1216 How Can We Move Past Money as a Measurement of Everything? We Investigate With Michael

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1216 How Can We Move Past Money as a Measurement of Everything? We Investigate With Michael


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Bit of context: The Persian-Alexandrian parallels are a set of parallels where the Library of Alexandria was never burnt. We’ve been investigating this a little as it seems they were able to move away from inequality and dominance-based leadership far more quickly than our own timeline has been able to, being more knowledge focused. By now, they have developed a degree of telepathy based on essence manifestation and nonverbal communication.


MEntity: Hello, everyone. We can begin.

D : Hello Michael

First q today is

I have previously read through some material of yours (perhaps it was Kurtis’ channeling) that live mapping of the collective emotional body in real time will be important in learning about consciousness. I have done channeling on this myself and received information on how this would take place through live biomarker tracking and later collective neural networks which can be used to calculate a projected trajectory of movement. I have often thought creating a clear emotional and mental health metric would be a far better indicator for collective needs than market information or prices. Can you comment on whether my insight that biomarker tracking and collective neural networks can be used to replace current decision making methods which are largely informed by the price system?

MEntity: You are correct that the current economic evaluative system has become antiquated an no longer serves the intended directions of your species. We think your ideas for a better method with biomarker tracking and collective neural networks could pose a viable alternative means of making better decisions on behalf of the collective whole, but we are not sure if the complexity of the ideas will be preferred. There are simpler ways of achieving the same results that are already within your reach. We are referring to the use of your computers and algorithms which can already be used to help make the most beneficial decisions, if only the betterment of people would be the motivation, rather than the betterment of the economy.

D : can you provide more detail on what our computers and algorithms will measure to help make these beneficial decisions?

I do worry that we don’t know how to improve the betterment of the people because we aren’t measuring the right things, and thus default to outdated economic indicators


The king known as Jacques Fresca and his Venus Project have already laid much of the theoretical and philosophical groundwork for the use of computers and technology to be used in this way.

And there are others.

Kurtis: I love and am grateful for Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadow's work.

Tyrone: Venus Florida is actually only a few hours away from where I live.  Would it be beneficial to meet any of the people working on it in person?


We are referring to the allocation and use of resources, as well as the prioritizing of goals for the species. For example, you are already able to measure the trend of increasing temperature on the planet. If there was enough interest and agreement, your technologies could easily be used to devise a very specific plan of action for how to slow or even reverse this trend. The "measurements" are not complicated. You can very easily measure what percentage of people are still without water and electricity. If any abstract measurement would be valuable, it would be the measurement of happiness and fulfillment. This marker is being redefined, of course, as you continue to shift from young values to mature.

Tyrone, that would be left up to you. We cannot say whether or not you would find value, but it is likely.

D : Would tracking neurotransmitters be useful for this measurement of happiness?

Or collective brain waves

Kurtis: Delphi. There is a system used in Bhutan that measures happiness levels and states far easier than that. You may want to look into that.

D : 2. Given that bridges will need to be built between a debt based economy and a credit based economy, where does a social credit system similar to the one being implemented in china fit into this? how can we ensure that adoption of this is voluntary and transparent to shift social credit away from totalitarian mass surveillance?


Delphi, it would be a start. It would only be one factor. Measuring and tracking the neurotransmitters is one side of the coin of indicating happiness, but the other side is the individual's interpretation of those biological "signals," as well as the interpretation of his/her/their reality in general.

China's social credit system would be a subset of the credit system already in place around the world. It is an experiment underneath the communist banner, so to speak. It can only become voluntary and transparent outside of this communist framework. Outside of this framework, in more democratic frameworks, for example, the entire enterprise of a credit based system can only work as it becomes unacceptable that the needs and desires of a few outweigh the needs and desires of the many. This shift is happening.

More mature and old soul leadership will ensure that this shift continues. However, as you can see, it will not be without its strife.

D: 3.can you confirm the persian and alexandrian parallels are the same ones, and that they merged 

Oh sorry

Hang on

Michael through Troy said there are parallels where Persia survived and grew towards greater medical knowledge and progress. Eventually there was a grand pandemic and their advances in healthcare technology were instrumental to our survival. Given that the Alexandrian parallels require a much weaker or no Rome for the libraries to survive, and that Persia was Rome's main rival and would have risen if it collapsed, did the Alexandrian parallels we've explored merge into these Persian parallels described?

Just a one line answer would suffice

MEntity: Yes, most of these parallels have converged.

D : 5.In a twenty year forecast of mine, and subsequent ‘tuning ins’, I received that all of us were able to make enough money to not worry financially for life through cryptocurrency investments, particularly in microassets/fractional property. In some separate channeling I did for Ken, I received that we were also able to make a few million through coloured coins and yield farming/some kind of endeavour to bring brick and mortar companies onto blockchain, especially with respect to farms in british columbia. Can you comment on the likelihood of this and the steps we may take to make this a reality?

In these visions, this money freed the time and mind for us to focus on our academic and spiritual endeavours, which included launching a small scale salon focused on consciousness for others who were discontent with current philosophical and political paradigms, likely on RL’s app.


First, we will remind you that there is no shortcut to evolution, creativity, and process. No matter what we see in probability for your endeavors at the moment, you must still choose, act, and commit to these paths of potential in order to make them your reality. Across all of these parallels of potential and possibility, we see great volatility in the areas you mentioned. There are simply too many factors at play that are continuously shifting. We can suggest holding your vision of what is possible while approaching these endeavors in as pragmatic a fashion as possible. If cryptocurrencies is what interests you and where your passion is, then commit fully to learning all you can about it and applying what you learn. As you gain experience in this direction, you will discover whether or not it is an avenue you wish to continue to invest in to support your larger aims. Like any goal, it will take a portion of your attention, time, and energy to "master," but as it is ok a speculative nature, you must accept the risk involved. There is risk involved in pursuing any goal, so we do not wish to deter you from moving toward your vision. We only wish to emphasize important factors for your consideration so that you can make your choices from here with full awareness and confidence.

We will conclude, here, for today. We wish to encourage you all to embrace the long-term nature of your endeavors and to allow yourselves to relax into it with confidence in the eventual outcomes. What you see in your visions is possible, and you are not working towards these outcomes alone. You have the weight of collective evolution behind you. As we said to our channel a few years ago, "Let your fear inform you, but let your excitement guide you." Whenever you are afraid for the future of your species, use it as information, but let your excitement for what is being birthed guide you into your next steps of focus, commitment, process, creativity, and contribution.

Goodbye for now.

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