0515 Old 7s, Sirius, and the Coming of Our Essence Twin

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Old 7s, Sirius, and the Coming of Our Essence Twin

Original Session Date: 2023-05-15

Notes: POF; Channeled by Troy; Changed the question order and modified the answer structure for better readability.


Faye: Question 1. I recently read that there were almost 200 Old 7s in C1E3. That seemed odd to me when I read it. The first thing that came to mind was a vague recall of a channeling I thought I read saying that at least some of the pioneers who made incarnational pathways of Sentience on Sirius have chosen to stay incarnating until the end of our Sentience as well. I cannot find that piece of channeling, if it even exists. But it made me wonder if the C1E3 Old 7s were waiting for something, maybe not the end of our Sentience, but maybe they are planning/doing something prior to cycling off. Could be a natural occurrence, but I was curious. So... is a collection of Old 7s in an Entity something that happens or are those C1E3 Old 7s (including "me") up to something?


It is true that most of the fragments from the start of a Design, from the start of an Energy Ring, from the start of a Cadre and from the start of an Entity will tend to remain as long as possible within the species until nearly all other fragments of the Design are cycled or cycling off. Many fragments from Energy Ring One, Two, and Three will be a part of humanity until the final days of incarnations for the Design.

The speed with which a fragment or group within an Entity evolve has little bearing on the length of time remaining incarnating. There are some Old Souls who have been 7th Level Old for more than a million years. When 7th Level Old is reached, the Essence and its various Personalities then have the greatest range of flexibility for continued incarnations. Many 7th Level Old fragments may be nearly indistinguishable from a Baby or Young or Mature Soul if that is where they have decided to emphasize the perspective for that lifetime.

Many within your Entity do plan to remain within the incarnational cycle for as long as possible and are in no rush to cycle off. This can sometimes translate into strange undercurrents of panic for a Personality who is aligned with their Essence who has no plans to cycle off any time soon. A Personality who has only seen one lifetime can often slide into vague panic and anxiety for "never escaping this place!"

But if they are aligned with Essence, this begins to soften over time as the individual Personality is not locked to the agenda of Essence and can continue its own arc of evolution within Essence on "its own".

For example, many older souls have the experience of "being tired" and being done with incarnating, but most of that tone comes from the exhaustion of a Young Soul world, not from being older souls.

However exhausted or elated a Personality is, it can continue its own arc of exploration beyond the Physical Plane.

Some of the most meaningful lives come through the 7th Level Old stage where the Essence is no longer having to navigate Karma and patterns from across multiple lines of incarnation.

The collection of 7th Level Old Souls in your Entity are not converging with a plan, at least, not yet. For now, they are casually studying, learning, supporting, guiding, and planning new lives as they find reasons to do so.

Faye: At times I feel a great closeness and/or understanding of Infant Souls. Could this have something to do with what you mentioned about some Old 7s being nearly indistinguishable from other previous Soul Ages?

MEntity: Your affinity for Infant Souls may be due in part to the flexibility of the Old Soul, but your affinity also appears to be related to the openness of the Instinctive Center and Faye's fascination with the wildness of the Infant Soul. This is a bit like the grandparents of a family reunion loving on the grand children. It is not only a way to reconnect to a part of the self that is ancient, but a way to express a kind of trust and wisdom and appreciation for an age that was once dismissed or seen as obligatory or endured.

Faye: Question 2. Would you tell me how many lifetimes my Essence has had on Sirius?

MEntity: We found your Essence incarnated 5 times in the original species. Most who incarnated during that time had 1 to 3 incarnations. Having incarnated 5 times may mean carrying more of the ancient impact from that experience in your Instinctive Center than most. The sense of not belonging and the mix of utter awe and profound horror at humanity and Earth may be quite pronounced and move in extremes, depending on how open the Instinctive Center is. Yours is quite open.

Faye: Yes, I feel it. That will likely be the subject of another session.

Faye: Question 3. If there is time, would you give me an update on my Essence Twin's incarnational status?

MEntity: The fragment who is your Essence Twin appears to be working on final steps toward birth. We think this fragment will be born within 3 months.


20230515 Thoughts: Of late, more of us have been coming around to the notion that our Essence is not near done incarnating. Our Personality will probably be an advocate for cycling off even on the Astral, not out of a desire to escape, but because we understand. That could manifest obviously or not so obviously. Or could change with the years we have left on this Physical Plane. We commented to EricM in the group chat during the session that our argument with our Essence about this being our last life. Goes a something like this...

Me: I think this will be our last life.
Essence: OK.
Me: *has slow and building realizations that our Essence has already committed to a course of action taking us far into the future*
Essence: Good! Let the hate flow through you. (A Star Wars reference. We always liked that scene. It is always said with such joy. lol)
Me: Damn it!!!

The Star Wars reference was for our enjoyment, however, it is most accurate to say, "Let the Love flow through you."

Petra ~ We did remember to ask! We think our Essence is among those that stay around. But anything can change. It is good to know that we might have a C1E3 crew at the end of (human) time. The Michaels gave a lot of great information in this session.

I know some, including ourself, who have this panic/anxiety/tiredness. Maybe this and other times they have said it can be a consolation. (I won't include the sarcasm that is playing out in our brain right now.)

We do have an absolute appreciation for Infant Souls. We kind of feel like we missed out, but know that isn't true. It is fun to feel old and young at the same time. We love that they said "wildness" it makes us smile with affection. And it is true, the "wildness" of the Infant Soul is profoundly fascinating. It might be fun to love with the Old Soul flexibility in regard to the Infant Soul Age in a subsequent lifetime.

We had a feeling we had lifetimes on Sirius. We are not ready to confront it yet, so we haven't asked, but the recent Workshop on Igniting the Alien Within prompted that question. What they said here hit home.

We have no idea who in our circles our Essence Twin could be born to. The Michaels have said previously that they would likely be born fairly close within our social circles. A follow-up will be required. We are ecstatic and scared.



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