0504 Clarification of Some Channeling Ethics, My Own Channeling, Ken's Trajectories

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0504 Clarification of Some Channeling Ethics, My Own Channeling, Ken's Trajectories


4TH MAY 2022

Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

Once again some initials redacted for privacy. One of the reasons why I have been interested in channeling so far and so certain about its importance is that it has been vital to changing the way I see and understand people in my life and those I observe and in revealing phenomenal states I would have previously never imagined to be possible. Reading scientific information is all well and good but there seems to be less emphasis on how a state actually is experienced - and how to make sense of this experience. Thus it seems meaningless to diagnose someone with something like 'ADHD' - there may be many causes and similar phenotypes, but what is it actually like to wear a certain set of lenses? What can you see and what can't you see? Admittedly, a detailed understanding of physiology likely only assists someone in transferring certain states to others should it become possible one day.


1. No, I'm not a magnetic artisan - so some of my previous channeling along these lines was INACCURATE (I got something like a kingdom being manifesting the impossible) - although Michael via Babylove says that I am on this trajectory. It is still unclear what it actually means to form a kingdom. We know it depends on experience and choice, and is open to any soul in their course of evolution as long as it is a path of interest. 

2. Some principles of channeling of informational access have been confirmed (from a piece of mine here): 

a) A channel should not control information access. It is not their place to do so. Channels should endeavour to open as much access to information as possible, and make it clear that the validity/clarity/interpretation of what they convey is a step after the actual channeling

b) Multiple channels are needed to establish methods of determining the clarity of channeled information in a way that can make application viable

c) Channeling does put emphasis on the reality of our interactions with other planes - but it is not enough. It needs to be used in conjunction with physical and technological methods of observation and communication. 

3. Some confirmation and clarification of the extent to which psychics can participate in the criminal investigation process (I attempted to ask a little about this below): 

As Michael has said in other places where students have asked about murders, some aspects of the akashic records which are blurred from their view can be substituted by channels - however, psychics will only have limited access to the akashic plane in and of themselves, without the assistance of a mid-causal entity (this needs to be further investigated). It is unclear how much access to the astral and causal we can have ourselves without the assistance of an entity - while incarnated.  

a) A psychic in and of themselves can only generate clues and leads - but cannot by themselves (check this) obtain information on the entire sequence of events 

b) Michael didn't correct my channeling on how eventually once a fragment accepts their death information comes online - so I will assume this is the case for now. So that means there is a time lag between the crime and the time when records of the event can be obtained. Does this matter for how investigation and trials should be carried out? Does this give a potential criminal a window of opportunity to escape?

4. Some observations on the caliber of my channeling for now:

a) Conceptual/philosophical information seems fine. Life trajectories - Ken's potential futures. I'm not just a Michael ventriloquist. 

b) I am often on the right track but details might be blurry - magnetic kingdom thing.

c) My technical chops are not necessary clear enough - standard profiles, details of past lives, names. 

d) Michael specifically mentioned translation and delivery (probably transmission) need work. This means some sentences aren't phrased clearly or perhaps some energy became garbled. 


Michael: Hello, Delphi. We are here, now, and can begin.

Delphi: Since no-one is here right now I think I'd like to ask past lives and some patterns i'm perceiving. Am I delusional, or am I actually a magnetic artisan with a kingdom of manifesting the impossible?

and the fragment mentioned in martha's session?

I feel my energy shifting extremely quickly over the past couple of weeks and a kind of radiation emitting from me which I'm assuming is activity of the etheric template

marthas session, where it was mentioned she was part of a kingdom of three fragments, including an artisan who was working on patronage (through sponsoring those who would transform through new medias)

Michael: No, we do not see that you have agreed to be magnetic. This does not mean that you cannot be "personally" magnetic or that you cannot have a similar impact as a technically magnetic fragment. ALL fragments have this potential once they come to understand the power of their presence and CHOICE. To be technically magnetic simply means that you have specific agreements with a number of fragments related to the theme of the "kingdom". It is yet another "container" for learning. That is all. There is no inherent specialness to being magnetic, and it comes with its on set of challenges as with any other characteristic. And we do not see you as delusional. Exploring possibilities and seeking validation does not make you delusional.

Delphi: I see, so it is more so I am coming to embrace the power of choice and manifesting more of my essence

In a previous session you shared that I was on trajectory to becoming magnetic in two lives, is this still a valid observation?

Michael: Yes, our previous statement is still valid, and you are still on that trajectory. And we would agree that you are learning to embrace more and more your power of choice and increasing the manifestation of essence.

Delphi: Does the kingdom have anything to do with reality creation? Is the artisan XR (i suspect he is a bona fide magnetic artisan) teaching me, another entity mate who has started a youth fund FX how to create these groups - or does our interest in creating networks of support come more from our personal interests

In my conceptualisation, a magnetic fragment is like someone who starts a school - you can take classes if you want but you don't have to enroll in the program

Michael: We are unclear about your question above. Are you asking about two fragments or one?

Delphi: two

Michael: We understand. One moment.

Delphi: XR, and whether I and FX are on this trajectory and XR is acting as our mentor

Michael: Your perception is likely accurate about XR but these records are obscured from us due to the familiar signature of karma shared with this fragment that is likely philanthropic. We do see that there are teaching and mentor agreements, yes.

Delphi: i feel like this is providing a glimpse into how an entity carries out its activities over lifetimes

how interesting

I want to validate some more of the information i've obtained on channeling before moving onto questions of the other members

Michael: Yes, we are ready.

Delphi: i attempted to obtain some information on grey areas such as channeling about crime and secret information

these are two paragraphs I obtained

"Controlling informational access is a misuse of channeling, Delphi. Although the consequences of disclosing sensitive information is politically dangerous, a psychic is currently seen as a unfalsifiable and specious source of information at best and a shameless charlatan at worst or a mentally ill person. Sharing information obtained through channeling as you are practicing it at the moment cannot cause you to be abducted or imprisoned, at least in the countries you primarily inhabit, which allows you to openly disclose information you obtain on multiple people and current events, if the personality so wishes. Offering open access to a clear channel is a form of philanthropic karma through bringing multiple perspectives on psychic phenomena together in single community which will continue to expand as others come across the work that you and other practicing channels will continue to produce.

Opening conversations on the ethics of psychic access and informational control is a component of the global task of ethics and principles which your essence occupies in the entity which you are in. Establishing communication with others similarly interested in experimenting with channeling and producing a method of establishing the clarity of information obtained would open pathways to clear information access to arenas and communities which are struggling with misuses of information and approaching others with access to positions of power and influence which are within the capacity of the personality to establish communication with eventually. Eventual communication of all information openly is a mid-mature goal, correct. However, you and others are establishing the groundwork upon which open communication and imaging of astral phenomena will occur in synchrony with physical communication which allows complete disclosure of each participants actual interpretation, perspective, and aims of interaction."

I can't tell if this is extrapolation

I suspect I have gotten quite good at imitating your tone Michael

Michael: Much of what we read here is "us," and we think you have conveyed our communication quite well. For the beginning channel it is often far more easy to convey general and philosophical information than it is to translate and deliver the more technical aspects of our teaching and the details of past lives. Is there anything specific about the content of your work that causes you to doubt the validity of the information?

Delphi: Is the global job for me indeed principles, and analysis for @Ken ? I know babylove isn't too comfortable with raw numbers, but perhaps a job description would be easier

In a session which was a prelude to this, I asked about the extent to which channeling could be used in criminal investigation

I'd like to discuss this after confirmation of the global job

Michael: We are unable to get much through our channel at this time, as he has very little experience with the current casting model as it relates to the community and global themes. This is one area of our teachings that he has spent very little time studying.

Delphi: no problem

in the session on the use of psychics in crime investigation

i seem to have received the following from you

"A competent channel can access the akashic records as well as any electromagnetic imprints generated through the creation of imbalance. of course, more often than not, other astral activity will interfere with etheric imprints intuited through a channel. Often, an etheric imprint can only offer clues in terms of a candidates appearance and cannot offer evidence of a criminal's certain guilt.

Producing physical evidence of the sort currently admissible in courts including evidence of a weapon, an assessment of genetic material at the crime scene, and other evidence is still of course a necessity in order to produce an accurate assessment of guilt of a suspect. although etheric imprints can offer investigators a form of evidence in terms of offering insight frequently overlooked during an initial assessment, an etheric imprint cannot offer an exact sequence of events as only an akashic record contains this information. As a fragment comes to terms with their death, the akashic record will come online and a channel can then analyze this to provide further information to investigators"

on how channels can fill in the blanks where a causal entity would be unable to reach temporarily


Michael: This content has some lack of clarity in terms of conveying our communication to and through you, as "a channel" has quite limited access to akashic records while incarnated. Though some insight and information can be gleaned via intuitive and psychic means, this is different than having access to the akasha. This is why working with a mid-causal entity is necessary for clear access to the records. We are clarifying the translation and delivery of the communication as given above, but otherwise, our presence and communication is quite clear.

Delphi: I see

let's move onto kens question

Ken: delphi has channeled before the possibility of me going into the sciences, including a future where i went to study physics in california. and in an earlier session, you have mentioned that where i will be in twenty years is much different from where I am right now, for which i am curious what you meant. what are my 2-3 most likely trajectories in the future where i go back to school for scientific, and broadly speaking, where will they end up in the next 20 years?

Michael: Our statement about being where you will be in 20 years being very different from where you are now was not referring to a specific outcome or conclusion. We were referring to the truth of your assimilation of experience, growth, and evolution of consciousness. We were referring to your choices toward the path of expansion of your consciousness which means that you will continue to grow, change, evolve, and include MORE into your identity and life. This means that you will indeed be in a very different place in your consciousness 20 years from now. Where you will be specifically and to what you will be devoting your attention, passion, and energy, we cannot say, as that will be the result of your choices.

Ken: fair enough

can't argue with wanting MORE

Delphi: are there concrete potential trajectories that appear likely?

Michael: Yes, some of your parallels have remained in the sciences and some future parallels have a high probability of returning to the sciences, but this does not tell us what YOU will choose.

Delphi: which sciences and where?

Ken: recently i've communicated with a research contact regarding three possible avenues, one in neuroscience, another in materials science, and another in what i'll call complexity science

could you comment on whether my insights in one field or another are likely to result in a more difficult path


Yes, one moment.

Before we answer with our insight, we will ask you how do you define "difficult"?

Ken: i feel like there are some paths where i have more inertia, because of my background knowledge and network, sometimes both sometimes one or the other

as such it will be a simpler or more straightforward path to go through

for some paths i fear there are misconceptions which would misguide my work

and am looking for ways to strengthen my discernment before commiting

Michael: We ask because each path has inherent challenge and difficulty that "comes with the package," so to speak, but we see that the difficulties and challenges can be dealt with far more "grace" and ease depending on the clarity of your vision and the embrace of your passion.

Ken: i agree on both counts

the materials science one in particular i feel is the odd one out because it feels on one hand very impactful, on the other, it has most expertise at this time out of my wheelhouse, and makes the strongest presumptions 

and would result in doing work which historically i'd have trouble within in the past even if i find it engaging at a philosophical level

are you claiming here that no matter what i choose, it will be technically possible to find clarity and passion in each case?

Delphi: we need to reserve a little time for a kurtis q

Ken: ok, after this i'm done

Michael: Based on what you have shared with us about your definition of difficulty, we would rank the relative ease of each path from "easiest" to most challenging as such: neuroscience, complexity, materials. However, this is a very loose ranking because so much of your experience along each path would have to do with how you are manifesting essence, "listening," and choosing as you go. Difficulty and challenge are a given, but how you will deal with this is the critical factor that would determine your experience. And yes, we think no matter which path you choose, you would be able to stay connected to your vision and passion. We will always encourage you to let your excitement and enthusiasm guide you and your choices. Follow this path, and you will gain more insight and information from which to make new choices.

Ken: thank you


kurtis q

France lost hundred years war there in 1415/1429, which leads England to integrate with France. Later in the 18th Century, France tried to invade England and they may have united. Perhaps branches where Napoleon won might also be involved.

and I suspect christine of pizan/phillip the good was there too

can you tell us about whether this branch exists?

Are there other branch points that have merged into this branch? How have they evolved and what does that branch look like now?

and how is it connected to this branch?

1419, 1793 - Women's Empowerment to Gender Equality

Michael: This question would require more time to answer than the time allotted, and our channel cannot extend the time for today. We must conclude, here, for today. Good day to you both. Goodbye for now.

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