0202 A Glimpse of My Third Grand Cycle: Telepathic Light Elves and Volcanic Blacksmith Moles

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0202 A Glimpse of My Third Grand Cycle: Telepathic Light Elves and Volcanic Blacksmith Moles



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Excerpted from a regular group session. Tyrone and I were in attendance today.

Michael: Hello, Delphi. We are here, now, and can begin.

Delphi: Hello Michael

The first question I would like today concerns the vision of these light elves I tuned into. I essentially received some very specific details about them, including chemical composition (potassium and manganese composition), and connecting them with luminescent iridium phosphate crystals, as well as other details of their biology such as ammonia as a solvent and being calcium carbonate eaters. essentially they seemed like positive versions of atlanteans in a way. can you comment on exactly what i tuned into and why such specific details were received?

basically, these elves, called 'imou' in my mind, had fibre optic cable like bodies and were telepathic because they could couple their fields. reproduction happened in a similar way.they fed off energy given off by the iridium crystals

Michael: You appear to be "tuning in" to your instinctive center memories of a distant past when you were in your 3rd Grand Cycle. You were not this species, but you did interact with this species. Some of what you see and understand is added by your imagination, but much of what you see is valid, and we were able to "locate" this species in the records. This is species is long gone on the physical plane, of course, but continues to exist on the astral plane. Some of your "tuning in" involves accessing them on the astral, or rather, a version of them on the astral. To be clear, a version of them exists on the astral due to fragments remembering them and re-creating them.  The actual fragments and energetic signatures of their personalities were re-integrated with tao long, long, ago. You received this detail because you enjoy receiving such detail. It is one way your imagination works.

Delphi: wow

so was this species really a hyper connected, energy and crystal grid using, emotionally-centred species? was i a scholar volcanic blacksmith mole in this cycle? i've previously attempted a slipshod channeling of my grand cycles. i received that i chose to be a scholar after a tiring cycle as a king.

and, are the scientific details accurate or possible inspiration for our creation of telepathic/connectivity technology?

Michael: Yes, this description of them appears to be valid. But we see you as a KING in this grand cycle and scholar in the one that came before-the 2nd Grand Cycle. It appears you reversed them in your translation and delivery. And yes, your description of your own species would be a good way to describe them. The scientific details may be inspiration. That would be up to you and others. But we do not think the details would be sufficient enough to use as an actual foundation for what you would like to attempt for your species in the current grand cycle.


Basically, I looked like Excadrill (a pokemon)

and met beings that looked like this:

[photo removed due to copyright concerns]

(these are beings from a scifi/fantasy series called the Dark Crystals by the creator of the Muppets)

Yes I have records of their social systems, diet, science etc…watch this space as they say.

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