0913 Babylove's Ongoing Conversation with Michael about Being Their Channel

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20220913 Babylove's Ongoing Conversation with Michael about Being Their Channel

Channeled by Troy Tolley on 9/13/22

Hello, everyone. I thought this exchange with Michael might be valuable to everyone learning to channel Michael. I think they give some subtle insights into the evolution as a channel that can help with moving beyond distraction and into greater trust and confidence. Also, there is a bit about the private and public facets of the overleaves that gives insight into the nature of the fluid versus more concrete roles and how they tend to "wear" their facets. Enjoy!


MEntity: Hello to you, Babylove. We are here, now. We can begin.

Hi, Michael! Please give me the soul age/level, casting, role, cadre/entity, ET role/status, and primary/secondary chief features for my friend, XXX.

MEntity: If we have the correct fragment: ARTHUR DAVIS = 5th Level Old Sage-Cast Artisan from Cadre 1, Entity 2 with a King Essence Twin male, and Chief Features of Arrogance and Stubbornness that slides to Impatience.

Yes, I think you have the correct fragment! And what would be his public/private casting/role?

MEntity: From what we can see, there is likely a Priest-Cast Sage public facet and a Sage-Cast Server private facet that may be at work in some relationships and presentations.

Thank you. When I channeled this info for him, I got the 5th old, c1e2 and his private facet reversed, server-cast sage.


These malleable facets are easily reversible.

They are never truly static.

I'm wondering why I got his private facet reversed, and how I can get more consistent with channeling peoples' true overleaves accurately?

Ok, you just spoke to why I may have received/translated/delivered his private facet reversed from what you just delivered through Troy.


For the reasons we just referenced: the private and public facets are dependent upon perceptions and presentation and these facets can sometimes be quite stable, but for more expressive individuals they can be far more malleable and changeable. Grabbing a snapshot of a public or private facet may not reveal the range of variation.

And to be clear, what I meant to say is that in attempting to get his true overleaves, I got that he is a SERVER-cast SAGE which may be one of his public facets...

I do think ARTISAN is correct, as that is what I perceived him to be initially when I began to ponder his role.

...sorry, private facets.


We understand.

It is important as our channel to consider your own channeling as your new reference for accuracy and not Troy's. You are in a stage that is moving toward more trust and while it is valuable and meaningful to compare, you are now in a position as a teacher that must allow the student to do the work of validation. You have validated your accuracy and meaningful work with us. You will always find new ways to validate and expand upon your confidence, but we suggest that you rest into your trust and give what you receive to the students.

Ok, fine! lol

I understand. My inner child is just throwing a tantrum. Or maybe it's all of me, ha!

MEntity: Your students will tell you if you are "wrong." This is far more meaningful in feedback than what Troy receives. The discrepancies will fade over time but can be compounded if the concern for being right/correct is too distracting.

Ok, I understand. Thank you, Michael!

MEntity: As your teacher, we can encourage you to work more on your dynamic evolution with your students as your source of feedback regarding meaningful accuracy. It will always be helpful to cross-reference and compare to other trusted channels, but there is a phase in the development of valid channeling that requires one to simply focus on the circuitry of exchange being generated with the students.

Yes, that makes sense. I have made great strides in doing what you speak of. I have much more trust and confidence.

MEntity: This is how you begin tapping into your own pool of Agreements rather than sharing in those that may be for another channel.

Thank you for this continuing fine-tuning in this regard.


When developing your art, there is a transition between working with a familiar pool of students whose primary agreements may be with another channel so accuracy can be difficult to compare. The reason our channels have pools of Agreements that are their own is precisely for the accuracy that is specifically built in to those Agreements.

Considering your comparisons over time, we see Good Work.

Ah, yes, this speaks to what I have intuited about one of the reasons why channels get different things for people.

MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Good day to you, Babylove. Goodbye, for now.

Thank you, Michael!