0922 All My Muses, The Quirks of Being a Channel & "Easy Access"

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0922 All My Muses, The Quirks of Being a Channel & "Easy Access"

Channeled by Troy on 9.22.21 (Gifted session from Petra-THANK YOU, PETRA)

This session was amazing! It makes me want to have all my sessions in this format, where I am just having a chat, in the moment, with Michael...and I am spontaneous in my expression and not waiting (silent) for them to finish speaking.

Recognizing my MUSES definitely adds a different dimension to my life. It's like it's NOT ALL ABOUT ME...it's something bigger than me, and feels as if I am partnering up with all these energies/frequencies/"beings". And THE STORY OF MY LIFE seems to be more comprehensible, now. And of course, it ain't done yet!

Michael floored me at the end. I don't want to give it away, but HOLY BAJESUS. You can't make this stuff up, and I can't proove it. But, I think this soul-reincarnation-parallel-all-time-exists-now shit might be real! And of course, Michael drops that shit and then is like "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 



MEntity: Hello to you, Babylove. We are here, now. We can begin.


Hello, again, Michael!

Yesterday, you said this right at the end of our session: "And you always move forward. We could not work with you if that were not the case." What did you mean by this? Why could we not work together, if I did not always move forward? Is it because not moving forward would mean I would be in degrees of False Personality? Therefore, you wouldn't be able to "reach me" clearly?

You said something similar when I first spoke with you through Troy back in Jan 2010: "You appear to have gained confidence in your capacity to question and discern, which is why we can now work with you." Would this be along similar lines?


That is correct. When individuals "move forward," it means they are actively building on experiences and expanding in their awareness. When individuals do not "move forward," but rather resist or regress, growth and awareness tend to only come after the lifetime, in Review.

Yes, that reference is valid and relevant.


Ah, I was onto something. Got it!

Now, I would love to continue recognizing my other MUSES in my support circle. Please help me do this. I feel as if I have only recently opened up to my MUSES...PERMISSION being something I only opened up to in 2019/2020. Well, I guess that's not true. I've always had my inspirations and aspirations. It's just that now they seem to be coming into sharper relief and recognition. Is that due to working through the 5IM in the positive poles?

MEntity: Most of our valid channels were "onto something" quite early in their lives that allowed for them to move through, move forward when hit by waves of challenge and struggle, both from within and without.


Yes, I have a friend who has often said it is amazing how well I turned out considering my childhood, lol.

I think AUTHENTICITY or HONESTY could be one of my muses.

And definitely INNOCENCE!

There is something around HEALING, too...I am deeply inspired by the truth that we can heal, and that it is built into our existence. Oh, POSSIBLITY! Possibility could definitely be one of my muses.


The reason this is so important as a core element in a channel is that to be a channel one must always be able to find their way to the eye of the storm, so to speak. The delivery of channeling and any meaningful teaching requires a certain degree of prosperity and peace for students to tackle the questions of life and existence. When struggling with survival issues, this is rarely possible.

However, there are no perfect scenarios for delivering or receiving a teaching, so our channels must choose to learn how to find their eye of the storm because life does not stop just because someone is wise.

In your own work with us over time, you may have seen the difference between times when you could not find that eye, that center, and times where you more easily could find it.


Yes, this is very insightful.

It also speaks to why I have been better able to channel you more consistently this year. I have been able to find my "eye" much more consistently. And my prosperity level has been upgraded.

Prosperity, fulfillment and peace.


The reason our channels must learn this is because our students need someone accessible that can then help them to get through to the eye of their own storms.

We will respond to your question above now.

Regarding accessing Muses, you were quite caught up in yourself for many years during your 4th Internal Monad and your Muses were more peripheral and distanced, even if accessible. In your 5th Internal Monad, there is now little to no pressure to uphold an identity that had once fueled your ambitions for so long. With that permission to free yourself from yourself, you are now welcoming of more direct inspiration that is not funneled into specific need or wants. It is more willingness for these Muses to expand you rather than comply to you.

Babylove: Yes, that makes sense.

MEntity: Your MUSES include: PERMISSION; SEXUAL FREEDOM/EXPRESSION; INTEGRITY; PARADOX; INNOCENCE; HEALING (sexual/intimacy/nurturing wounding); PARTNERSHIP; LEVITY; CLARITY; AUTHENTICITY; VULNERABILITY; TRANSCENDENCE; there are more, but these tend to be what this Personality is drawn to for breakthroughs and inspiration.


Wow. I can see all of these in my life...and coming into sharper relief, now.

Can you speak a bit more about PARADOX as my muse?

And what is the difference between INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY?

I know they are different, I just want to hear your insights on how they are different and different for me as muses.

Clarity is my jam! I love me some clarity! lol

MEntity: PARADOX is the muse related to contradictions, unpredictability, and unexpected. It is the part of you that is inspired when someone changes directions despite all intent aimed toward a specific direction. It is something similar to Permission, but more about the contradiction and the process of riding out embarrassment, shame, and failure to allow room for something unexpected.


This is woven into my life!

And I just had a change of direction in my life.

MEntity: Integrity is along the lines of choosing "the right thing to do" over "the easy thing to do." It is a keen awareness of ethical and compassionate positions. Authenticity is about being true to your own nature, working with that nature, aligning with the truth of who you are, and embracing your path to wherever and whoever you are at the moment.


Yes, thank you.

the SEXUAL FREEDOM could have carried me down some dark roads in this life if not also for the INTEGRITY! lol

MEntity: Yes, it has been a favorite.



Sometimes, I feel hyper sexual. Is that because of some above average access or use of my higher moving center? or is that just being in a male body, lol?

I just now have a strange feeling talking about this, like this, with you. Almost as if I'm an old man having nostalgia, looking back over my life...from a great height. What is that?

MEntity: Both. There is easy access to your Higher Moving Center and this draws you into a state that is all about oneness and acceptance and harmony, but because this is not as easily attainable in the world around you, all of that energy moves down into the Moving Center where Desire then turns into attraction, compulsion, and more accessible pleasures that hint at these higher states.

Babylove: (sigh) that is so true about the oneness, acceptance and harmony. Tears.

MEntity: We think your sensation is related to our conversations we are having "right now" in 2037 about "this" conversation.

Babylove: What?!?!

MEntity: We must conclude here for today. Good day to you, Babylove. Goodbye, for now.

Babylove: I love you, Michael. I love you, Troy. Thank you so much!