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Skeptic Attitude

List created on December 1, 2023

Sources: TLE, old TLE, East Coast Gathering rosters

First / Profile NameCadre / EntitySoul Age & LevelRoleCasting
AaronspacekraftC7E4Mature 6ScholarWarrior
AminaC1E2Old 2ArtisanScholar
bkraftC2E6Old 3PriestServer
BrendenC1E6Old 4SageScholar
CarlaC2E3Old 3KingUnknown
ChristianC2E1Mature 6WarriorScholar
ChristianC10E7Mature 3WarriorKing
DanielC3E5Mature 4ScholarSage
FjamesC2E3Old 2ScholarKing
Jean-Fran├žoisC1E3Old 3ArtisanScholar
JudieC1E3Old 4ScholarSage
KasiaC1E2Old 4SageScholar
LiisaC1E6Old 2ServerArtisan
LindaC2E4Old 3ScholarWarrior
MartyC2E2Old 1ServerSage
MatthewC3E5Mature 4ServerPriest
PeterC1E6Old 3ArtisanSage
SmritiC2E1Old 2WarriorScholar
SophieUnknownOld 4KingUnknown
TimothyC1E4Old 4ScholarPriest
TomC2E6Old 4ScholarServer
TyroneC2E6Old 3ScholarPriest


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