0222 Wholesomeness and Me Mending

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Wholesomeness and Me Mending

Original Session Date: 2023-02-22

Notes: 60 Minute Session; Channeled by Troy;


MEntity: Hello to you, Faye. We are here, now. We can begin.

Faye: Hello Michaels. I am wondering if you can/would help me define something that I see in the world, but haven't been, as yet, able to put into words in a way that is personally satisfactory. I have worked for close to a decade now to define this thing that I feel/see/know. I see it expressed rarely in the world, but when I do something inside me reacts and reacts to it like nothing else I experience in the world. I would use the phrase, "it is inspiring", but I am not sure that is correct. But these experiences have been instrumental in own healing and I have been using them as a guidepost for finding what I want/need in life. I have used the words, Cooperation and Integrity before, but have not been satisfied with either, they are closer, but not it. I recently had a conversation with a friend in which he proposed the word, pure. Pure gets me the closest I have probably even gotten to describing what I experience. In our society we have a lot of thoughts about "pure". But what I think I see can be seen in the most exclusive and most inclusive circumstances and everywhere in between. I think it happens more often in inclusive circumstances because I think freedom could be an element of it. However, I guess I can describe it as a sort of internal consistency an expression that is directly from the soul. I am not sure how to define soul. Maybe soul can be defined as, the most whole part of you. I don't know. Sometimes when I think about this, I go back to what you told me about my Working Group task. How I am, "Active in exploring the gap between thoughts and words, thoughts and actions." and I wonder if that has anything to do with why I see and value whatever this is I am trying to define. I struggle a lot with this because I could just accept that this is something I matters to me and I experience it because of the particular values that I have. Such as saying, I recognize this person, place, thing, idea, etc. as pure/cooperative/integrous as my particular definition of those words or because I want to see it, and while those may be true. I know that there is a word or description for whatever this is that is true beyond my individual perception, one of those big truths. I just can't put my finger on it. In wrapping up, maybe I can tell you where I have seen this and that can help as well. I see it in Dreamcatcher most often these days. I have seen it in Keith Jarrett's individual live concerts where he is playing the piano with no forethought, almost as if channeling. I have seen it in the intimacy between two people, in a number of instances. I have seen it in songs. I have seen it in movies. A movie, In the Name of the King, because they made a movie whose only purpose was because they wanted to and they had fun. I have seen it in dances. I have seen it in stories. I believe that it can exist anywhere and throughout all of history. And in various degrees. But not replicable when it is forced. I think it is rarely recognized for the mundane power that it is and holds. Maybe after all of this, I can describe it best as, expression of the purity that is you/we/us. That still doesn't sit right with me though. In the end, these experiences are the only thing I ever want to experience in every moment for the rest of my life. And I would and do nurture these experiences with what life I have. Do you know of what I am talking about? As an addition, I wanted to ask about healing the fractures of my intellectual self. As is indicated above, we have been using the experiences described above as a way to create safety and get in touch with that part of ourself. And our primary work is creating a space of perceived safety for long enough periods of time so that the self that has been in darkness for all of our life feels comfortable enough to come forward and experience and find their own slice of life with the rest of us. We know this is not likely to fix everything, but we think it is a necessary first step. Because if all of us don't have footing, then how can we work on the fractures between us. In the pursuit of finding a safe space, we are looking into voluntarily placing ourself in a residential psychiatric facility to help create some space. As well, we are working on differentiation and communication between the different selves of us. The decisions so far are mostly driven based on our intuition. I was reminded of our session almost 5 years ago about the healing I could offer being in terms of Intuitive Integrity. That session makes a bunch more sense to me now given my history between then and now. We know that the healing process will likely be years in the doing, so we are also working on patience. To ask a question, in light of how we have chosen to go forward do you have any insight and/or recommendations for us in regard to the healing we are working to accomplish?


In response to the first section of exploration:

First, we will say that when trying to capture, tame, and hold a concept that is already beyond language, time, space, and often ephemeral in nature, it can be quite challenging. You conveyed the experience quite succinctly and while we are fairly certain we cannot satisfy the request for a singular word to capture such an experience, we can suggest that you are describing what we would consider WHOLESOME, or WHOLESOMENESS. This is an active and shared experience of promoting good health for all of the bodies. It is an experience that is inherently shareable with anyone and everyone in any time and is conducive to returning one to a state of well-being. This is a state that is secretly longed for by many in a world that often promotes and celebrates fuel for what is often referred to as the "pain body." Wholesomeness is fuel for the soul, the true body, the core of one's Being.

We are not speaking of saccharine sweet performative delights to distract. We are speaking of that combination of effortless purity, cooperation, integrity, and honest vulnerability that is inherent in all, but often forgotten by many. We may not satisfy the search for a word to capture what you describe, but we can help add another stepping stone in the direction.

Faye: I understand and your answer aligns with what I think I know. Your answer so far has been helpful.


Hold Wholesomeness as a compass point for you and your Essence and experiment with how this may contribute to your efforts to nurture this quality in your life.

In response to the next section of exploration:

If your question is whether the volunteer placement in a psychiatric facility is a meaningful and valuable step, we would agree. It is not so much that it is a psychiatric facility, but that it is stepping outside of the constant flow that carries you without relief. It could be a voluntary placement in any peaceful environment that leaves the constant flow of demands and obligations, but the choice for a facility that may have educated care and guidance is a beneficial choice.

Faye: My question was not specifically about that. but that is very helpful information. More specifically, what I am looking for is information on how to best heal the fractures in my identity. And whether trying to bring the self that was in darkness for so long to the surface is a good or best first step as my intuition tells me.


You are at a point in your healing where the fractures are no longer necessary to be acknowledged as fractures. Divisions within tend to be in states that could be described as BROKEN, DIVIDED, FRACTURED, and MENDING. You are in a Mending state. This means that there is nothing broken, divided, or fractured any longer. Fractures can show up as conflicting perspectives within that cause great conflict internally or externally. You have known fractures for many many years. But you are mending. Mending is the state where the fractures make an effort to see more than their locked angle of perception.

You have already identified a path of wholeness and wholesomeness that is the meeting ground for all of your fractures and this is why the mending is in progress. Your self/selves that have been in darkness for so long are already at the surface. Your intuition is correct in bringing these to the surface, but now you must navigate their expression. And this would be where your next steps are vital. When one embraces the dark elements of the self, it is not permission for dark behavior, for lack of a better phrase. It is an act of love and acceptance, not permission. This means that as you explore these dark elements, listen to them, know them, love them, but you must allow yourself to be the core around which all of the fractures have existed and the core through which all are mending.

You must own and nurture your responsibility and love as the core YOU. All fractured or mending facets of you are still you, but the you that is at the center is the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

In other words, invite ALL of you out into the open light of YOU, but always remember that YOU are the caretaker and healer.

Give the room needed for your dark fractures to join the mending, but it is important to monitor and manage these as they can easily overcome the core and cause a cascade of fracturing again.

If we have understood your question, you are on the right track and a gentle reminder that you are the one and the only one driving is all that is necessary.

Faye: I don't experience this as being the one and only one driving. I have identified 2 distinct versions of me that are regularly accessible. Is that not what you see?


When we say ONE, we are not talking about the variations of that ONE. We are speaking of the truth that even these distinct versions are a part of the wholeness that is YOU. When looking from one version to the other, the other is not NOT you. It may be another you, or a version, but all of you, the broken, fractured, mending and distinct variations are all you. And this is what we mean by owning that core. There is a you that is looking AT and FROM each of these positions. They may be different lenses, different perspectives, different behaviors, different feelings, etc, but there is a you in all of them. A persistent you.

Consider this: Every lifetime is a fracture of Essence, yet Essence is the truth among all of these fractures. Every lifetime and personality has its very own unique take on life and will live it as its own path, but always still within the truth of its Essence.

This is the same within a lifetime. You generate fragments of self within the self but throughout each fragment is a persistent you.

Are you concerned that you share your body with an independent Essence alongside your own?

Faye: No. Just that some versions of me have different capabilities, preferences, etc. and it is difficult to navigate this. Patience is what we are trying to give ourselves, but it is still difficult.


It is difficult, yes, but not impossible, and you are proof of this.

You are on a path that is the most meaningful and beneficial we have seen in your efforts. Your consciousness is growing in ways that are mending many levels and facets of you. We expect our conversations will be full of awe for what you navigate over these years ahead.

We know we cannot fully address these complex explorations in a few words, but we seek to help, at least, to reduce the noise. We must conclude here for today. Good day to you, Faye. Goodbye, for now.

Faye: Goodbye Michaels and thank you so much. Your words help.


20230223 Thoughts: Their answer concerning Wholesomeness is pretty much exactly what I wanted. I love when they, with what I assume (and what I am grateful for) is an assist from Troy, put into words what I cannot seem to. I have so much to say on the subject of "Wholesomeness". However, I will keep it to; "Wholesomeness" can be epically difficult to recognize and/or bring about in our world, but I know of no greater health than the healing that "Wholesomeness" nurtures.

We are going to need a while to grok what they said in the second section. Their words do help. It is helpful to know that the path we have shaped is meaningful and beneficial. It is helpful to know that we are mending and still one. It is helpful to know that this process is difficult, but not impossible. Some days feel impossible and on those days we choose to feel grateful. Peace, TLE.



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