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Realist Attitude

List created on December 1, 2023

Sources: TLE, old TLE, East Coast Gathering rosters

First / Profile NameCadre / EntitySoul Age & LevelRoleCasting
AlanakC3E6Mature 7WarriorServer
Ann C1E5Old 4SageScholar
ArdisC1E2Old 7WarriorPriest
BarbaraC1E1Old 2WarriorServer
Birdy BearC2E5Old 5PriestArtisan
CaryC2E1Old 5WarriorPriest
DebC1E3Old 3PriestWarrior
DominiaUnknownMature 6ScholarPriest
Ed C1E3Old 3ScholarWarrior
ErkkiC1E2Old 2KingPriest
estoyC1E3Old 3ArtisanScholar
FrancoisC3E7Old 2WarriorPriest
GailUnknownYoung 5ServerWarrior
JeanC2E5Old 3ScholarSage
KaroliinaC1E2Old 4ScholarSage
KateC6E5Old 2ScholarPriest
KerrinC1E5Old 4KingWarrior
LK13C6E6Old 4KingScholar
MaiaUnknownOld 3ScholarArtisan
MaureenC1E5Old 7PriestWarrior
MichaelC3E5Old 3PriestScholar
MJC5E1Old 3ScholarKing
OscarC1E3Old 4ScholarSage
PattyC2E2Old 4ScholarWarrior
SarahC2E6Old 2WarriorServer
SonnyC2E4Old 4ScholarUnknown
Tuija C2E2Old 6ScholarArtisan
UrsulaC2E5Old 4SageKing


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