1013 Flying Into Horus' Eyeball, Finally Got a Concrete Answer on What Consciousness is Made Of

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1013 Flying Into Horus' Eyeball, Finally Got a Concrete Answer on What Consciousness is Made Of


October 13th 2021

Note from Archivist: The TLE Library is primarily an archive of sessions channeled by Troy Tolley, and all work presented here should be assumed to be channeled by Troy unless a note like this one is included. 

Babylove (aka Nick Sweeney) was mentored by Troy, and participates in the TLE Community as a student. We have elected to post sessions channeled by Nick in this library if shared within TLE because these sessions often continue conversations begun with a session channeled by Troy or vice versa. Other content channeled by Nick may be found by searching for ChannelNS. 

First group session! We pooled questions and asked them collectively. 


Michael told us that new 4 and 5D math would be needed to capture the structure of consciousness in a previous session here: 


Regarding consciousness, new math would be required as consciousness comes to be quantified and represented accurately. This would move into 4th and 5th dimensional equations. Our channel may not have the proper terminology for describing this, but we will attempt to respond: Consciousness is a field, but each point of consciousness could be said to be like a gravitational field  that gathers energy into a sphere that "rolls around" in that field. 

This is why and how consciousness tends to be drawn to others, much like how a bag of marbles may draw together on an outstretched fabric. This is a crude analogy, but one that is meaningful.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now." 


I fed this answer to a theoretical physicist, he responded that the marble analogy is a common one with general relativity and is not new per se. He was uncertain why we'd need a math of quantization (which I'm trying to grasp) - this by the way is behind all field theories. I decided to float his uncertainties to Michael. Tyrone chipped in a few suggestions based on his reflection on what frequency/density commonly brought up in MT actually 'means' in physical terms. 

I wanted to ask a question to validate a visualisation experiment I had been engaging with. I had the idea to project myself into different mythscapes and see what might come up. I went with the Egyptian mythological realm first (haven't read Egyptian myths since around the age of 8, though I was obsessed with them at a young age admittedly) and saw WAY more than I expected. 

My account of the Egyptian meditation:

expanse, saw crocodiles clinging at my feet, behinds of scampering baboons, looking for a doorway to the underworld, an opening. Vultures on the horizon. 

Doorway found, accelerated again. 

A glimpse of feeling suffocated in a narrow pyramid corridor, one hand pressed against the corridor wall

Lips activated. Honey on it. An opening of the mouth ceremony. Shamanic. Lying in a tomb or pyamid chamber. Wall paintings starting to move, disorientation, struggling to stay upright. Ka hurtling out (astral projection) 

I am equipped with spells and amulets to ward off predatory spirits. 

The doorway opens up to an empty expanse. I see a giant falcon headed god. The eye is burning. Flames engulf my body, or am I being swallowed? I can feel myself burning up. Heat creeps across my neck and back, a surge of ecstasy springs from my chest, my legs are now giant talons and powerful wings beat on my back. I leap across the landscape.

There is a sleepy river beneath my feet. Small square mudhouses lining the banks. Spirits adjusting to the afterlife, wheat grows immediately, beer brews itself, so does wine. I take a message from a spirit called the One who Makes Wine - is his name snufu? helping spirits adjust to the afterlife and let go of earthly affairs. Grand constructions taking place, a feeling of activity.

A temple, made of pillars upon pillars. I enter

Cut scene into a golden throne room. Who am I looking for? Who am I? I’m trying to retrieve something. 

The room where all thoughts actions past and present are recorded. The gold is heady. I pledge that my heart is pure.

Osiris speaks to me, but I don’t see a body or a face. He speaks to me as Pico and as The One Who Flies to Heaven. My name begins with an A. My memory of the past is actually located in the future. I’m helping my future self retrieve some knowledge on…immortality?

My Egyptian personality feels his certainty disintegrating. He asks Osiris who he is. “You have many names”. An orb is granted, some kind of restorative cure, a sickness of the soul plagues the realm. But there’s more. 

I feel myself smeared out like a probability distribution across time zones. I am the Egyptian remembering me and I am remembering him, and I am both at once. I hold all four states of mind in my mind.

There’s some kind of organ stealing going on. Something about reanimation. It’s dark. Organs have to be protected, so does knowledge. 

Y is in ancient egypt too teaching me spells from the book of the dead. We’re part of a larger brotherhood. why not retrive the information herself? He’s tired. There is something about travelling between realms, maintaining a direct connection to source, to the records that I take up as my role across lifetimes. Words have power, Y knows this well.  Who is homureb?


Michael: Hello, Delphi, Kenneth, and Tyrone. We can begin.

Delphi: Hi Michael, last time you mentioned 4 and 5d math being necessary for quantifying consciousness

Delphi: What would the additional 4th and 5th dimensions represent "physically"? Is my suspicion correct that they would be additional dimensions of location, like how we currently understand the 3 perpendicular vector dimensions of physical space (i.e. the dimensions you would use to measure length, width, and depth)?

Delphi: And if that's the case, would those locational dimensions be the dimensions of location described by: a) different "frequencies" in your system as in the unique address of a fragment & spark along the spectrum of sentience and consciousness that moves by a few points when fragments attempt to interact with each other, b) different "densities" of matter & energy as they are situated in the different planes and levels such as the physical, astral, causal, etc.

Delphi: RL mentioned that he is unsure why new structures would be necessary given the invention of homotopy theory from the 70s, can you explain more about these new structures Michael?

Michael: One moment while we compile our response.

Delphi: thank you Michael


We are limited in how we can respond through this channel, but we will do our best to convey the "gist" of it.

Yes, you could represent 4d and 5d physically in terms of location as you have described. Location and frequency would be interchangeable in this model. However, to begin, you would not need to represent the variable of density beyond the physical plane. This would come later but would not be required to quantify consciousness, initially. The 5d component would be more akin to a variable that is related to the "observer effect".

Ty: Oh, so something as in like intensity of consciousnesses presence

Ty: Like more of a scalar value, in physics terms?

Delphi: what would be new about these structures that physicists or mathematicians have yet to invent?

Delphi: and what measurable would we be looking at?

Delphi: Michael you previously mentioned that consciousness is a very small but quantifiable quantity, that may be related to mass

Ty: I guess to piggy back off Delphi's question, would it be more like representation of 4/5D numbers and variables?


These new mathematic structures would build upon homotopy theory and advance it.

Yes, consciousness is matter and mass. But consciousness is composed of units of "quantum matter-light" that taken individually would be measured as very "light".

Ty: Would this quantum-matter-light be more of what etheric bodies are made of?

Ty: Like the bodies individuals operate in while doing things like astral projection?

Michael: We are unable to describe the "measure" through this channel at this time. And yes, the presence of consciousness as correlated to scalar value would be a factor in these new models.

Delphi: you mentioned symmetry or rather asymmetry being key to understanding consciousness, humans heads display the golden ratio while animal heads do not, how is this related to consciousness/coherence?

Delphi: and is this also linked to asymmetry in parts of the brain (left and right brain, gender differences?)


Yes, that is one way of looking at it-that the etheric body is "made of" these quantums of consciousness.

The golden ratio comes to be present most often as sentience evolves a physical species. This is why the ratio is not found in animals. It can be found in the group known as cetaceans.

Asymmetry is more a reflection of the "shimmering" state of consciousness and its seeming phasing into and out of existence.

Delphi: *I recently had a vision where I travelled through the Egyptian underworld and entered Osiris' Hall of Truth which was all made of gold. The eeriest thing was that Osiris was capable of speaking to my Egyptian personality and me right now (Delphi) across time frames. My Egyptian male counterpart (The One who Flies Heavenward) was aware of me - he remembered me (he actually is my future) and I remembered him and we both could listen to Osiris who was also Apollo. The strangest thing is that elements of my vision - finding a hidden gate to the underworld, seeing wheat fields that grew themselves, flying into a fiery eye of Horus and transforming into a manheaded falcon all seem to be elements of the Pyramid Texts and the Book of the Dead which I've later valid…

Michael: Gender would only bare a a very loose connection or translation in the sense that "existing" could be seen as masculine and "non-existing" as feminine.

Kenneth: Hi Michael what are my channel agreements

Michael: This vision appears to be a reflection of your "meeting" on the astral with aspects of your Self, as well as with the fragments mentioned. The Egyptian philosophies, mythologies and cosmologies exist on the astral. Many are drawn here in order to comprehend the non-linear aspects beyond time and space, or rather, inter-woven with time and space.

Delphi: was this indeed my future self, are the members that I suggested are in the septet correct, and is the organ syndicate real?

Michael: We believe that AA and Aram are valid members of this septet, but we will have to delineate their positions at another time. The organ syndicate is not real but symbolic. We must conclude here for today. Goodbye for now.

Delphi: thank you Michael!

Kenneth: Thank you michael


Nick Sweeney (Babylove): Hello, all. I apologize for the slow responses, but I don't think Michael has much to work with in terms of my knowledge of these more technical math and physics concepts. Also, as a reminder for the future, remember that I have to read the questions, manage them and "feed" them to Michael. If they are coming fast and before Michael has had a chance to fully respond through me, then it puts a strain on me and can hinder my focus and connection with Michael. It is better if you only post one or 2 questions at a time, and if you are impatient for the answer to another question, interrupt Michael and tell them to leave the current question and move on to the next one.

Nick Sweeney (Babylove): But I hope something in there was insightful, helpful and useful.

Validation and comments:


So now we know entering astral spaces at will is entirely possible, and obtaining information that we can validate through other sources. The next step is doing this with others and seeing if episodes match up. I've tried doing this with a friend who asked me to try viewing a dream he had in medieval Persia. I was able to capture details about his connection with a mercenary guild and the features of a silver gauntlet he stole that matched up with his own dream. There is also an exercise I would like to try, where one person deposits an item in an astral space and another person tries to locate it (without knowing what the object is). 


- The Egyptian word for Heaven is Aaru. The field where wheat grew itself was likely the Field of Paradise - where those who passed Osiris' judgment were thought to enter. 

- Some scarily pertinent excerpts from the Pyramid Texts (which were written on the walls of Pyramids starting from just before the Great Pyramids of Giza, and would match the inscriptions on the walls I saw in my vision)

Utterance 258

308: To say the words:

"Osiris is Unas in a dust storm.

His horror is the earth,

Unas does not enter into Geb that he might be annihilated,

that he might sleep in his house (Hw.t) upon earth,

that his bones might be broken!

His injuries are effaced.

He has purified himself with the Eye of Horus.

His injuries are effaced by the two Female Kites of Osiris.

Unas has freed himself from the discharge (of his wounds) in Kus into earth.

309: His sister, the lady of Pe, is the one who bewailed him.

Unas goes to heaven!

Unas goes to heaven with the wind, with the wind!

He will not be hindered, there is no one who might hinder him.

There will be no session on his behalf in the assembly (DADA.t) of the god.

Unas is on his own, the eldest (smsw) of the gods.

Utterance 313

502: The phallus of Babi is pulled out (lock of door), the doors of the sky are open.

The doors of the sky are locked, (the way leads) over the fire glow,

under that which assembles the gods.

503: What lets every Horus glide through will also let Unas glide through,

over the fire glow, under that which assembles the gods.

They make a way for Unas that Unas may pass along it.

Unas is a Horus.

- In the Book of the Dead there is a spell on how to turn into a golden falcon, divine falcon, and bennu-heron (the flaming bird thing I turned into, precursor of the phoenix) - texts 77, 78 and 83

- Osiris' Hall of Judgment was indeed called the 'Hall of Truth'. Thoth was also there and record everything that ever happened. Could this be the Akashic Records?

- The Egyptians knew about the Golden Ratio - the pyramids are built (kudos to time travelling TLE members and our friends) according to these proportions. I had the insight that this knowledge came from Atlantis which I might validate in an upcoming session.

- Baboons and crocodiles (seen in the vision) were important parts of Egyptian mythology. Baboons were representatives of Thoth. Both Sobek (the crocodile headed god, god of innundation and fertility and later merged with Sun God and infinite soul Ra to become Sobek-Ra) and the king of baboons is mentioned in the pyramid texts

- The Eye of Horus most likely referred to the limbic brain, including the pineal gland. The Eye of Horus also encodes for fractions (which may have some connection to the Golden Ratio again).


Consciousness is quantum matter-light. What does this mean? Well, photon (light)-phonon(mechanical waves, matter) coupling exists, matter was also produced from highly excited photons after two gold atoms were collided together for the first time ever earlier this year. Meanwhile, in our nerves, myelin (the sheath, or insulative coating) has both piezoelectric and mechanical wave carrying properties. 

Consciousness correlating to a scalar-value - no idea what this will look like at the moment

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