0824 Thought For Food: A Closer Look at the Workings of the Emotional Body

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0824 Thought For Food: A Closer Look at the Workings of the Emotional Body


AUGUST 24TH 2022

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Wherein we continue our exploration of the bodies. 


1. The emotional body is similar to the physical body except it is far less dense, experiencing less resistance and rigidity. It is similar to a fluid, or a 'body of water'. Water is transparent, flows, and is a superconductor of electricity. Thought is to emotion as electricity is to water. Emotions, like water in a state of stillness, reflect or resonate.

2. The emotional body is subject to forces just like the physical body. These forces are made of emotions. The forces experienced include torsion, strain, and compression.

3. The emotional body needs food just as the physical body does. Its food is thought and its relationship to other emotional bodies.. Bad food makes it nauseous and sick. Good food makes it experience joy. 

4. Food is first generated from the higher intellectual (Essence's Out-breath) - but all the higher bodies are working together to feed the bodies and the lower centres.

5. Emotion is made of thought and love (what about energy???)


Michael: Hello, everyone. We are here now and can begin.

Delphi: well today we'll mainly focus on the dynamics of the emotional body I think

as nicely phrased by tyrone

'if it can be said that the emotional body is a self-contained form with attributes and boundaries, analogous to a physical body, what are the emotional substance analogues to physical kinds of forces on and generated from said body, such as torsion (twisting), tension (pulling), strain and compression?'


One moment.

The emotional body could be said to have much similarity to the physical body but with much less density, resistance, and rigidity. The emotional body, then, would appear much less static than how you perceive the physical body. It would be constantly in motion, flowing, morphing, changing shape and appearance. The media and substance for the emotional body would be emotions, of course. So, it could be said that emotions, whether they are the emotions generated from within the fragment or emotions generated from other fragments with whom the fragment in question is relating, would have the same or similar effects on the emotional body as the physical forces you mentioned have on the physical body.

The emotional body can "twist" be pulled and experience strain and compression. But it would experience these states dues to emotion rather than physical force or substance.

Tyrone: So what would be a description of say the emotional equivalent of someone using their left hand to punch another person's right shoulder?

Michael: This would be relative to the individual and could vary but one example would be one fragment directing anger and blame at another fragment for some perceived injustice.

Delphi: where would the orientation (left/right) fit in here

and the parts of the body that are used (hand/shoulder)

Tyrone: Ahhhhh. You know, I just had a thought that maybe we should confirm this: Does the emotional body even actually have literally-shaped one-to-one body parts directly overlaid onto physical parts?

(Cause I was just thinking, the function of the shape and structure of physical parts is specifically for expression within physical plane physics, whereas emotional body parts might have to be constructed for emotional space, and therefore could have wildly different shapes)


This is where the mind-body symbolism map can be helpful, as long as it is taken in context. The concepts of "left hand" and "right shoulder" do not have the same meaning at the emotional level that they do on the physical. There is not a direct translation. It could be said that the intellect makes these distinctions AFTER emotion has been experience and/or related to. At the intellectual level, the one who threw the punch might have "issues" with feeling "put upon" by others and this triggers the emotion in this exchange. The one receiving the "punch to the shoulder" might interpret (intellect) the "emotional attack" as a blow to the free use of assertive (focused/masculine/right side) flexibility (shoulder) in reaching out and taking what it wants (arm/hands).

Correction: Intellect already has interpretations before AND after emotion is experienced.

The issues with "feeling put upon" relate to the creative/feminine/left hand.

Tyrone: Ok. So this gives me something to think thoroughly about.

Michael: There are emotional body correlates that reflect the physical body quite closely, and these are in the aura. But the aura is technically different than the emotional body, though it is a part of it.

Tyrone: The aura is a physical body construct that reflects the state of the emotional body?

Delphi:  is the aura the etheric body?

if you had to describe the bodies as states of matter, what would the emotional body be? Tyrone suggested some kind of sponge

Michael: Yes, Tyrone, as well as reflecting the intellectual and "spiritual" or causal bodies.

Delphi: and i thought maybe some kind of clay or non newtonian fluid like cornstarch

Michael: Delphi, the etheric body is a part of the aura.

Tyrone: oh. That's right, there's multiple layers to the aura.

Delphi: Ohh

What ‘is’ the aura then


The aura is the subtlest physical "casing" that generates the physical body and acts as a bridge for the subtler bodies (emotional, intellectual, causal) and for interaction with the physical plane.

The chakras are a part of the auric system.

Correction: rather, the aura acts as a bridge between the subtler bodies and the physical plane.

Delphi: "Then another question would be then: is there an emotional body equivalent to the intake of say, the cycles of energy such as physically eating food/calories/nutrients, the storing of those things, and the 'burning' using of those things?"


We think "water" would be a better state of matter to help understand the emotional body.

It is transparent and flows and is a super-conductor of electricity, which is how we have described what emotion is like as it is experienced at the physical level.

It is a medium that "moves" and is stirred up, changed, and acted upon by thought.

Electricity would be "thought" in this case.

When the emotional body perceives from the positive pole, it is reflecting some "thing" of interest or resonance.

We are sharing insights into why water is a helpful way to understand the emotional body.

A "body of water" is even more helpful.


"Then another question would be then: is there an emotional body equivalent to the intake of say, the cycles of energy such as physically eating food/calories/nutrients, the storing of those things, and the 'burning' using of those things?"


makes sense that in the vision of O1 i saw we called the larger environment of ‘bubbles’ which were arranged in foam layers parts of an ocean

Well that kurtis and i confirmed

Michael: We see that we missed a question above. Delphi, to your question about an emotional equivalent to the physical bodies intake and digestion process, the emotional body "eats" thoughts. Depending on the thoughts traveling through it, it would "feel" indigestion or ease, vitality, harmony, growth, etc. "Good food" for the emotional body would be thoughts translated from the higher intellectual body, which would tend to make the waters of the emotional body calm, still, and with a clarity that would reflect the highest truth of love and oneness/beauty. The emotion experienced then would be joy.

Delphi: wow


ah, Truths

the highest of which is "Love"


so the food is first generated from the higher intellectual?

And the response to eating it is higher moving?

What ‘are’ emotions made of?

And thoughts

Michael: A more precise statement would be that food for the emotional body is thought AND relationship to other emotional bodies.

Delphi: So when we sense the truth of other bodies around us, are we using the emotional body (relationality/orientation?)


Yes, it is fair to say the food is generated first from the higher intellectual, yes. But it is hard to separate the higher intellectual from the higher emotional and the higher moving. In reality, all of these higher bodies generate the "food" for the emotional center, for all the lower centers.

We will need to continue this exploration at another time, but we will say that "emotion" is made of thought and love.

Tyrone:  "Thoughts and prayers.", lol

Michael: We will conclude here for today, everyone. Goodbye for now. Good day to you all.

Delphi: best wishes

Tyrone: Bye Michael!


thoughts and prayers to you


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