Cadre 1 Theme, Specialty and Name

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Excerpt from Themes for Cadre 1 and Cadre 3



Overall Cadre Theme could be described as IMMERSION. Cadre One members tend to get dirty, run into the mix of events, run toward experiences rather than away from them, and dive deep into experiences in ways that keep them connected to events well beyond themselves, regardless of how much distance they put between themselves and the world. Cadre One members are profoundly immersed in an intellectual analysis of nearly everything, constantly assessing and processing events and experiences. They also tend to be quite visceral in terms of experiences beyond themselves. This is not to say that there are no lifetimes of solitude and peace, or that there are no Personalities who are disconnected and uninterested, but for Cadre One members, it usually takes great conscious effort to override the patterns and themes of Immersion that keep them caught up in the movements of life.

This is due, in part, to the Love Position of the Cadre and the inescapable reality that Love must include everything. This means they are always in a dynamic of inclusion vs exclusion and this may show up for individuals as a "love/hate" relationship with life, people, or themselves.

They are always trying to Love, even when they do not realize it.

They are always asking to be Loved, even when they do not realize it.

Cadre One Entities tend to specialize in COMMUNICATION/EXPRESSION. No matter what the Role or Entity, members of Cadre One will often find themselves in extremes of experiences where communication and expression are amplified or they are subdued into near silence.

Lifetimes tend to excel in communication and expression or it is one of their greatest challenges. ...

We will add that Cadre One members have specialized in Communication/Expression because they are almost always being watched, exposed, examined, etc. and this puts them in positions where communication and refined expression become quite important. This is also why students may find more "famous" people from Cadre One than would seem to be reasonable. ...

All Cadres have various "names," but we have seen EMLEN quite consistently.




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