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Stoic Attitude

List created on December 1, 2023

Sources: TLE, old TLE, East Coast Gathering rosters

First / Profile NameCadre / EntitySoul Age & LevelRoleCasting
AnnaC5E7Old 2ArtisanWarrior
FionaC1E2Old 4ScholarUnknown
JanetC2E6Old 2ArtisanArtisan
KiwikissC5E1Old 3ScholarKing
KyleC6E1Mature 3ArtisanWarrior
LoriC1E2Old 4SageUnknown
MerlynC1E2Old 4ScholarWarrior
MveeC2E5Old 2ScholarScholar
Yung YungC2E2Mature 6Scholar 


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