0818 Shared Session with Ken, a Newcomer to MT on August 18th 2021

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0818 Shared Session with Ken, a Newcomer to MT on August 18th 2021



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Transcript recorded by Ken

My friend Ken and I shared a session with Babylove yesterday. Ken’s a relatively new friend who I quickly discovered I had many common interests with. He’s looked at esoteric teachings, the occult, and the science of the occult for a few years, so I thought he would like Michael. In this session he asked for his role and casting, life task, some obstacles in life before handing the session to me. I received my first confirmation of two configurations (a working quadrate on social innovation with Ken and a SEPTET - I think there was a delivery error - with another new friend on expanded intelligence) and some new information on my relationship dynamics with Ken and RL.

I was happy that Ken seems to have really enjoyed his experience and that he’s quickly diving into the complexity of MT! His profile from Troy should be arriving in a few days. He validated his role and casting, as well as his life task, seems to fit. Our link was validated by chakra sensations by him.


What is my role and cast?

MEntity: King cast sage

What is my life task?


It appears that your task has very much to do with, discrimination, precision, and detail, in a sense that, your essence's interests in this lifetime lie with, always finding a means to/method to bring broad concepts, perspectives and ideals, down into more, detailed/precise/day-to-day form and expression.

As an example, if the task is pursued, in conversation with someone, someone might be struggling their life, the broad strokes of how and where they are struggling. If you pursue the task, you would help them narrow their focus, to be more precise, to get to the heart of the matter.


- To get to the heart of the matter

- To compassionately sort through the mess of life to find the gold

There are many ways the task could be the described, but we are trying to communicate through the channel at this time the essence of your task.

If the task is rejected, which most often means the rejection of essence, you might find yourself getting progressively unmoored to your life, as you drift in broad large patterns and ideals, but feel no concrete anchoring in your lifetime in terms of specific paths and where to place your feet on the ground next. In other words, the lifetime would have little focus.

Would you say that I have rejected my task? Or that I have been rejecting my task? As I was about to ask, what is the source of my self-doubt, or why have I been feeling bogged down in my life?


We do not see that you have rejected the task, *yet*, as you are still on a learning and growing curve to align more and more with your essence. In fact, the task is always fulfilled to some degree. What we mean by rejection is a lack of conscious awareness of the task, and conscious trust *in* the task. But the lifetime is designed to fulfill the task, even if not consciously. It is always a part of you. It is woven into your life and personality.

However with the manifestation of essence, comes greater degrees of awareness, consciousness, and sense of meaning and fulfillment along the lines of the task.

In terms of the self-doubt and insecurity, we are looking into this.

We would not say the doubt and insecurity are in the cause of one thing. There are several factors to be considered. But we think the most prominent one, would be a chief feature of self-deprecation.

This is, your primary chief feature. That influences you most in general, and in terms of, your movement through the world, and moving in the world in general. Relating to your goals in life, and your pursuit of them.

Self-deprecation is *the habitual use of defense* to counter the fear of being invisible, or being inadequate, or not being enough. Self-deprecation would be activated to defend against this fear, which can show up in numerous ways.

Oftentimes the simplest way to understand the way it shows up, is through apologizing for the self. This can be overt or covert, implicit or explicit. But the sense of apologizing for one's being, and for one's being inadequate.

The way to begin transcending this chief feature is to first acknowledge that being inadequate and not being enough sometimes, and people not seeing you clearly, or not seeing you at all, is a natural part of life. No one escapes from this experience, with or without the chief feature of self-deprecation.

You will always experience being inadequate from time to time. And others will not see you clearly or at all. This is nothing to defend against.

We often encourage our students to photograph the moments they are caught up in the chief feature to see it clearly operating as a defense from a natural part of life. For it is in photographing the chief feature in this awareness that allows a new choice to be made. The choice to evaluate if there is actually a threat. And then to set the chief feature aside, to allow your vulnerability, and to get on with your tasks at hand, so to speak.

To allow people to see you as they see you, and to do the work of updating them on how you see yourself, *to allow yourself to have experiences* and to learn through those experiences, so that you can become more skilled and competent in those areas that you desire.

The chief feature of self-deprecation will oftentimes divert you from your most desired paths, as it attempts to protect you from feeling inadequate. Setting this chief feature aside, first being aware of it operating, then setting it aside, will allow you more freedom of choice, to be where you are, and to learn how to choose and choose how to learn, as you are.

- Switch over to Delphi -

Agreements and links with KB who is sharing a call with me and RL new physicist and creator friend who is starting an art platform, seems to be momentum gathering can you comment


Most of your agreements with Delphi have to do with mutual support, or compassion. This is more specific than it may at first seem. The kind of support to which we are referring is all about, having enough compassion, to see each other clearly, and to support each other in moving beyond fear. That would be the main agreement, to never let the other descend into and remain in fear.

So, this can oftentimes be a touchy relationship, because oftentimes we don't want to hear the truth about when we are operating from fear and false personality. Those that offer this kind of support and compassion, can oftentimes be, resented.

But to know the true nature of the agreements between you can help defuse any defense and reaction that may arise from the fulfillment of this agreement.

We so completed links, but we do see you are working on a sacral link. The sacral link has an emphasis, once completed, has an emphasis on creativity, pleasure, laughter, sensuality, and intimacy.

The agreements with RL are varied, touching upon discipline, beauty, humour, and knowledge. Your awareness of momentum gathering is valid, for there seems to be a vector that has been activated, that could potentially see you through to a sequence towards manifestation. The theme of this vector/sequence/manifestation, has to do with cooperation, and choosing media; media as a stepping stone, as a path towards greater fulfillment of shared ideals.

Another way of saying this is, you both know you can help each other get to where you want to go, but you don't yet necessarily know the means to get there. These agreements are for choosing these means/pathways/methods.

And we don't see any chakra links with the fragment known as RL.

(Delphi would like to follow up on your comments on the relationship between KB and Delphi. Why her link with me feels like a crown link or heart link, and does it stem from our compatible interests in psi?)


Great affection for another, and unobstructed flow of love to that other can feel like a heart link, when it is not. The heart link is a specific bond/resonance/math, but it does not exclude other forms of heart connection between fragments, or rather - the heart link is not the only way to experience great affection and love flowing between fragments. We can say the same about the crown link.

You two share an acknowledgement/validation for your being more than who you appear to be at present. This is the crown.. in action.

But it does not mean that you have a crown link, which is a more specific bond and experience/resonance/math.

The sacral link appears to be important to your essences, because it is the context that is the most intriguing (frightening we could say), and interesting, based on your past live experiences with each other.

Remember these links are of essence, and that sometimes the logic of essence can be quite different than the logic of personality.

You appear to be in a quad together. We are still looking for information [unintelligible].

We do see that Ken, you would play the support position in this quad, and Delphi, the power position.

The theme appears to be around breakthrough from status quo in terms of, thinking/idea/perspective - we are struggling to get through our channel the right words, but breakthrough would be key. Pushing boundaries. Thinking outside the box, this is the best we can do for our channel at this time.

As well as saying, this configuration appears to be working through social circles/political circles/educational circles and humanitarian circles, in terms of this breakthrough.

In terms of support circle positions, you would not be surprised to know that you share compassion support circle positions. This is the foundation of the agreements we spoke of before.

It also appears that, Ken you are in Delphi's discipline position. Correction, child position, with Delphi within your discipline position.

(Delphi would like to know RL's configurations and shared task, with respect to herself.)


Delphi appears to be in a sextet configuration with a fragment known as RL, with RL being the integrator, and Delphi being the leader. The theme of this configuration has to do with laying foundations for what we might call "expanded intelligence". This includes what we are already aware of in previous conversations with Delphi, having to do with Ouija One for example.

Yes, we think this is fair, although we might describe this in different times for different people. But this is fair with what we can say in this channel at the moment.

We must conclude here for today as we are losing focus through our channel. We can of course continue with this last question for another time. Goodbye for now.

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