1110 More On Plane Blending & Alexandrian Library Burning, Kurtis's Channeling Percentages

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1110 More On Plane Blending & Alexandrian Library Burning, Kurtis's Channeling Percentages

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November 10th 2021

Michael: Hello, Kurtis and Delphi. We are, now, and can begin.

Delphi: Hi Michael, our first question today is:

Does the blurring of astral plane and physical plane frequencies refer to the same frequencies as that of individuals, and if so how would one quantify that?

In this quantification, can you use timescale units of frequency, or at least an order of magnitude for them? (For example: multiples of kHz, hundreds of mega-Hertz, tens of giga-Hertz, cycles per hour, etc.)

This would include hopefully bodily gestalt frequencies of essence characteristics & frequencies of personality overleaves that you had mentioned before.


No, each plane would have its own frequency scale that would be relevant within its own context. However, you could use the same spectrum of numbers, as long as you remember that they are different contexts. For example, you could say that the physical plane spectrum of frequencies is 1-100, 1 being the densest frequency within the physical plane and 100 being the "lightest" which would be in overlap with the astral. But this would not be the same context as that which we give for the human sentience frequencies on a scale of 1-100.

Yes, a timescale unit of frequency could be used to map these variations, at least initially. We think a new unit of measure will become more relevant as more refined measurement devices are innovated.

Delphi: Q.2:

You have previously said that our species has been playing out repetitive cycles of disruption and destruction, ever since the burning of the Alexandrian Libraries, where a lot of collective knowledge was lost. Are there parallels where this did not happen? If so, what year(s) did they branch and what do those look like now?

Michael: Yes, of course there are. Our channel is not quite confident in delivering historical dates, but we can say that these alternative branches would have come around the same time as the Alexandrian Library event. Or more precisely, the parallels where the library was not burned continued on their trajectories, even as the "burned library" parallels began to branch off. As far as what they look like now, most of those parallels experience a much narrower gap between the haves and the have-nots. They are much closer to the ideal of "equality" than your parallel is. In these parallels, in terms of progress, there has been far less of the pattern "1 step forward, 2 steps back." This can be seen in the Western world, as well as the global community in general. This was possible because the power dynamics between leaders and communities evolved quite differently than what you have come to know. In short, leadership in these parallels is not focused in only the power of a few but is more decentralized and shared. There are other themes and patterns that could be explored, but we think these are fairly obvious ones that we can see.

Kurtis: Cool, thank you 

Delphi: A follow up q I want to ask: in our timeline, was there a connection between the burning of the Taoist books under Qin Shihuangdi and the burning of the Library of Alexandria? Why did two such devastating losses of knowledge take place in our timeline? And, was the burning of the Library of Alexandria deliberate?

Michael: Yes, the burning of the Alexandrian Library was deliberate. It was carried out by those who sought religious and political power. And this would be the connection between the two events: those seeking religious and political power. It has always been true in your species' evolution that the destruction of means to access knowledge has always benefited a specific group who sought advantage and power-over in some way. We refer to pre-meditated and conscious destruction of knowledge. There have been loses of knowledge that have come from accident, of course, but never on such a scale as the purposeful obliteration of knowledge that are represented by the two events we are discussing here.

Kurtis: The intentional destruction makes me sad, but I guess it's a form of growing pains.


The knowledge is stored in the species' instinctive center but is then at the mercy of specific individual's manifestation of essence and soul age for the re-propagation of that knowledge.

So, the evolution is slowed.

And yes, that does add to a particular theme of "growing pains" that could have otherwise been avoided.

Kurtis: And were avoided, in other parallels. But such is the nature of parallels.

Delphi: Since we have a bit of time, I’d like to ask for a comment on Kurtis’ essence chats/channeling, percentages for the different channeling factors, and also our attempts to cross validate each others channeling with the mentor timeline, where we converged upon similar events such as the industrial revolution in china in 300ce

And if there is time after that, can you broadly comment on how to prevent these destructions from happening again?


Kurtis, your work with us is fairly solid, though still in the "clearing phase" of your channeling progression. You are still working on anticipation and over-eagerness patterns that can interfere with the reception and translation of our communications to and through you. That being said, we see your overall accuracy being at around 50%, at times fluctuating between 40 and 60%. On average your reception is at 50% with dips into the 35% range and spikes into the 70% range; translation at around 45%; delivery 50%; comprehension 60%.

We would say that your 300ce marker for the mentor timeline is approximately correct.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to you all. Goodbye for now.

Kurtis: Sounds accurate, and thank you Nick and Michael 

Delphi: thank you so much for a great session Michael and babylove !!!