05-9 Platform for 2015: Focus

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This was originally posted on May 9, 2015

YOUR PLATFORM for 2015 - 2016:  FOCUS

DESCRIPTION: This Platform appears to be about refining the emphasis of the life down to two or three patterns with a pay off or reward expected as a result. This is a fairly straight-forward Platform with little need for elaboration.

INSIGHT: This Platform appears to have been chosen as a reflection of the Personality’s interest in nurturing and sustaining a long-term pattern that is intended to lead to an ideal benefit to the life.

PATTERN: As this Platform cycle unfolds, we would expect that it becomes fairly clear which two or three ideals are the focus. These will not trump all other experiences and aims in the life, of course, but will likely have a great deal of energy, activity, thought, feeling, etc. directed toward the ideal conclusion that the focus would bring.



How appropriate is this? I am hoping to retire in June 2016 and between now and then I have to figure out what comes next. 



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