1203 The Many Roads to a Resource Based Economy

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1203 The Many Roads to a Resource Based Economy

Entry posted December 3, 2021

CHANNELED BY BABYLOVE @Nick Sweeney (Babylove)

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This is the transcript from a dense 2 hour session. Our questions seem to be converging on a common interest in accelerating the Love Timeline and the various social, technological, and scientific developments needed to achieve this. If any of the content below is of interest, I would absolutely encourage you to join in the discussion or even take on some of these topics and further expand on them in your own sessions, or with us.

Key takeaways:

Managing old soul communities/decentralized communities requires: clarity of intention and goal setting. Not all the members need to be present all the time. However, our individual skills, interests and pursuits will shape the aim and work of the group.

Credit without debt is needed for a resource based economy. Universal basic income with coupons/virtual currency is a way of decoupling physical context and exchange. 

Parapsychology has already been proven but mainstream science has chosen to ignore and dismiss this. However, proving the existence of the nonphysical through physical means (likely, with advanced mathematics) is extremely difficult though not impossible. However, this will not be needed for the creation of a high fidelity, readily accessible channeling machine (Ouija One). 

In parallels where the Library of Alexandria remained intact (knowledge/healthcare was tremendously accelerated), which moved towards decentralized power, telepathy is widespread right now through resonance. Communication is much more accurate and efficient. Telepathy tech will appear in the future.

There is a direct relationship between access to ordinal planes (physical, lower astral) versus cardinal planes (upper astral, causal and beyond) and the lateralization of the brain (left and right hemispheres). Savants have developed compensatory processes in their right brain which can express a far more boundless style of processing. 

Next steps/questions: 

What is to be done about the distribution of physical resources/necessities? Setting up tiers of goods, opening some to exchange and guaranteeing others.

How will debts be phased out? What about people paying mortgages, who are employed, investors who are owed interest? Bank savings? What is the difference between a debt and a long term agreement/contract?

Is the Chinese social credit system a good prototype of this credit-based economy? Or, all the tokens springing up everywhere now?

Deeper familiarity with parapsychology experiments and literature, identifying well constructed candidates and digging deeper.

There is more to learn about the healthcare breakthroughs that took place in Persia in the Alexandrian parallel. How was telepathy developed? What standards do they have to ensure accuracy? How many people can telepathy be shared between, do telepathy spaces or repositories exist?

Much more to ask about brain symmetry and plane access, and the molecular aspects of that. 

Live biomarker tracking/collective neural network and trajectory generation, replacing price systems with a composite based on emotional health/other indices yet to be addressed by Michael (they seemed to have overlooked this question). To follow up on next session. 

Timeline for widespread coliving community creation, housing and debt-based economy reform, legal reform. Steps to take.


Delphi: (for when Michael arrives) 1. What factors would play the largest parts in maintaining functioning configurations larger than 4 such that circuits of mutual benefit are generated, the stability is maintained, and momentum sustained?

MEntity: Hello, everyone. We are here, now, and can begin with your first question.

Tyrone: Hi Michael. The background concern in case you're wondering is that our little group with us here with you now is steadily growing and I suspect it will continue to grow, as well as potentially become an extended set of networks with their own challenges of managing.

Delphi: specifically, with respect to our ouija one/channeling goals

MEntity: Choice, of course, would be the main factor in a configuration coming together and staying together, no matter the size of the configuration. There would also need to be clarity of intention at the individual and group level. This clarity of intention would obviously evolve and refine itself over time and over life-times. With the current global infrastructure in place, the work of configurations is "easier" than ever before. We are referring to "virtual reality" and the fact that configuration members no longer need to be in the same physical space.

Delphi: can you give us more advice on how to manage our efforts perhaps?


First we would need to know what your intentions are? Without knowing what your intentions are and what your current challenges are, we can do little but generalize in our suggestions. With that said, we think it may be helpful to remember that your individual interests and pursuits can and will funnel into the work and aim of the group. It will not always be necessary for the group to be together and have "meetings". Configurations are often like a group with an "office" or headquarters where some and sometimes all of the members meet to check-in, evaluate progress, and discuss how to move forward. In between these meetings at the office, the members are off on their own doing work in the field, so to speak. So, the management of your working group may be less challenging than you are anticipating.

And some of these "meetings" at the headquarters is between lives.

Again, we would ask for more direction in terms of the specifics of your concerns at the moment.


I suppose, our intentions are to quantify consciousness and have mainstream scientific acceptance of the nonphysicality of consciousness (existence of otherworldly realms) within 20 years with subgoals including accelerating coliving communities and the formation of virtual organizations, assisting in reform of laws away from individualistic property based ownership to trust based ownership, intellectual property reform, and various other connected causes such as greater cross-species communication/more peaceful interactions

Our larger intention for some of us might be to see the realization of the blueprints of O1, the peaceful adoption of neural/imagination technologies, and expanded intelligence/transhumanism

MEntity: Yes, we understand, and we see, now, that your main "challenge" is simply that you have only just begun.

Delphi: This perhaps is also related to the question of how effective decentralised organisations (decenttralized autonomous organizations are becoming increasingly popular) can be managed, and how rules/means of exchange can be run - can there be some kind of collective trajectory generation/biomarker based exchange system instead of a price system?

MEntity: Correction: you have only just begun in this lifetime.


I have often thought the financial and monetary system is in dramatic need of reform, and cryptocurrencies are still partly missing the point

even though they are better than the alternative of a centrally manipulated financial system as the blockchain generates the currency at a fixed rate so it is beyond the hands of all those on the blockchain


There are many possibilities for evolution of your species toward a choice-based or resource-based economy, but the most likely "bridge" to get there would be the transformation of credit into an actual currency. You are already very close to this "breakthrough". It will come with the realization that the current system of exchange and value, money, has already lost its anchor to its physical context. It is, now, more marks in a virtual space than it is a physical reality. If that is the case, everyone can simply be given a certain amount of virtual "marks" or currency to go about doing "business as usual." In a sense, this would be like credit without debt. This is the most likely bridge to a resource-based economy that we can see at the moment.

But you must navigate and continue the work of your group within the current collective reality.

Our channel apologizes for how long our last response took to deliver, but there was a loss of internet connection.

We are back

KurtisM: It's okay. We appreciate the feedback and care put into responding!

Delphi : why hasn't the million dollar prize been claimed yet for a breakthrough experiment proving the reality of parapsychology? what are the steps to pulling off a parapsychology experiment that would definitively prove the existence of the otherworldly?


In many ways it has already been proven, but the scientifically minded have not been able to overcome politics and their own bias in order to focus their full attention of solving this riddle. What we mean by "it has already been proven" is that there are many experiences had by many over time that validate the existence of the "otherworldly". There is a great deal of information available, for example, about those who remember specific past lives and specific details abou those past lives that have come to be validated. However, your scientists pass these examples off as coincidence or charlatanism. We will also say that proving scientifically that others realms do indeed exist is very challenging because these other realms do not exist physically. How can you prove the reality of non-physical existence from within physical existence? This is why we have said that some things that we share with you will only ever be fully validated after you die. The scientific proof of non-physical reality is not needed in order to create and utilize Ouija 1, for example, and the creation and use of O1 will not scientifically prove that these other realms exist. Even the breakthrough of being able to quantify consciousness will not scientifically prove the existence of other realms. Your species, as with all sentient species, will come to operate beyond where you are now, first, by accepting all of the observable weight of evidence that there is indeed "more".

Through this channel we cannot give any meaningful delineation of the type of experiment that you request that would make any sense you or the channel.

Correction: to you or the channel.

In summary, the million dollar prize has not been claimed yet because mainstream politics and philosophy do not yet support the full attention of the worlds' scientists in this direction of inquiry and discovery. Equally, even once this evolution has happened, it will still be extremely difficult to prove scientifically. It can be done, but it is often never done because a sentient species realizes it is not necessary.

KurtisM: "In the parallels where the Alexandrian Libraries survived, we have been wondering if Humanity has moved towards widespread telepathy. Michael has previously said there are parallels where technology advanced to enable telepathy as easy as a phone call. In a set of parallels so focused on shared and decentralized power, it makes sense to us this would occur. Can you validate if this is true or not? If it is, how did this reality develop said technology and what is life like, socially there?"


Yes, this would be valid, but the technology part does not come until much later. Currently, this telepathy is used in such a way that simply makes communication more efficient because there is not the need to actually say and deliver every thought verbally. In fact, the dynamic has moved much closer to the way you communicate when not in a body through resonance and telepathy.

Socially, there is far less neurosis around how one is perceived by others. Social anxiety is little to none.


That makes sense

How did it develop towards that? All the working groups just becoming so proficient in collaborating that they started to just "get" when it was their time to "speak/act"?

MEntity: We can take one more question, as our channel is losing focus, and there continue to be connection issues.

KurtisM: Oh, @Delphi want to emphasize the above q or your own?


my own

so earlier, I tried tuning into the minds of savants who could see the number pi up to 20, 000+ digits as a multisensory landscape and another who could calculate crazy exponentials in his mind. In the case of pi, I was able to tune into a very ecstatic, pinkish ever rolling energy that said something along the lines of transfinite numbers don't end because relations never end. I also tuned into phi as a very powerful self amplificatory signal, kind of like a longitudinal wave. can you shed light into what planes/spaces I was tuning into and whether that was a valid glimpse of these savants minds? Why does savantism occur after damage to parts of the brain, particularly the left side/often to the temporal lobe? What are the changes that have taken place on a neuronal/crystal/spin level that has enabled these astounding abilities to suddenly surface?

If this question is clumsily worded, I'd just like validation of my savant channeling and some insight into the causes for their extraordinary powers on a neurobiological/genetic level, and what they're actually tuning into

MEntity: We can say that this would have been a blend of the astral and the causal plane-the higher astral where it begins to overlap with the causal. The left hemisphere of the brain is more of the ordinal side, whereas the right hemisphere is more of the cardinal side. When damage occurs to the left hemisphere, certain "narrow" and focused ways of processing that tend to interfere with the right hemisphere's processing cease, and therefore, the right hemisphere's far more boundless form of processing is freed to compensate for the damage in the opposite hemisphere. That is all we can deliver through our channel at the moment. We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Good bye for now.

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