0521 The Wind, A Carrier; Devic Energy, Expression, and Me

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The Wind, A Carrier; Devic Energy, Expression, and Me

Original Session Date: 2023-05-21

Notes: POF; Channeled by Troy;


Faye: Hi Michaels! Good day to you.

Faye: I love the wind. To me, the wind is comforting. Feeling the wind makes me rejoice. I feel Truth in the wind. So, today, I want to ask y'all about the wind. Eric M's recent session about fairies being devic energies inspired my questions today. In addition to the wind, I also have an affinity for faeries, as seems evident in the name I have chosen. emoticon_smile It is fascinating that quite a few mythologies are based, at least in part, on the weather. I am getting sidetracked. Anyway. I feel like I communicate with the wind. Sometimes they seem to come by, say "Hi", and we visit like old friends. Sometimes I ask the wind and changes will occur. For example, asking the wind to blow just a little bit stronger on days when I feel incapable of going on or asking for a moments' relief from a storm so that a delivery person does not get wet. I still don't know if I am imagining some or all of it. However, there are correlations that are difficult to ignore. And I understand that some asks are difficult or impossible due to patterns. So many instances of people talking about listening to the wind resonate. There are also times when feel like I could dance and nature, in part or in whole, would and maybe does move with me, or maybe me with them. This example though borders on a bigger question concerning my seeming ability to "tap into" the energies of things, experience their history, their patterns, their intentions, move with them. That might have some bearing on this session, but that will be explored in another session. Anyway. Given that faeries are related to devic energies and devic energies are related to weather systems and the wind is part of the weather, I am wondering if there is current relation between faeries and the wind. Maybe "I" spent lifetimes with the wind and we became friends. Maybe I feel patterns more acutely because of the wind. In a previous session y'all have said that wind is linked to the Intellect, maybe that links in here somewhere. After all of that I am honestly not sure what questions to ask. Maybe... are there still devic energies on Earth related to the wind? If so, do I have a relationship with them? If not, what is the mechanism of my recognition and seeming access to the wind? I would like to know about the wind, any generalities, details, and/or stories that may be relevant and in the time we now have together.


Wind is a carrier. In symbolic terms, it is a carrier of expression, of the voice. It is how nearly all animals form sound, by using the wind generated within and moving it outward into the world. In devic terms, this is also true. It is one of ways through which more immobile beings, such as plants, trees, and flowers are able to share in expression.

Your relationship to the wind is a relationship with expression, with finding your own voice.

Devic energies are Physical but within a range of matter that has not come to be recognized. Because Devic energies are still physical, wind is often a means of travel for some Devas.

Devic energies related to weather have reduced tremendously, but there will never be a full recall of all Devic energies. There will remain those that work with the wind and the water and plants and various other kingdoms of Earth.

The only reason Devic energy begins to withdraw from a planet is because the dominant Sentient species must, eventually, "take over" the care of the planet and be responsible for nurturing their own home.

As humanity moves into the Mature Soul Age, Devic energy has begun to withdraw.

You do have a relationship with the wind/faeries. This element of ancient energy is appealing because this is where your Essence spent most of its time when we were exploring viable species and planets before starting our descent into incarnation and fragmentation.

As long as humanity does not destroy the potential for Devic energy to remain, the withdrawal of Devas will be proportional to the maturity levels that are activated in humans for caring for the planet.

In other words, the withdrawal will be gentle and slow vs. shocking collapse.

Our point being that it is not your imagination or delusion that there are energies remaining in the wind that listen and interact with you.

Your imagination is key for this and it may often feel as if it is "only" the imagination and bring up the question of validity, but until there are physical devices that can translate ranges of matter into more observable forms, imagination is powerful for providing a medium of exchange.

Did you have more specific questions regarding this?

Faye: Not really. If you don't have anything more to say. Is there a past life or story of some sort that, I don't know, is related to my relationship with the wind? Something that may be full of imagination and remembrance.

MEntity: There is the lifetime where "you" were part of the crew who maintained what we can only describe as "transportation kites." You were of a handful who would help coordinate and "break the rules" to allow access for those who would normally never have access. Your intuitive relationship with the wind was key to coordinating discreet and undercover adventures for your friends and loved ones. The joy that it brought you to bring this experience to others would otherwise have been left out made this one of your Essence's favorite lifetimes.

Faye: That is beautiful and resonant, thank you!

MEntity: We can elaborate in further exchanges, but this might be an example.


20230521 Thoughts: I don't know. I feel as though I have learned so much from watching, listening to, and speaking with the wind. Though given what the Michaels said here, it may be more than only the wind, but various beings and aspects of nature who's voices and selves are also carried by the wind. The wind is endlessly fascinating to me. Not really in the way of I want to learn or wondering how to navigate, but seeing other beings navigate and learn to navigate the wind is where my fascination and amazement lies. I guess the same could be said of my relationship with expression. Though the wind's forms of expression seem so much easier than our human forms of expression. That is probably because we tend to put much expectation/pressure on expression. Let's just say, I get frustrated fairly often. But I am getting better as I allow myself to "break the rules". I am always wanting to know more about Devic Energies. Our connections to the Kingdoms of Earth are important.

As it seems to me, my Essence definitely spent a lot of time exploring the wind before incarnation. I could describe my connection to nature as being primarily through the wind. It is very intuitive. Reading about that lifetime brought tears to my eyes. Especially the part about bringing the experience to friends and family and/or those who would otherwise have been left out. I hope they felt at least some of what I have. In this life, if I could navigate the wind in any way I wanted, I would do so with a wingsuit, but all forms teach the same lessons. I just think flying in a wingsuit would be a helluva good time. emoticon_smile

Now I am wondering if this has something to do with my running dreams. The dreams are comforting and wonderful. I am not running away, just running. Never getting tired. Enjoying the feel of everything and the differences of environments against my feet. The pressure and navigation of objects. The freedom of movement. My legs always feel a sort of good tired after waking from those dreams. Running dreams are some of the best dreams.

I believe I understand what they said about imagination. Maybe that will get explored more when I ask my wider question. But that is probably going to need a 60 minute session. Probably more. I see myself as kind of carrier, like the wind. That will likely play into the wider question as well.



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