0828 Nexus and Vortex

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Nexus and Vortex

Entry posted by Hani · May 30, 2016

Originally Published Aug 28th 2013

During the last week, I was exhausted all the time. I am generally a pretty energetic and active person, I wake up at 6 and go to sleep around 11:30 or 12 and go to the gym almost everyday.

Last week, I was practically dragging myself around

So I decided to ask Michael if there was a Nexus going on

[Hani] I think I am going through a Nexus, I am physically drained, have no energy for anything and all I want to do, is sleeping, I have strange dreams, I am in all of them but they make no sense, sometimes they are so real as if they really happened, but of course they didn’t…. so from all these symptoms I have a feeling that my essence is working on a Nexus but I have also stopped taking the medication I was taking for my MS and I am not sure if all these could be a symptom of coming off those meds, or maybe I litrally burnt myself out and my body needs time to recover (I doubt this one, but it could be a possibility) could you please clarify this for me.


Fragments who are sensitive to collective shifts in energy that account for Nexus, or for "vortexes" (non-nexus shifts), may have sensed the non-nexus shift over the 16th through the 19th. That theme/vortex was specifically themed in rest, recovery, downtime.

The windows we describe for any nexus or vortex are general, and for some the effects begin before and last after.

In addition to that vortex, a more "spontaneous" nexus has begun today and would appear to last through Saturday.

[Hani] is this an individual nexus?

[MEntity] All experiences of a nexus, regardless of how many are involved, are personal, but this is not an individual nexus, no.

[Hani] thank you