0929 Kundalini as the Higher Moving Centre, A Subpersonality, Brains Don’t Feel

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0929 Kundalini as the Higher Moving Centre, A Subpersonality, Brains Don’t Feel


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some hard but necessary truths. Some important clues about the importance of analyzing qualia spaces (subjective experiences, valence, salience)

asymmetry is important (also links to energy ratio)


Delphi: Michael, i’d like to ask about my mentor XX and the kundalini effects she has on me. What is the cause of this and the underlying dynamics we are working through? and why do there seem to be conflicted emotions in our relationship/conflict and frustration as well? I feel like she isnt always fully open with me emotionally or that she judges me and its hurtful

Delphi: i channeled that i was helping her accept her body and homoerotic tendencies, is this true? 


We are unclear whether or not this fragment is rejecting any homoerotic tendencies, but the dynamic between you does appear to be triggering fear and defense in each of you. You are mirroring each other in self-karmic exploration having to do with SELF-DOUBT. Various degrees of judgment will always be a part of the dynamic between personalities because it is a natural function the intellectual center and the brain. What you would want to differentiate would be "negative" judgment that seeks to harm and "positive" judgment that is simply information that you can use as fuel for your own evolution. We would also remind you that if you are being triggered by this fragment, you have the choice to be vulnerable and communicate this to her. She may be unaware of her impact on you. It may also be of benefit to give yourself more permission to be honest. If you have desires and expectations for this fragment, then it is up to you to open up the lines of communication, vulnerability and honesty so that there can be more clarity and awareness. If this does not seem appropriate due to the context of the relationship, then you also have the choice simply address how to resolve any conflicts between you that may be undermining the effectiveness of the relationship.

Does this make sense to you?

Delphi: Yes, it does. I believe she does not fully appreciate where I am coming from with my grasp of intuition? I understand that my desires are inappropriate and I have decided not to do anything about it. Could you help me validate if the erotic charge or kundalini element is a mutual thing, or merely a self karmic thing on my part? She does seem to toe the line at some points as well or have trouble being vulnerable

My next question is about my triggering effect on others. why am i often perceived as arrogant and why do I seem to trigger people's traumas? Why do people seem to project and show me their darkest sides and end up attacking/hurting me, or the relationship takes on darker tones?


The only self-karmic element related to your "kundalini" or higher moving center access is your exploration of comfort with your own energy apart from others or how you attach your own energy to others. In other words, you are being invited to see that this energy is your energy, regardless of who or what prompts you to open to it. We see that this fragment is aware of your energy but simply does not know what to do with it, as she is choosing to relate to you on a different level. It does not appear that the resonance is mutual, but we would always encourage you to communicate with the fragment involved to gain more clarity as to the truth of the dynamics between you.

We will now move on to your other question about your impact on others.

Delphi: I will have to go soon, so in case I am unable to respond, I would like to ask about the viability of this route: Thoughts on elite med school for Delphi, PhD in neuroscience and another in mathematical physics, then moving towards resolving the quantum brain problem and trying to pull in more resources for Ouija one.

and after this question, I will hand over to Ken


When much is hidden by a personality, other fragments can sense this, and this invites more projection. We see that you rely heavily on one of your subpersonalities to interact with others with whom you feel more potential for intimacy. This subpersonality can be perceived as "over-eager," blunt, insensitive, and self-centered. In other words, fragments can easily perceive you as more concerned about your agenda than theirs.

Regarding your potential study and career plans, they are of course viable, as long as they are fueled by your inspiration and passion. They are not "easy" paths, however, and only your commitment to your overall vision would give you the necessary staying power to see these plans through to their completion. There are no short-cuts or guarantees. There is only choice.

Delphi: Thank you Michael. Much to think over. i’ll hand over to Ken now

Michael:  Yes, we are ready. Good day to you, Delphi.

Ken: hello michael

first i want to validate some previous session material You sent first, are you confident in my original role and casting being king cast sage You sent second, is it now known why there were difficulties accessing the records pertaining to my ET


Remember that us being confident in our channel's translation and delivery of our communication to you does not exempt you from doing your own work of validation. Whether our channel is accurate or not, you must still do your own work to validate your overleaves and any other information that is given through any channel. Otherwise, you are abdicating your role as a student and handing over your power to an authority outside of yourself. This is not our intention or why we teach.

That being said, we will stand by our original communication through this channel that you appear to be a King-cast Sage.

Do you have reason to doubt this?

Ken: no, only that the channel voiced doubts about the original integrity of the message

i will look deeper into the material to develop my understanding of this concept further


Yes, do your work to validate. Our channel is keen on being as clear as possible and uses doubt and uncertainty as an honest "checks and balance" system to keep his integrity high while working with us. It does not mean that there will not be inaccuracies and discrepancies, as no channel will ever be 100% accurate all of the time. But it does mean that he will always be honest about the uncertainties built into the nature of this work. We would have it no other way.

We will move on to your next question.

Ken: thank you

Michael: This interference seems to have been more about our channel's losing focus in the moment than about any "metaphysical" conditions surrounding your ET. We do think the Priest role is accurate.

Ken: ok, thank you

i would like to ask about the progress that a particular fragment has made regarding the science of consciousness

AE with the qualia research institute

does his approach to consciousness involving the relationship between symmetry and feeling in the brain, make tangible progress towards the understanding of how to quantify consciousness?

this can be our final question


The brain does not "feel". At least not in the way that most of you understand that concept. What actually "feels" is consciousness itself. The brain merely translates the "feeling" within consciousness. It translates this reality into organic processes having to do with the nerves that allow the rest of the body to experience sensation. We are doing our best to convey this through our channel. And we think that the asymmetry of the brain is closer to getting at some of the revelations that are coming in the near future about the reality of consciousness. In general, we think this fragment is doing GOOD WORK, but it will not be his work, alone, that advances your species toward a deeper knowledge and understanding of the reality of consciousness. 

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you, Ken.

Goodbye for now.

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