1103 Ken's Agreements, Plane Blending of the Middle Ages, Expanded Intelligence Septet

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1103 Ken's Agreements, Plane Blending of the Middle Ages, Expanded Intelligence Septet


November 3rd 2021

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Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

MEntity: Hello, we are here, now and can begin.

Delphi: let's ask Ken's q first as promised

Ken would like to know about his channeling agreements, whether they are with Michael or any other entities and his channeling strengths/weaknesses


Yes, one moment while we look into this.

Ken's channeling agreement with us is passive and quite open at the moment. It is open as he is still exploring to what degree he would like to make our teaching the center of his studies. Currently, he has activated a secondary agreement with us to act as a channel. This agreement would allow him to have his own teaching or any other teachings and incorporate our teaching as needed. There are currently a few other entities who are also exploring the possibility of working with him. We see his strength in the reception part of the channeling equation with work needed in the other three parts: translation, transmission and comprehension.

Delphi: can you elaborate on the entities please? and perhaps, comment on what exactly he has already channeled regarding enochian invocations/angelic and planetary energies


These would be astral entities that have yet to reach full reunion/integration.

Entity#1: appears to be that or predominantly artisans/kings and are interested in sharing what they have learned about "animal spirits" and hive soul consciousness as it has experienced physicality through the various animal kingdoms, as well as interaction and learning from human sentience.

Entity#2: Sages and Kings who are storytellers of grand and epic mythology and cosmologies. They appear to be the entity that has worked with him to communicate what they know as related to what was referenced above as "enochian invocations/angelic and planetary energies". They are keen on using symbolism, "energy signatures," and archetypes as the heart of their teaching.

Entity#3: This would actually be his own entity, c1e3, and would work with him less as a formal channel and more as full communication as he comes to manifest essence and soul age more and more. The theme of their work together might be "translating higher conceptualizations and comprehension into working models that can bring insight and illumination".

There may be other entities open for exploration, but these are the three we see who are currently a priority.

Delphi: his second question is: why is he a such an effective mirror for the goals of others, but can't articulate his own? is this because of self-deprecation alone, or is the vagueness of the sense of his goals part of his incarnation's lessons on how to choose?

MEntity: Self-deprecation plays a part, yes, but we think the goal for the lifetime may be more relevant in this case. He has a goal of FLOW that often slides to ACCEPTANCE. Having the goal of flow can oftentimes be experienced as having the goal of NO GOAL. It is not always experienced this way but many times it is, especially for the older soul. When he is feeling "stuck," this is an indication that he has moved into the negative pole of INERTIA and is likely spinning his wheels trying to find and force his goals rather than SURRENDING to having no goal or not yet having a goal and allowing the current of his life to carry him to his destination, which is PEACE/FREEDOM or the positive pole of the goal. We do not mean to imply that he will never have goals or cannot have goals in the lifetime, rather we wish to communicate that his goals would likely be fluid and come in time, and/or be goals that arise in the moment and transform as steering as navigation is implemented. This is true for all fragments, of course, no matter the goal, but it is more clearly emphasized for those with the goal of flow. We can suggest that he drop all negative comparisons to others who seem to have more clearly defined goals and encourage him to give himself PERMISSION to have no goal at the moment, if that is his truth. Goals will come and go, but more importantly is the goal to enjoy the life, trust in essence and to not forget to enjoy "stopping and smelling the roses".

Delphi: In an attempt to channel the truth about the historical Merlin and King Arthur, I received the information that the middle ages was a time of high astral activity and imagination, and that there was contact with fairies. This seems to match up with Troy’s previous channeling on the Middle Ages where you conveyed that there was a rare merging of the physical and astral plane, where the physical plane increased in density such that lower astral beings became visible/physical, and that this was a rare occurrence. Can you comment on the mechanics of this?


The mechanics are not much different than what we have described of the fluctuations in frequencies between fragments of largely different frequencies who are attempting to relate to one another. The main difference would be that in these "pockets" of merging and blending between the astral and the physical plane, there is a kind of mutual attraction (for lack of a better word through our channel at the moment...we could also say magnetism) that pulls and stretches from both "sides," from "above" and "below". This attraction works as a medium to assist in raising the frequencies of the physical to higher oscillations than the norm as it "meets" the astral and in lowering the frequencies of the astral to lower oscillations than the norm as it "meets" the physical. As far as those fragments who could "see" the faeries, for example, they most often were seeing with their perception or emotional center, which the brain would then create an image to reflect that perception. For those whose physical brains and senses were actually capable of physically seeing these mythological creatures, they were most often disoriented to the degree that we might call "mad" or insane.

We have time for one more question.

Delphi: okay, I'd like to ask about the EXPANDED INTELLIGENCE septet. You told me RL was the integrator and I was leader, and have said AA  the physicist and Aram the sound designer is also part of it. Is Jascha B also a part?  Who are the other members (can you indicate whether we know them already, their roles/validating factors and positions) - and roughly, when this septet formed and what work we can expect to potentially achieve together in this lifetime?


We do not have time to answer your inquiry to completion, but we can say that yes, Jascha B would play the SUPPORT position in this configuration, while AA would play POWER and Aram, LOVE.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you both, and goodbye for now.

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