0217 Fish Out of Water (Atlantean, Bronze Age, Present Day Editions)

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0217 Fish Out of Water (Atlantean, Bronze Age, Present Day Editions)


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1. Where the Proto Indo Europeans are ‘really’ from

2. Why they were so obsessed with Gold and what this has got to do with Atlantis

3. What Atlantis and the Great Floods of around 2000bce have to do with today

4. One of the real purposes of megaliths

5. One pathway to greater telepathy (literal)

Cameos: A glimpse into the rise of Atlantis, and how memory fields actually work (my channeling, to be posted on here very shortly)


Michael: Hello, Ken and Delphi. We are here, now, and ready to begin.

Delphi: hey michael, id like to continue where we left off last time with kurtis‘ question

Kurtis wants to ask about the feats of space travel in the alexandrian parallels. How far have they progressed there? Did these merge with the parallels wit no bronze age collapse that are 700 years ahead?

Delphi: Yes, one moment.

Michael: Space travel is a bit more advanced in the Alexandrian parallels, yes, but not by much. Because there is more "balance" in relation to being more connected to the natural world, the desire to be off-world did not grow to be quite as pressing as in your parallel. The moon has been colonized, and there are regular scientific expeditions to Mars, but that is the extent of the space travel. And yes, those parallels have merged.

Delphi: can you comment on why I have been suddenly so interested in atlantis, various flood myths, and uncovering exactly what happened in the bronze age to cause a pattern of violence in central asia (my suspicion) - is this linked to redirecting us towards these parallels?

I woke yesterday with the word deucalion clearly in my mind and hes a survivor from the greek flood myth

Michael: Before we look into this, we will ask what is your "suspicion"

Delphi: can you comment on why I have been suddenly so interested in atlantis, various flood myths, and uncovering exactly what happened in the bronze age to cause a pattern of violence in central asia (my suspicion) - is this linked to redirecting us towards these parallels?

My suspicion is, that there was a climate event which caused nomads to start fighting over water. But, some of the nomads (proto indo europeans) were fleeing from mesopotamia where they were being forced to pay tribute to kings obsessed with gold and working with the annunaki. I think they got the idea that gold could be used to enhance their connection with the gods and acquired knowledge of metal working from otherworldly contact. Then greed set in and they started fighting over metals and power again

And, there is something about this pattern of collapse that resonates with todays world and atlantis

To be specific, I asked my essence or whoever why i had deucalion in my mind and they said it was a warning from my future self about aquifer mismanagement in china


Ok, we understand.

Delphi: We are having some difficulty getting our full communication through our channel, but we will say that yes this is likely to do with these parallels being on a trajectory for merging "soon". You seem to be acting as an integrative "liaison" or anchor of sorts, standing in the middle of the past and the future. This is by choice, of course. We think that several of your personalities from Atlantean times are "working with you" as you "scan" and survey how to bring more "world healing" to your current parallel and how to avoid some of the less ideal probabilities for your world moving forward.

And your suspicion is accurate in that "climate" was a key factor in the disruptions and displacements that occurred around this time in question.

Delphi: What about the cause for protoindoeuropean migration being escape and gold, and the introduction of metalwork being from otherworldly contact and leading to a lot of violence?

How likely are the less ideal probabilities? I feel distinctly that water wars are more possible than people realise. There seems to be a lot of complacency and inefficiency everywhere. People are getting distracted by petty things

Michael: No, we do not see this as being a factor for the migration. Overpopulation would have been the main reason. That and the dwindling water sources. And we do not see direct off-world interaction that influenced metal-working at the time, however, it does appear that many at the time were worshipping a "God" that was a template for an off-planet species. The lore and mythologies of this God did emphasize combat as a virtue. Or rather, defense and protection as a virtue.

Delphi: What about the probabilities?

so, the indoeuropeans were not from the pontic-caspian steppes but from anatolia or mesopotamia?

Michael: Probabilities for these less ideal scenarios are fairly high at around 58%, though we do not see any of these as huge catastrophes but rather as acute patterns of immediate action and reorientation quite similar to what you have experienced in the last two years or so.

Delphi: Wow that is quite high

Michael: Mesopotamia, yes.

Delphi: And, did gold indeed have valid effects for their contact with gods? (And they were merely remembering the annunaki, and not being actively influenced by them) - and this fondness for gold is what caused the practice of wearing torcs, gold plates and the like to spread all over europe with celtic cultures?

Michael: Gold was involved with their worship of the God in that it was thought to aid them in their connection to and "hearing" of the God. Other than that, it was merely decorative and found some practical uses, as it was fairly easy to melt and shape. Yes, the fondness for gold and how it was valued by the people at the time is what caused the use of it to spread "all over Europe" as you described.

Delphi: Ive been receiving huge information downloads recently. In one recent session, I obtained a lot of pretty technical information on how memory fields work, including the akashic records actually being the process of editing the structure of a huge multidimensional crystal we are all part of, and something about holonomic attractors being the process by which astral information condenses into the physical. Then twice I received detailed information on atlantis basically with the same information, a settled society based in mozambique and madagascar perhaps that discovered tourmalines thermoelectric properties and quartz and from there eventually moved onto pendulums and sound tuning up of crystals as a means to generate electricity that led to an obsession with crystal power. Then a couple of days ago i attempted angelic evocation and felt immediate effects. Can you comment on exactly whats going on and why i have been receiving so much more information in a compactified form than i have been ever capable of previously?

to add to this, i also saw a complete glossary of sounds and chakras that seem to map quite well to sanskrit mantras (even though i have no knowledge of them) and could see my chakras activating like a switchboard

i strongly feel that the spoken word, poetry and song has a lot to do with literally inducing resonance that enables telepathic transmission of much greater volunes of information

And that this resonance telepathy was known and understood in atlantis and some of its descendants including possibly megalithic builders (who built essentially ancient telephones)


Yes, one moment while we compile our response. 

You are receiving and translating more because you are intending to, and you are working with us and other entities. You are "opening your channel" more and more, so to speak. This is GOOD WORK. However, and we know you know this, receiving and translating the information does not guarantee the accuracy or practicality of the information. In fact, it can be a distraction from what is accurate and useful practically. We are not saying that it is, but we want to caution you that this realm of exploration can be a distraction for you. You would know that it is if you feel that it is what you turn to in order to escape or deny issues and challenges that are "right in front of you," now, in this time and space.

In regards to your exploration of words, poetry, music, and sound, yes, you are "onto something," here. But we will add that the receipt of the information does have to do with the resonance the receiver has to the information. This is no different than how resonance plays a big part in the effectiveness of a healer working with someone who seeks healing. If a fragment has no interest in specific information and no resonance with it, then it is unlikely that they would receive and translate to near the depth and specificity of what you describe, even with the help of sound, induced resonance, and telepathy.

You are on these wavelengths, so to speak, and interested in these matters. You are in resonance with that which you seek to know about and understand.

Delphi: I see

Okay, tyrones question:

In a session some years ago about the 7 emotions through Troy, I asked whether certain illnesses manifested could be mapped to certain emotions held in the negative pole. You responded that by the time most illnesses have manifested they are a combination of several emotions, and to delineate them you'd want to break illnesses down into 7 first. Can we have illnesses broken down into 7 in order for us to correlate them to emotions in their negative pole?


We will do our best to share some insight on this with the time we have left. One moment.

Server (ordinal inspiration) – EXHAUSTION / Priest - OVER-STIMULATION




Of course we will need to refine this map over time and correct any inaccuracies, but this is the best we could do through our channel at the moment, as this is new material and his first attempt at conveying information such as this and in this format.

We will conclude, here, for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye for now

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