1116 Finally, an answer from Michael about My Neurodivergence

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1116 Finally, an answer from Michael about My Neurodivergence

CHANNELED BY BABYLOVE, 16th November 2021

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In terms of the neurodivergent aspects of what you have described, we think much can be traced back to your high frequency artisan dynamics and processes. Many who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are artisan essences with higher frequencies. We could say the same for many who are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. We can also say that much of your "rough edges" that you have described are merely symptoms of where you are in your evolution at the moment. Your subpersonalites have yet to be integrated, and it just so happens that a few of your subpersonalities are quite "edgy". Most who have not completed the 4IM are in a similar boat, but there is a variety of ways that one's subpersonalities develop and are expressed. We think what might help to bring your subpersonalities into greater harmony might be in LISTENING. You hear but often do not listen, which means before you have truly received you are off and running with your own answers and on your own tangents. This tendency can be fuel for the defensive mechanisms of a few of these more "territorial" and "predatory" subpersonalities. Truly listening involves forgetting yourself for a time and delaying judgment and conclusion. It is truly a pause from your own internal processes while you receive other stimuli and data.

We know that the patterns that we are describing can be painful to you, and that you are seeking understanding and healing. We want to encourage you to KEEP GOING without the pressure of guilt or shame. Your evolution is unique and beautiful. It just so happens that your society at this time has little understanding of those whose paths are divergent from the mainstream.

Learn what you can from the physical specialists who you have come to learn to trust, and help yourself with their suggestions and prescriptions as necessary. In addition to that, your understanding, patience, and kindness toward yourself and all your parts as you continue to heal, grow, and evolve, can help to smooth out these rough edges as you progress. Listening can help, as well. But there is no substitute for experience and learning, so you must keep going.

With your question about your friends and sharing similar profiles, if you are referring to the overleaves, we can say that many older souls gravitate to a "pocket" of fragments who share similar overleaf dynamics as a means of sanctuary and positive reinforcement-at least older souls in a younger souled world.

As older souls mature and begin to manifest essence and soul age more and more, there is a tendency to expand these pockets into more and more diverse overleaf dynamics for exchanges.

Regarding your weakness and nerve issues in the back and legs, we suggest getting a closer view of the physical and chemical issues through a competent specialist, as we cannot "see" as closely as they can. However, we do think some of the patterns you describe might be alleviated through more conscious movement based practices such as yoga, tai-chi, Feldenkries, Alexander Technique, etc. The use of your moving center seems to swing from extremes of sedation to intense activity. The above mentioned practices might help to bring this use into more of a middle range along the spectrum and help to bring more presence and consciousness in general to your moving center and body.

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