0915 Ken and Delphi's Quadrate, No Robo-Michael This Life, Ken's ET, Bringing Buddhism to Japan with D's ET as Rulers

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0915 Ken and Delphi's Quadrate, No Robo-Michael This Life, Ken's ET, Bringing Buddhism to Japan with D's ET as Rulers

Entry posted September 15, 2021


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Note from Archivist: The style of this post is different from other posts by this contributor. It appears that the content between each participant question is from Michael, but it appears to be a summary of what was said rather than full quotes. Perhaps the session was done by voice rather than text and a full transcription was not available.

Ken: What purpose or task does the Quadrate between Ken and Delphi serve, or how would you characterize its theme?

the theme of this quadrate -a network of configurations, a movement in general, an interest to push the envelope to push the envelope on what is known about consciousness and how consciousness can interact with technology - there are many smaller steps that will contribute to the whole of this project - our quadrate is specifically focused on aiming for breakthroughs knowledge, skill technique, sharing what you have learnt - this configuration of course will span multiple lifetimes - 

theme of this  quadrate - your life task Ken- discrimination and delphi’s - beauty - and this lifetime - how does the way we interact embody this - specifically with ken in support and me in power - having an emphasis, a task that is grounded in beauty or recognising patterns, recognising the tapestry of life and in your own life can always be helped by someone who helps you to even see the finest of details in those patterns within that tapestry - remember the task is about recognising beauty, seeing beauty, comprehending beauty, which naturally means that you are not a master on this path - also you will see what you see - there is so much more - ken - the fulfilment of this task - helps delphi to see more - the finer points - the subtle points - the context which might be overlooked - delphi’s task supports you ken because you can easily get lost in the joy of seeing and even using the details and miss the overarching awe and wonder of the larger patterns that surround them - supporting me in my power (delphi) - of course he does - anyone who invites more of your presence now supports your power -

in our teaching, power is another word for presence -as you also support his presence and power - a better term would be empowerment it is in your own presence that your power is experienced and your impact on the world around you is heightened - we often exchange the word power for empowerment because empowerment includes others in this field of power - so that your own power is seen within the context of sharing that power and presence and benefiting from the power and presence of others so you empower each others — otherwise it can easily flip into power over, oppression, special status of power - which of course - would be the emphasis with false personality 

Ken: getting lost with patterns -struggling with focus - relay information or originate information - overconfident in ability to work with technical material or is that self deprecation - served with more education or learning through practical work

perceptions are valid - your awareness is good work - you are a work in progress -you are only at the beginning of this journey - where you will be in 20 years is quite different from where you are now - self deprecation can indeed slow you down - can indeed trap you in patterns of less potential - need more education, need mentoring - no different from someone who strives to accomplish anything worthy or being accomplished - will do both - help to originate or discover new ideas and also relay those as well - act as a go between, psychopomp - in dialogue with the other members as well as those beyond the quadrate - discrimination - creativity that expands and grows - creativity that expands and grows from exchange -education from elaboration and input from others - you would do well to remind yourself that you are not alone in your work and in your striving and in your vision - you are working with and alongside others - it is okay to not know, it is okay to learn - curiosity and confidence in your ability to learn and discover more that there is to discover - a choice what you do where you go and when - a choice how you fulfil the task - configurations of essence are just that - this personality may choose to contribute much or little- other personalities in other lifetimes will pick up the slack so to speak - the clues in this lifetime are your curiosity, your passion, your excitement, your interest, your enthusiasm, your inspiration - the rest is permission and allowing yourself to be a work in progress - to remember that this is the same for everyone 

Ken: essence twin - role and casting, met them, already incarnated 

great deal of interference - connected with the retrieving of this fragments records - need to check with us again for validation - share what we have at this time - this twin appears to be priest in essence and discarnate at this time - therefore acting as a guide - we think - validating factors might be - your sense that when you close your eyes and go within when seeking some type of guidance inner guidance or guidance beyond yourself so to speak - this would be the part of you that deep sense inside - that reminds you to be here now with compassion and looking towards a farther and higher horizon - giving a sort of confidence that you can make your steps in each moment and always with compassion - another way of saying this is that it would be a kind of tuning into an inner inspiration and light - that seems to cast light over your mundane terrain a kind of inspiration to keep going keep taking those steps so that more can be revealed - also a validating factor might be that - people who tend to be zealous and pushy and presuming to know more about you and others and what is good for you and others than you or others do - these type of people and interactions would be deeply triggering for you 

Delphi: will we be able to complete a working prototype of ouija one in this lifetime?

the probability of a complete working outline, prototype is low, ideas even blueprints - complete model and prototype - this probability can change this is what we see - the lifetime might see coming right to the cusp of this model or prototype - future lifetimes actually a part of the testing of the model and prototype and creation of the actual form - leading to eventual completion of the original vision 

what looks to be the limits of our technical breakthroughs? what would it be specifically –

this would be understanding consciousness itself and how it functions - the first hurdle would be in validation of consciousness as an actual measurable quantity - many of the breakthroughs will come after this breakthrough = come after this breakthrough and knowledge - then there is the limitation currently on how to translate consciousness as a human body does into language and speech - you are closer in this regard as you have as a species much experience with the translation of abstract into forms words and speech through much of your current technical, virtual ,contexts in society - this would be a quantum leap altogether in terms of allowing an other source of consciousness to actually concretise thought, idea, inspiration, energy into words through a physical device – 

in terms of validation of consciousness as an actual measurable quantity, does it look like we’ll accomplish this in twenty years – 

some parallels have already accomplished this - we would say 20 years would be the lower end of the probability - the upper end from 50 years to 100

Delphi - Can you help me validate the following past lives: Emperor Yomei an early supporter of buddhism in 6th century Japan, whose second son (and probably his favourite) was saint prince Prince Shotoku who established a buddhist constitution of japan, Al-Juwayni, prolific islamic jurist (golden age Persia), Shantideva,   poet monk philosopher in 7th century CE India?

we have confidence in our accuracy in validating the first personality and incarnation 6th century - emperor yomei - the final two the last two we are not sure - although it does seem highly likely you were near these fragments if not the actual personalities themselves which is why there may be a strong resonance to these personalities and time periods - (perception that essence twin was prince shotoku is correct) - this would be valid  - can’t validate these incarnations but it appears that you were in their inner circles and naturally you would have resonated with their philosophies and beliefs and on some level there is indication you may have even contributed to some of these philosophies and perspectives 



I'm a bit saddened to hear that the probability of completing a working model of Ouija One in this lifetime is low. It does however relieve some of the pressure I feel about this lifetime, I can afford to take more time to flesh out the foundations. It seems that Michael is encouraging Ken and I to be more ambitious with seriously committing to pursuing the many changes and breakthroughs that will need to take place along the way. It was nice to receive validation that we may be able to potentially validate the existence of consciousness in 20 years as a lower bound, perhaps our hard work along with many others will accelerate this timeline. Our quadrate is connected to a network of many other configurations. Last time our theme was given as 

"The theme appears to be around breakthrough from status quo in terms of, thinking/idea/perspective - we are struggling to get through our channel the right words, but breakthrough would be key. Pushing boundaries. Thinking outside the box, this is the best we can do for our channel at this time.

As well as saying, this configuration appears to be working through social circles/political circles/educational circles and humanitarian circles, in terms of this breakthrough."

So it's interesting to see this alternative framing this time:

"the theme of this quadrate -a network of configurations, a movement in general, an interest to push the envelope to push the envelope on what is known about consciousness and how consciousness can interact with technology - there are many smaller steps that will contribute to the whole of this project - our quadrate is specifically focused on aiming for breakthroughs knowledge, skill technique, sharing what you have learnt"

The themes are similar - breakthrough and seeding these ideas in larger networks, but this time consciousness and consciousness and technology was given as a more specific focus.

It was nice to have my hunch validated regarding Emperor Yomei and Prince Shotoku. In one of my first-ever attempts to visualise past lives around half a year ago, I asked my essence to show me lives where I displayed leadership. I saw myself as a feudal lord/clan leader in Japan, and heard the message that I was beloved because I brought prosperity to my people. At that point, rice fields flashed before my eyes. I then heard that I was instrumental in introducing Buddhism to Japan despite push-back from rivals that preferred Shintoism. I felt deeply that I knew the faith would bring greater compassion and peace to my land. I then saw myself sending my favourite son (who I knew was my second son), in whom I recognized a great stillness and wisdom beyond his years, to receive education as a boy from a great monastery. I saw his piety and saw him by my side, protecting me, as I was ill. 

Following this vision, I did some research on the introduction of Buddhism to Japan. It appears that there were two main waves, one in the 6th century with the Soga Clan and another in the Kamakura period with Zen. I felt a strong resonance to Prince Shotoku especially, whose energy reminded me of my ETs, and so I searched around for his relatives and especially his father. Yomei's biography appeared to fit what I saw - he only reigned for two years, but was a supporter of Buddhism along with his clan (who I believe genuinely saw value in the faith) - and declared he wanted to become a Buddhist on his deathbed. There is a story of Prince Shotoku praying to Buddha for his father's recovery when he was very sick, which matches what I saw as well, and indeed Prince Shotoku was his second son.

Prince Shotoku is incredibly impressive. I believe the Soga Clan's advocacy and his reign especially was pivotal in anchoring Buddhism in Japan, so that it became far more influential than it was in China. 

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