0601 Collective Trauma

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0601 Collective Trauma


June 1st 2022

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Michael Hello, Delphi. We are here, now, and can begin.

Delphi:  hello Michael. I think the general idea today is to unpack collective trauma more deeply and start diving into cynosures

last time, you made this comment "We are doing our best to shed some light on this process through our channel, and to do that, we have to speak more about how cynosures "objects" resonate with the instinctive memories." can you speak more about how cynosure objects resonate with instinctive memories?

Michael: It could be said that as essence begins to form a relationship with an object, that object "matters" more than the average object. This is similar to how you only remember certain moments or events on any given day. Certain moments will stand out while others fade. ALL moments are recorded, but not all will be remembered. Those objects with which essence begins to form a relationship then begin to "stand out" in the instinctive center. They have a specific frequency (which we have described as like being more vivid or "popping" in color) which highlights them. So, when the object is encountered in a given lifetime, it is highly likely to begin resonating with that "highlighted" memory in the instinctive center. With that resonance begins the "cascade" effect that opens up access to more memories and resonance. We think our description may be crude through our channel, but we are doing the best we can.

Delphi: I think you said through troy that between 7 to 36 cynosures are selected pre incarnation. how does that work and is the life set up so the personality is on trajectory to encounter certain symbols at key moments?

also, I'm sorry if today's exploration will be disorganized or not probe this topic well. just doing the best I can (been pretty tired and haven't really had much time to plan. however im noticing with lowered degrees of anger and overload i find more energy available to me)

Michael: There is no need to apologize.

Tyrone: Good morning/afternoon Michael. I have joined the chat late today.

Michael: Yes, as you can imagine, over the course of the arc of infant, baby, young, and early mature soul lifetimes, essence has established a relationship with numerous objects or symbols. As essence begins to plan and setup the lifetime through overleaves, life-task, birth family/imprinting, astrological patterns, etc., those cynosures that are most likely to be encountered during the lifetime, due to essence's focus and attention on them, begin to "stand-out" in the "floppy disk" of the instinctive center that will be "inserted" into the new body and lifetime. This would be similar to how before a test, your studying and going over certain items of the material will then make certain information fresh in your mind and memory so that it will be more easily retrievable when you are taking the test. So, these 7-36 symbols are the most likely to be encountered during the lifetime. Not all will necessarily be encountered, and essence anticipates this. This is why a number of them are "highlighted," so that at least a few will always find their way into the experience of the fragment.

Delphi: ohh wow, interesting. so is the instinctive centre inserted into the new body different in each life time? we know both are likely to be found in genetics.

I think I'd like to ask about the two major causes of collective trauma next - sirius and world war 2. My guess is sirius caused collective abandonment/displacement and world war 2 caused nihilism. You mentioned that ww2 damaged humanity so severely that it will likely not be resolved until far into the causal - which suggests to me there was a kind of 'explosion' or 'implosion' of energy that the integrity of the collective self disintegrated altogether. Can you speak more about heal these two points?

Michael: Yes and no. It is the same instinctive center that moves from lifetime to lifetime, the same "floppy disk," but that same "disk" is different because each lifetime has a different "program," so to speak, that has been activated. You could not live your lifetime if ALL of the material in your instinctive center was equally available. Many of these memories and records are simply irrelevant to your current lifetime. That is not to say that some of these less relevant memories could not be accessed through choice.

Delphi: yes, this is a good point michael - how much is accessible and why - and how much is too much

i have been contemplating this problem recently

a rephrase of my own question on sirius and ww2, and how the process of detection of collective traumas work

"Often, forms of collective experiences of extreme pattern breaking create stamps or holographic imprints of memory that are preserved within the energetic matrix of the instinctive centre. Patterns are explored by those predisposed to accessing the instinctive centre, which as you have pointed out include the autistic and other bodies designed to experience extremes in terms of emotional and physical experiences. Often, these bodies are capable of detecting weaker signals than those rhat are more conventional."

"Once an imprint or snapshot of the event is created, multiple points in time come to be strung together through a process of adduction. The point causes a creasing in the astral plane and creates projections of the main point through a porticuling process. A projection of the original point is frequently experienced as a ghostly movie reel that can be detected using clairvoyance by fragments in that specific point in time. Becoming aware of projections can be frightening and disturbing to fragments that pick up on them but the projections are merely echoes of the original event that transpired. Choosing which frequencies to focus on is a challenge for you, Delphi, as certain parts of the prefrontal cortex which assists in picking frequencies to filter with, is predisposed to disintegration as part of the biological makeup of the physical body. Echoes that other fragments would experience as mere brushes can be felt as shockwaves tearing through the astral body by your personality. This is a gift when practiced and when an energetic envelope is formed around your etheric template to prevent bruising of the astral body when faced with enormous amounts of psychic force."

"We are picking this descriptor for a specific purpose - an emotionally cataclysmic event is equivalent to an explosion of psychic material. A shockwave from the explosion shreds through all the fragments surrounding the incident and propagates through the porticos to bruise the fragments that witness the explosion without proper boundaries erected. The examples that you gave of incidents that were traumatic on a population wide scale produced black holes in the astral body the entire species. The black holes are areas in which the explosions produced broke into the causal plane through disintegrating part of the entire structure of meaning or existence for the entire sentience, which even we on the causal plane are affected by as the rupture was experienced as an ennui by our entity. Although we are incapable of emotional experience, the ennui is experienced as a pattern of broken communication in the causal plane which interferes with other entities and our students, which have to work through the damage sustained to the collective bodies of the species. You are working on bringing closure and collective healing to the species in this and in a following lifetime of yours in which you open emotional bodies of fragments in a procedure close to psychic surgery in which fragments are placed in a pod in which they are put in a state of extended sleep in order to process the emotional injury that took place during the course of incarnation and in the existing experience. "

are there any corrections you would make to this description of the process of collective trauma formation, detection and healing as delivered through me?

Michael: Much of what came through you from us is clear and useful in the sense that it is a working model of how collective trauma and healing works. This model can and will be updated as your consciousness continues to evolve. Much of what came through is how you "see it" and "work with it" on the astral. Remember that the astral plane is quite malleable and reflects what resonates for a fragment. In other words, the astral plane is a more vivid and intense space where you interact with YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. So, one fragment might describe how they see and work with this trauma quite differently, and both alternatives would be valid. The only "correction" we have is that of some exaggeration in terms of the impact of these collective traumas throughout the plane. It is true that all planes are "connected" and therefore, are impacted by events happening in each. However, there is no "real" damage or threat within the tao that has come from these events. We would lessen the "drama" and urgency of how we came through you and say that healing or "collecting and reuniting with fragments of self" and "bringing order to chaos," is a natural and inevitable process. How each fragment serves this process is unique and valid.

Delphi: thanks for the validation. yes, lessening the drama and urgency. I am truly starting to comprehend this as of the last few weeks. each part flows on their own stream back towards the whole

i have more questions about how our universes start to connect with the universes of others, but i will save that for another time.

so a final itch i think i'll try to scratch today

I had a very striking dream about the bombing of dresden where I felt my whole body burning up along with that of many others and saw several generations of women viewing germany from pre war to the cold war era - there was a sense of the whole world being flayed alive and the application of borders being something similar to cling film to protect the open wound. The dream was experienced around mothers day and was not long after I received I would start working with a causal entity on intergenerational trauma and improved family systems. It was the first time I had ever experienced such a vivid dream. can you shed some insight into this dream?


There are multiple layers of interpretation for this dream. One that we think might be useful is that of this dream reflecting your own self healing. You are beginning to "touch" and allow more intimacy with your own "bombs" and "explosions" that were blows to your psyche in previous lives, as well as this lifetime. In this process, you are learning to apply appropriate boundaries within and without when necessary so that "undisturbed" healing can occur. It is not surprising that this dream occurred near Mother's Day, as your mother is the "source" of some of the blows to your psyche that you have experienced in this lifetime. In summary, you are processing your own traumas, even as you aim to help the collective process its trauma.

We must conclude for the today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

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