0921 Diane HB and The Muse of Permission

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0921 Diane HB and The Muse of Permission

Channeled by Troy on 9.21.21


Since returning to channeling in February, I have noticed quite a change for the better in my ability to channel consistently and clearly. I've also had quite a few validations for the growing accuracy and impact of my channeling.

I now seem to be more ok with getting it wrong, with having my channeling be "different" than Troy's or any other channel's. I seem to understand the work better, how it works and what it all means. There is just more room and space to allow this to be ART and to enjoy the process...and trust the process.

Even with content where I feel weak as a channel (getting more specific dates and names regarding past lives, as well as getting any "new" technical information...or even "remembering" old technical information that has already been channeled), I now am able to at least "go in that direction" and say something that might have relevance. I can at least begin and be a "work in progress," and trust my direction with confidence.

Please comment on and give insight into where I am in my channeling work with you, and what I can do to continue improving my channeling on every level (if there is anything besides simply continuing to channel for people, as I am doing).


First, we will say that your break from the patterns of pressure helped you tremendously in breakthroughs regarding your work with us. It is also important to understand that you need not choose between channeling and acting. Both can be pursued and both draw from similar resources within.

We can only say to continue. It was important to compare yourself to your trusted peers in channeling and to measure your accuracy. You will return to this phase again at some point, but now you move through an artistic phase that allows you to explore your STYLE and COMFORT over accuracy and detail. This does not mean you will have scrapped accuracy and detail, but that you are now working on the frame for that accuracy and detail. In the past you were working on the main picture, so to speak, but now you are working on the frame. Or put another way, you were focused on the contents of a room in the past and now you are focused on how to present those contents. The quality of content remains, but how you and others access this is now being explored.

Babylove: I see. This makes sense.


Continue working in the way you find yourself working and your Agreements will come to you because you will have a voice they can hear.

We do not choose multiple channels only so we can talk more. We choose multiple channels so that our students can hear more.

Everything about this pursuit and everything about this life could be said to have been a matter of "finding your voice."


Yes, I can see that clearly at this point in my life.

It has been quite a process!

And I just recently came back to writing (which I used to do so much!), realizing that the reason I haven't done so much lately is because I was busy trying to be a "good writer." I released that edict, and allowed myself to simply write because I enjoy the "connection" with myself that I feel when I write...and the discovery and creativity of it. And this was deeply healing. I feel writing may become much more a part of my life, if I continue as I am.


You are drawn to channeling and to acting because they are tapping to sources that can be delivered through your voice. An artist who paints is drawn to paint because of how she can bring form to it for others or herself. This is true of valid channels and of valid actors.

Writing is part of our Agreement with you, yes. It will likely become more meaningful to you as you use your voice.

Babylove: Diane HB's journey with writing has been quite inspiring and helpful for me, as well.

MEntity: Yes, she is a Muse in your Support Circle.



Ok, that doesn't surprise me!

What quality does she represent?

...or embody as my muse?



She is a Muse for all who have struggled with Permission.

Babylove: ...ah, yes. Permission to simply BE and BE A WORK IN PROGRESS and to DO BECAUSE OF LOVE.

MEntity: When we say Permission, we speak of the process of freeing oneself from external and internal influences that have told you that you could not or should not do or be something.

Babylove: Yes

MEntity: Permission does not mean one can be or do anything they want, but when one finally gives themselves permission to try, they can learn from this and grow in ways that are relevant to them.


I love that.

...just being able to MOVE FORWARD in ways that are relevant...to learn and grow.


And you always move forward. We could not work with you if that were not the case.

We will conclude here for today, Babylove. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now.