0517 Essence Twin Past Life and Update

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Essence Twin Past Life and Update

Original Session Date: 2023-05-17

Notes: POF; Channeled by Troy; Changed the question order and modified the answer structure for better readability.


Faye: During times of intense pain in my life, physical and/or emotional pain. I have been visited, very vividly, by someone. I have assumed "she" was an incarnation of my Essence Twin's Essence. I believe I had a dream about "us", I think a past life, where "I" was very sick, terminally so, at a fairly young age. A girl close to "my" age would visit and keep "me" company because "I" was isolated due to my condition. Incidentally helping "me" to not lose "myself" to "my" condition. As for time frame, I only remember that "my" father was some sort of ship captain on a large wooden ship and would be gone for stretches of time and that we were fairly well off. I think the past life is the same time in which this figure lived. That version of "us" seems to have great resonance with/connection to this version of me or me to "them". "Her" presence is very comforting and just like "she" did in that time, "she" sits with me. I know they are with me a lot of the time, however during those particular times their presence is a lot stronger and I tend to sort of flashback. Can you tell me if this figure was an incarnation of my Essence Twin's Essence and any details you all might get about that lifetime and/or about the more present circumstances of the visits?

Faye: In any time remaining, if there is any, I would like to follow-up on my Essence Twin's current incarnation. Can you tell me who or approximately who my Essence Twin will be born to/caretaken by? Do I know them? Do I have high future probabilities that I am there for this incarnation during, at least, the earlier parts of their life?


If we are seeing relevant records correctly, this would have been around the late 18th Century CE of the Philadelphia area. We think the fragment in question as your father was of someone of higher status in the navy. We think it is valid that this is your Essence Twin and a remembered life.

The visits you experience would be fairly normal for an Essence Twin when one is between lives and the other is incarnated. Essence Twins will often show up as a most familiar or most nightmarish version of themselves already known to the other.

When the Essence Twin is present in a most familiar form of resonant comfort, it tends to mean that plans are being secured for a reunion of deep meaning when both are incarnated again.

Because this form is of a Personality, it may actually remain a "separate" presence even after reunion of Essences.

Faye: What does "Because this form is of a Personality, it may actually remain a "separate" presence even after reunion of Essences." mean? I am not understanding its' significance.

MEntity: What we mean is that an Essence can incarnate and still sustain fragments of itself doing their own thing, such as being a guide.

Faye: Ah. Ok. So that presence isn't likely to go away because the Essence is now incarnating. That is good to hear.


Correct. It may or may not remain, but the incarnation will have no bearing on that state.

We cannot name those through whom the Essence Twin would incarnate, but we can say that we do not see that you know them and we do see the reunion is quite "by accident" and unplanned, as in, there is nothing you need to do for it to occur.

And yes, there are high probabilities well into the 80 range for crossing paths with realization and validation within the first 5 years of the life.

Faye: The rest of this is good to hear as well.


20230517 Thoughts: The question was focused on our Essence Twin. However, the actual dream we had about this life started below decks on a wooden memorial ship, presumably "my" father's ship. Our mother in our current life it seems was "my" father in that life. We have to verify that, but we are fairly sure. We had this dream shortly after the first visit from this Personality of our Essence Twin. We still hesitate to ask about this past life and this Personality. They mean a lot and the information about that life needs a follow-up. We are glad to know the reunion will likely be good and be early in their life. Maybe they won't feel alone like we did, but we really don't want them to feel alone especially while growing up. That would be devastating. Anyway, good news all around.



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