0402 Michael’s Feedback On Channeling Experiment, Biological Basis of Essence Manifestation

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0402 Michael’s Feedback On Channeling Experiment, Biological Basis of Essence Manifestation



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Michael: Hello, Delphi. We can begin with your first question.

Delphi: Hello Michael, could you comment on the recent information I've received on actionable measures for quantifying channeling? I've started to get a lot of information in signal processing terms

Michael: Yes, these lines of inquiry, exploration, and experiment are valid starting points for quantifying the various aspects of channeling. And we agree that comprehension might find the most challenge in quantifying, as it is not only the channel's ability to notice electromagnetic shifts in the brain. Comprehension is also the various stages or steps in the learning process. It is also the channel's understanding of where he/she/they fit into the channeling process in a broad sense. Ethical considerations also fall into this context of comprehension. Comprehension is multi-faceted, and therefore, you may find that you are able to quantify PARTS of what make up the whole of comprehension but not a single variable that represents comprehension in its entirety.

Delphi: what is missing in my actionable steps?

can you explain in detail exactly what is correct and what still needs more refinement for each stage of channeling in terms of producing quantifiables that can provide more legitimacy/attract more people to this activity?

as a way of refining contemporary understandings of human nature, human psychology which are based on outdated and often eurocentric theories in most academic fields

Michael: Delphi, this does not appear to be the format for such a project. This is a vast and in depth exploration into matters for which our channel has a limited capacity. It is not that we cannot provide some answers to your experimental questions, it is just that we would need a different format and way of working together and with this channel. We would recommend private exchanges rather than group exchanges so that we could focus through our channel more "specifically," for lack of a better term in this moment. In a private exchange we would also recommend inputting one question/experiment/actionable step at a time and receiving our answers for that one question before moving on to the next. This would be an ambitious project, but it is one that we can do in a different context, and it might offer some helpful insights for you.

Delphi: that is fair, michael. in that case, could you comment on my degree of accuracy in terms of information I have obtained from you so far, and how various channels develop specialties - do you opt to work with different channels to deliver different aspects of teachings?

in terms of more technical information specifically couched in signal processing terminology


We would also like to say that we will not be able to write or conduct your experiments for you. Some of the answers you seek will only come from beginning your experiments and beginning to collect "data" from these experiments. This would also be data (along with your hypothesis and theory) that you could then give to us (through you or other channels) to then get more information and insight from us. What we are trying to convey here is that there will always be "missing pieces" in this project that we will not be able to provide. In these instances, the "missing pieces" will come from collaboration with other fragments, intuitive "hits," and other avenues of accessing information and knowledge that then feeds into your experiments and verification of your theories.

We will answer your question above, now.

Your accuracy receiving, translating, and delivering our communication to and through you for the contexts given above are quite high at 80%. To be clear, we mean that the insight and information you delivered to yourself is accurate in the sense that they are accurate for your beginning exploration of these matters. They are valid pathways of exploration and experiment. This high degree of accuracy is possible for you in the context because of your specific knowledge base and degree of interest in these matters.

We do not choose different channels for different aspects of our teachings. Rather, we work with any channel who seeks to work with us. Over time we then work out the "best" way to work with a channel. This way is mostly prompted and shaped by our channels.

Delphi: I see

I ask because I'm looking ahead to consider how teams of channels may be developed eventually

Michael: For example, our current channel known as "Babylove" is quite interested in aspects of our teaching and knowledge base that have to do with healing, evolution, and the manifestation of essence. We did not choose to work with him specifically for this reason, but this context is where we are able to come through with a broader array of insights than we can for the contexts given above in this chat.

Delphi: right

I think those are themes our group is interested in as well


We will work with any channel to the degree that we can within any given context.

From there, our work naturally "finds its level".

Delphi: are there topics that as a mid-causal entity you would be weaker on, or refer to other causal entities, infinite souls about?

Michael: No, as we teach "the synthesis" or our perspective on "the one teaching". We readily encourage students to explore other angles and perspectives from other teachers when there is resonance, including other incarnated fragments' teachings and perspectives. This would also include your own. We do not evaluate our perspective in terms of "weak" or "strong". Our perspective is simply our perspective which can be useful to anyone who seeks it.

Delphi: I see


who is my primary teacher, Michael? I've suspected that we are somewhere between a primary and secondary teacher-student agreement


We have a primary agreement with you. This does not mean that you will choose to work with us in that capacity. You may still choose to work with us as a secondary teaching that you use in conjunction with other teachings that integrate better with your chosen paths and preferences.

We will also say that you can have multiple "primary" teachings, as essence knows that you will select the one that works best for you in this lifetime. By the time the old soul cycle is reached, most fragments have multiple teachings that could be considered "primary" and multiple primary teachers. "Primary" teaching refers to a teaching that your soul has come to love and use as a pathway forward through incarnations and beyond.

"Science" is one of your primary teachings, for example.

Delphi: I see

well, I think the remainder of this session I'll try to focus on more healing type questions

what exactly IS essence manifestation, biologically? or in terms of the bodies?


Essence can manifest through True Personality when one is in the positive poles of their overleaves. True Personality manifests when very specific genes are consistently activated.  So, it could be said that essence manifests due to a very specific pattern of the genes being progressively "activated". Epigenetics has some relevance, here, as the overleaves constitute the "environment" that shapes the expression of genes. When in the positive poles of the overleaves, that environment shapes the genes optimally to "house" the essence.

But what essence is in and of itself transcends the body, of course. The best way we can describe this through our channel at the moment is to say that essence, biologically, is "subtle light" or "electricity" that has an oscillation, frequency, and "pulse".

Delphi: Tyrone, do you have anything to add, or would you like to ask your question in entirety?

Michael: Essence manifestation or "subtle light" is not limited to the biological body and aura. It also manifests "beyond" the body. This may be more challenging to understand, but essence, all of your essences, are what create the world around you. So, essence manifestation includes presence in and communication with  the world around you.

Delphi: Well, Michael, is there any way to link this theme of genetics (and which specific ones?) and our discussion on holographic wholeness of the etheric template and metaphysical causes of illness?

(From Tyrone) “As far as metaphysical causes and messages of injuries and illnesses go, what are the patterns consistent with limbs and digit issues?  (e.g. legs, knees, arms, hands, wrists, etc)

Also, I remember in a language-of-the-body session with Troy, it was mentioned that the left versus right side of the body carries specific meanings as well.  However, I feel like I've also heard that for some left-handed people, this correlation is reversed.  If that's a thing, is there a way for someone to figure out if they are reversed in that way?”


It is fair to say that there is also a kind of DNA in all of the reality within which you exist at the moment.

As we are nearing the end of our time we will ask that you select one question for us to focus on. We will include more, if we can.

Delphi: okay

Michael: Yes, we have already given the mind-body, quadrant information through Troy. In the interest of time, we will not cover that, here.

(Here it is: )

Delphi: are you speaking of the patterns consistent of limbs/digit issues?

well, in that case, can we have the patterns consistent with limbs and digit issues, and if we don't have enough time for that, can we have more information on this specific pattern of genes - in the body and in the 'dna' of reality?

okay tyrone tells me he slipped in the limb/digit question, in that case can you elaborate on the gene stuff or whatever else you haven't told any of us yet


All of these are related, of course. The state of the "bodies" each reflect the flow of "light" and the brightness or dimness of this light in the etheric template. They are directly correlated. So, for example, if a person's truth (intellectual body) is that they cannot trust love, this truth might contribute to the intellectual body being in its negative pole. This, in turn, would be reflected in the other bodies being in their negative poles. This negative pole orientation would then be reflected in the etheric template, which would directly correlate to various genes being switched "on" or "off" and expressing in different ways. We chose the "hand-love" example because the hands are related to the giving and receiving of love, how much one "grasps" love, and more specifically, how one is able to allow creativity to flow between the self and the surrounding world as a reflection of love.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.


Cool: 80% + on actionables is a green light to me. If some results can be obtained that would be a big boost to the art of channeling. 

Once overleaves are correlated to genetics and epigenetics, it should be feasible to create some means of helping people figure out their degree of essence manifestation and atune themselves towards more consistent manifestation.

More effective application of primary and secondary teachings seem possible to me - will try to figure out the paths these can take. How to help each person figure out their teachers and their teaching and apply these. 

Not so cool: I/we are still working out how to structure questions best in sessions. Each channel seems to come with their own settings.

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