0225 Demons and MK Ultra, Lemurian DNA

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0225 Demons and MK Ultra, Lemurian DNA



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Trigger warning: non consensual sexual activity

Starlingsfly: I see, thank you. Next, I was wondering why I feel a connection to starseeds and lemuria? Did I originate in sirius and do existing humans contain lemurian dna, perhaps transmitted through maternal mitochondrial dna? If so, how was this included in our genome and how does it manifest?


One moment.

All human sentience can trace their origins back to the Sirius system, even if their first incarnations were on Earth. Your first incarnations, however, do happen to have been in Sirius; approximately 3 lifetimes that we can see.

You had several incarnations of close proximity with the Lemurians, but there is no dna shared with that line. The resonance that you and many experience with this ancient civilization more often has to do with past life interactions and studies with this "species," as well as astral work with these same fragments. Many who are drawn to a simplicity of surrender and balance between the intellect and intuition are drawn to Lemurian teachings.

Starlingsfly: Thank you. I've met a woman a few days ago, S, and I was wondering whether there is truth to what she said re deep state experimentation, use in the military/sexual abuse and torture, and having multiple lower astral entity/demonic attachments

Delphi: these were aspects of her experienced shared with starlingfly and which i tried to tune into. i was surprised by the darkness of what i saw and felt


No, though there is truth in it for her. These are her personal truths, and they have not been validated externally. We would have to know more specifically what was said in order to be more specific in our response, but from what we can see, this fragment is in a dense state of "maya" in regards to these topics. And though we would not use those terms to describe her energy and reality, we do see that she is quite enamored with fragments in on the astral and in the physical who have a darker and gloomier interpretation of "reality".

We have time for another brief question.

Delphi: so, does this deep state mk ultra program exist? essentially, I saw a rape by multiple figures and then her use as a drone in a war controlled by lower astral demonic entities. even if this did not happen, is this something that really exists and affects much of international affairs?

and I saw her containment at a secret base where other human subjects were held

i felt and heard something like a heart fragmentation and screaming as this rape happened

if it was not real, what was i seeing?


Oh, yes, this and just about every other thing that can be imagined exists on the astral. It does not impact to any important degree activity on the physical plane. Many who indulge in these types of fantasies and creations on the astral are clinically schizophrenic on the physical plane.

You were "seeing" these creations on the astral plane.

Delphi: do world leaders actually try to engage in contact with these astral creations in an attempt to gain power?


Most of your world leaders who would even think about "power over" in this way are Baby and Young and/or manifesting Baby and Young. But only the Young tend to be in positions of power that could affect great impact in the ways that you fear. These young fragments rarely believe in reality beyond the physical. And when they do, they tend to be Priests. There are rare cases where influence from these creations and relationships on the astral can "bleed into" and impact physical plane reality, even if this influence is unconscious. It would be fair to say that the Priest fragment known as Hitler is an example of this.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

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