0314 2024 Michael & Petra via Troy!

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2024 Michael & Petra via Troy!

MEntity: Hello to you, Petra. We are here, now. We can begin.


March 14th 2024  Hello Michael via Troy!

What are the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Epoch Themes of, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia? (Last time Australia was asked but not answered, I discovered that we have a student from Thailand, and the other two are of my own interest.)


We are assessing.

AUSTRALIA = Digital Evolution & Connectivity / Tradition & Transition / Advancements & Transformation.

THAILAND = Tradition & Transition / Conflict & Unity / Advancements & Transformation.

TURKEY = Tradition & Transition / Conflict & Unity / Advancements & Transformation.

SAUDI ARABIA = Belief & Order / Advancements & Transformation / Tradition & Transition 


Which Energy-Rings, Cadres and its Entities are primarily involved in the Epoch Themes of the United States in our time? Please mention, when they would be outside of our own Harmony 1.

Same question as above, for Russia and China?


All fragments within a population are a part of an Epoch and when one incarnates into a population, one is naturally contributing to that Epoch. Populations of souls do not tend to remain locked into an Epoch, but can move around the planet over time to explore multiple Epochs. If we have mentioned particular Configurations or groups contributing to an Epoch in the past, those references would be within the context of certain time frames, but many will shape and contribute over time. However, it could be said that AT THE MOMENT, those regions that may be described as the "Western world" would tend to be of the first 4 Harmonies, while those immersed in the "Eastern world" would tend to be the 5th through 7th Harmonies of Human Design.

The Western world would be regions heavily influenced by European culture and values, particularly as derived from Greece, Rome, and Christian cultures. This would include North America, Western Europe such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Nordic countries, along with Austria and Switzerland. Czech Republic and Poland are a bit mixed.

We would also include South Korea and Japan as part of the Western World in this regard.

The Eastern world would be regions heavily influenced by cultures in Asia and Eastern religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism. The Eastern world includes places such as China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Central Asia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, parts of Russia.

CORRECTION: Western World = 3 Harmonies; Eastern World = 4 Harmonies

PetraB:  So Russia is half/half?


This means that most who are involved more "western" world epochs tend to be from Harmonies 1 - 3, while more "eastern" world epochs are progressed by those from Harmonies 4 - 7.

Yes, Russia is part Western, part Eastern. Russia tends to be quite distinct in these divisions, as opposed to say, Japan or South Korea, where the Western and Eastern integrate more seamlessly.

PetraB:  What about Africa?

MEntity: Such regions like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc. tend to be primarily Eastern, but do have a strong Western influence. Most of sub-Saharan Africa does not fall into any dichotomy of East vs West.  Due to colonization, many places like Nigeria or Democratic Republic of Congo, or Angola have strong Western influences, but would fall primarily as Eastern. Much of Africa falls into what is often referred to as "Global South," which is its own thing, but for the sake of this conversation would tend to fall under "Eastern."

PetraB:  South America looks like to be in the Western Harmonies 1 - 3?

MEntity: South America is quite similar to Africa in that it is highly mixed with European influences, retention of indigenous culture, heavily influenced by Africa, is considered part of the "Global South," etc. However, regardless of these mixes of influences, we would tend to note this region as being primarily Western.

PetraB: Thank You Michael & Troy!!!

MEntity: Good day to you, Petra. Goodbye, for now. Mapping the consciousness of the planet is an intriguing exploration for us.