0526 Musical Overleaf System Needs More Work, Instinctive Centre, Crystal Empire Parallel Branches

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0526 Musical Overleaf System Needs More Work, Instinctive Centre, Crystal Empire Parallel Branches


MAY 26th 2022

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Michael: Hello, everyone. We are here, now and can begin.


Hi Michael

Alrighty, to start off, I want to continue the line of questioning I started back in April on musical preferences and resonance:

So far now, we've gotten material from both Troy and Babylove going into how a person's centering, role and axis influences affect resonance to certain kinds of music, but in a tidbit in a Troy session you mentioned that the timing of life circumstances also influences what kinds of music resonates. I think just about everyone can point to an experience with certain songs resonating at the right moments, so can you help us understand and delineate what kinds of life circumstances contribute to certain musical preferences in a person?

(Ultimately, I'd like to get to using feedback on musical preferences as a diagnostic tool to assess profile information, especially with information that a teacher can use to most efficiently teach a student. Do you think this is this possible?)

Michael: The correlation of music with specific moments in the life cannot be "pinned down" quite so easily or described with a "map". There are simply too many variable for how and why a fragment may resonate with a particular song at a particular moment of time. For example, a fragment may be in deep grief and an upbeat pop song plays on the radio as they are riding in their car. The fragment resonates with it, and it pulls him or her out of the grief for a time and helps to process some of that grief. However, in another moment of grief with the same fragment and with the same "cause" of grief, the fragment might go on a search for music to sooth him or herself and find that rap is what soothes.

Tyrone: Hm. I see. I had a feeling the map would be massive if it was possible at all

Michael: We also think it would be difficult to find a precise way diagnose profile information based on musical preference. Again, there are too many variables for how a child or adult might answer the questions in regards to their musical preference in any given moment. The results would be "all over the place".

Tyrone: Ah, ok.

Good thing I asked here before trying to dive into that, lol

Kurtis: I guess music is just one wacky free for all and we just take on whatever we want

Michael: We do not mean to curtail your enthusiasm or exploration, for you may find valuable lessons in your pursuit of a method that works in this context. We are simply sharing our perspective.

Tyrone: My main passion in this instance is using your system to help teach others.

And I remembered you mentioned assessing the role of a student could go a long way

That and I love music.

But it's not the only thing I love.

Kurtis: I for one, would be interested in your matching each overleaf to music, over time.  

Maybe we already did that in the 2015 parallel, now to think of it

Michael: Kurtis, this is true in large part because music, especially music without lyrics, can be enjoyed purely from the standpoint of vibration and resonance, rather than intellect. Music can "feel good" without any story or interpretation attached to it.

Kurtis: Non linear learning

Delphi: i did some stuff on cynosures that i think can be relevant

in this context

Michael: Yes, Tyrone, validating the role of a child will go a long way to tailoring education to suit the essence.

Delphi: this is a little bit technical, but can you explain how cynosures are stamped onto an essence's instinctive centre?

an excerpt from my piece

"In terms of choosing a symbol which would be drawn from memories within the existing lifetime, moments of extreme emotional intensity would produce a temporal frequency imprint or memory stamp that can produce an encoding of an emotion onto a frequency associated with a specific symbol which transforms the symbol into a portal of emotional convergence or cynosure. Forming cynosures in an impromptu only happens in situations of extreme intensity which cause an activation of a specific part of the hippocampus called the parahippocampus which selectively encodes extreme events for producing procedural memory or whole body activation upon a reencounter of a similar stimuli."

since this is relevant to perhaps themes in the music that resonate with the essence

this is also similar to the concept of time signatures/hubs/stamps which connor, kurtis and I have explored

as for information magnetisation, how i sense it works is that the resonance causes a gravitation and thus a snapping into place - and that a similar mechanism is behind the moment of ensoulment - the moment a body (say a near-sentient cat) makes a first choice to exist or choose as itself, a parallel splits and it draws towards it information of itself - which is the essence

Michael: We are unable to explain this process through our channel other than to say that resonance and intensity play a large part in the creation of the cynosure. If you think of the instinctive center as a complex, holographic storage unit, those memories that stand out could be seen as data that is "brighter" and more vivid in color, for example. In its own way, the cynosure in the instinctive center would already be "highlighting" itself among all the other probable and relevant data for the lifetime, so that when the cynosure is encountered, it easily resonates with the instinctive memory or "code". We are doing our best to shed some light on this process through our channel, and to do that, we have to speak more about how cynosures "objects" resonate with the instinctive memories.

Kurtis: Alrighty, a bit of jumping tracks today: "Hello Michael and Nick. Delphi and I have been exploring the 1521 parallel where Ferdinand Magellan survived and focused Spain on the Spice Isles. Mexico survived and worked with Ming China on piezoelectric crystal technology. We have realized there are likely other branches in history towards that line, and have found some interesting times. We are curious what and when the first branch and the most recent branch towards that world were, to help us in this exploration. "


One moment as we see if we can get something valid through our channel on this matter.

We think the 1st branch that can be traced goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. We are unable to get more through our channel.

Kurtis: How interesting. We'll find it over time.

We have a few we'd like comment on

Stuff we found may be valid

A branch from c. 300 CE, where Diocletian's Tetrarchy system to stabilize rome actually worked. A branch from c. 312 where Constantine lost the Battle of Milvian Bridge so Christianity wasnt so much legalized as integrated into a pantheon of gods. A branch from c. 360s where the Rise of Christianity was repelled after Constantine died, absorbing it back into the pantheon.

Michael: You are asking if any of these events lead to the 1521 parallel?

Kurtis: Correct yes

Theres a few more ill write out.

A branch from c. 530s where it seems Northern Wei, a state in China survived. A branch from c. 610 where Sui Dynasty in China survived and sort of merged cultures with Tibet, while Mohammed didnt follow into Islam and the religion never arose. A branch from c. 720-730 where Muslim Arabs invaded into Europe and integrated with the Christian cultures. And c. 1658 where Dara Shikoh won the Mughal Throne instead of Aurangzeb. This may have pushed India towards an acceptance of mysticism, pluralism, religious tolerance etc (edited)

We are just curious if you can see any of these as valid branches to there (edited)

Michael: We do not see any of these as valid, no.

Kurtis: How interesting thank you

Are any of these valid branches that still exist?


Yes, but this would take more time and care to delineate in a way that is clear and useful for your "project".

We have time for one more brief question.




We got one

Are cynosures and memory seeds as youve described through Troy the same thing?


Yes and no. They can be used interchangeably like how we sometimes use soul and essence or essence and spark interchangeably, but they are technically different.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

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