: Hello, Delphi. We are here, now, and can begin.

Delphi: I think I’m broadly interested in the question of chakras and the connection between lower/higher centers today

and cycles of time

Last time, you shared with us that the aura was a physical reflection of the emotional and causal bodies

and we know energy somehow feeds us through our chakras, and that the higher centres are located in non physical bodies (often conflated with essence)

Beyond that though it gets murky for me

would you mind clarifying how this process works?


Yes, one moment.

The centers, though related to the chakras, are technically different. Centers refer to "centers of gravity," spaces or contexts, so to speak. Whereas the chakras refer to subtle energy centers themselves that manage the flow of life-force in and through the physical body. It could be said then, for example, that the 1st chakra/root chakra manages, opens or restricts the flow of life force related to that context that we call the Instinctive Center.

The 2nd/Sacral chakra does so for the context we call the Higher Moving Center.

The 3rd/Solar Plexus chakra does so for the context we call the Moving Center.


Delphi: how does activity accumulate in a certain centre and trigger the flow of life force into the chakras? and do these spaces transcend the specific body?


There is always a flow of life-force through the centers, or the physical body could not live. It is a flowing resource until the fragment becomes more conscious of itself beyond the current moment. As this happens, there is a parallel shift in how the fragment allows and relates to TRUTH, LOVE, and ENERGY/BEAUTY. Truth, love, and energy/beauty ARE the life-force.

It could be said then that as the fragment becomes more comfortable in its positive poles and manifests essence more and more, the fragment has more access to the higher centers which provide more energy to flow from the higher centers into and through the lower centers.

The higher centers transcend the body and personality because they are of essence.

Delphi: Essence is a seed, correct?


The lower centers do not transcend the body or the physical plane. However, they do have subtle counterparts on the astral and causal planes, respectively.

What do you mean by "seed"?

Delphi: Something like a unique identifier or non terminating string

Michael: Yes, it could be referred to in this way.


since i remember it is most closely linked or perhaps even ‘is’ frequency

even as our essence’s frequency is wrapped in a human frequency

if essence is a seed, then where are the higher centres with respect to this?

what does it mean to say it still has centres of gravity?

are these just patterns the essence happens to resonate with at the moment?


This is very challenging to describe in a way that makes sense while physical. So, to simplify yet give a crude way of understanding this, we will say that Essence, once it has been cast from the Tao, has its "bodies" just as you have yours. Essences bodies are truth, love, and beauty, or higher intellectual, emotional, and moving bodies. These bodies have centers of gravity. The sum is greater than the parts, of course, and essence is more than these bodies, but it is composed of these bodies, nonetheless.

Essence has its own center of gravity as does the bodies.

Delphi: Wow, chakra imaging is going to be tricky

Michael: All bodies have centers of gravity. All things in existence have centers of gravity.


i was just thinking about this concept yesterday when considering the design of ‘bubbles’

groups that hopefully are based on natural convergences and dont compromise ones natural interests

The way most jobs tend to do right now

how something like our group might be similar to a collective root chakra

which would have pockets of something like active concentration, but be primarily active study or meditation in theme

Our group, or any future setting up of O1 as a proper space of activity


Yes, it is natural for various similar "centers of gravity" to move toward one another and coalesce into a working group.

From there choice would direct the group's activities.


right now our entire world seems far too skewed towards high frequency intellectual centre, as that is often where control of resources (money) gravitates which leaves little choice for people to function according to their innate rhythms

i guess this is where cycles of time starts to come in

I know a mosaic or a ‘spreading out’ of bubbles would be a better approach

But I am not sure how to conceive or depict this at the moment

Michael: We would not call it high frequency intellectual center in this context but rather, low frequency. High frequency intellectual center would be an emphasis on TRUTH, which is the greatest resistance facing your world at the moment.


yes that makes sense

truth of incompatibility or narrow compatibility might be one

Well, one problem is because we cannot yet clearly visualise damage to the centres or etheric bodies the way we can do to the physical one

Another is because we cannot extract memories so the chain of cause and effect becomes difficult to determine


Everything you are referring to is being updated in this new Mature Cycle. This is a natural part of collective growth and evolution through the soul ages. It is not much different than how a teenager is focused on completely different aspects of reality and is aware of completely different things compared to an adult or an elder.

Perception is "everything," and that is the crux of what is shifting at this time of transition.


Thank goodness

I suppose id like to briefly ask what truth love energy mean mathematically

Or how they connect to one another

Michael: Perception is "everything," and that is the crux of what is shifting at this time of transition.


I find it difficult to grasp what the necessary order of transitions needed are

And find myself consumed with agitation and frustration over not being able to pursue my interests or perceiving too many interrelated themes. However this is an aside

I suspect many of these barriers are borne of impatience and are self imposed


We will not be able to convey mathematically what they mean through this channel, but we can give insight into how they connect to one another. If you think of the tao as a being, a much larger fragment or whole, then it could be said that inspiration/love is the in-breath of this fragment and the pause before the out-breath, which would be the expression/truth and action/beauty components. Assimilation would be the entire process of "breathing" as a whole. Another way of describing their connection would be that love allows everything to be known and felt, while truth is the vehicle for sharing what is known and felt. Then energy/beauty are the final manifestations, the beautiful patterns that coalesce from the interaction of sharing what is known and felt. And of course, this pattern repeats, and is never "final". The Tao is always breathing, so to speak, until a it "transitions" and a new cycle of breathing begins.

To your point regarding the difficulty in grasping the "necessary order of transitions needed," this difficulty arises because you do not need to "grasp it," and indeed it is impossible to do so.

Delphi: perhaps this is not dissimilar to overanticipation in channeling, on a larger scale

Michael: This is why we have said that to live fully and freely is to allow essence to manage what only essence can manage while personality manages what it can manage during a lifetime.

Delphi: i guess im constantly trying to expand the capacities of personality

Michael: Personality does not and cannot see the big picture or figure everything out ahead of time. it can only CHOOSE NOW and then CHOOSE AGAIN.

Delphi: Well, one last question is about septuple time

I did some analysis of bela bartok’s mikrokosmos’ buglarian rhythms yesterday which are in septuple time and noticed this corresponded to a self-similar pattern which is a mixture of triple and duple time

Since you have remarked that 7/4 is the rhythm of the cosmos


Delphi, the capacities of personality expand naturally, but not matter how expanded these capacities compared to previous versions of personality, it will still not be able to "grasp" everything or control everything as you are imagining. It will still be most powerful and effective in its choice to CHOOSE NOW and then CHOOSE again while letting essence handle what only essence can handle.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you and goodbye for now.

Delphi: okay

Thanks michael


Few hours later....

Ken: @Delphi 

" I find it difficult to grasp what the necessary order of transitions needed are"

there are many existing development maps formed in recent history with likely have corollaries to one another and different emphases

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